Update: It's live in the Market now. Grab it before the deal is over!

If you've recently been on the lookout for a mobile application to take care of all your podcasting needs, then your prayers may get answered in a couple of days. BeyondPod, a podcast manager for Android, is going on sale for $1.99 over Thanksgiving weekend, which is a serious discount of $5 off the usual asking price of $6.99. To be more exact, the deal starts November 25th and runs through November 27th - just visit the Market page for the unlock key during that time and pick up your shiny new podcast manager on isle 2.

If you want to try the application out first, the free version allows you to use it without any limitations for 7 days, so you can check it out before parting with your $2. Oh, and if you're a tablet user then there's no need to feel left out; BeyondPod for Honeycomb is available on the Market, too, and both apps are able to share the same registration key!

Source: BeyondPod

John Thompson
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  • chris

    Still says $7 for me

    • Fabulas

      Same here, great deal on a great app though!

  • https://market.android.com/details?id=com.axelby.podax Dan Goldstein

    If you're looking for a free podcast player, check out Podax (https://market.android.com/details?id=com.axelby.podax). It works great for the basic cycle of setting up subscriptions, letting the app download the podcasts, and just listening to them without any extra steps.

  • Nicholas

    It looks like a Black Friday thing, folks. According to the BeyondPod blog, the sale will be over Nov. 25-27th. (http://beyondpod.com/blog/beyondpod-black-friday-sale-save-over-70/)

  • K_Daddy

    1.99 does me no good I already have the app. It's a great app if your thinking about getting it.

  • Nastybutler77

    Great timing! I just downloaded the free version a couple of days ago and was going to get the paid version once that trial was up.

  • McKooter

    Ive had this app for a while now and I must say to anyone thinking about it that its great!

  • b

    Is it better than DoggCatcher? For the longest time that was considered the best, but in all honesty it should be called DoggCrap

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I've been using BeyondPod religiously for podcasts, including video ones, for years.

  • Rob

    Just grabbed the license for $1.99. Very nice app. Easy to use. :D

  • MicroNix

    Thanks for the tip! Love this app and even more with the $1.99 full version license.

  • Sam

    Great.. Just bought it...been using it for past couple of days.

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