Last Updated: December 20th, 2011

A few days ago, we received a mystery package from the good folks at RadioShack. Inside the package were three phones - the Samsung Stratosphere on Verizon, HTC EVO Design 4G on Sprint, and Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T. Since these phones are ours to do with what we please, we've decided to do what we always do when we end up with extra goodies: give them away.


Since we have three phones to hand out, we're going to make each contest quick and dirty. Each one will last for one day, and one day only.

RadioShack's Pre-Black Friday Sale

Before we get into the giveaway details, we want to give a shoutout to the guys at RadioShack. They have an awesome pre-Black Friday sale currently going with over twenty-five phone from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon all going for absolutely free. Here is a shortlist of some of the deals that you can catch:

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Keep in mind that this deal ends today, so if you're looking to score a new phone for nothing, you better hurry!

What You Get


We've already given away the first two of three devices, the Samsung Stratosphere and Samsung Infuse 4G, which leaves only one - the HTC EVO Design 4G on Sprint. This is the newest of the three phones, with specs on the higher end of mid-range devices:

  • 4-inch 540x960 Super LCD display
  • 1.2GHz Snapdragon Processor
  • 768MB RAM
  • 4GB built-in storage, microSD card slot
  • 5MP rear shooter, 1.3MP front
  • Android 2.3.x with Sense

How To Win

This contest is now over. Here is our winner, selected at random:
  • Eric Simms

Congratulations - you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Update: Here's Eric's sister with the phone:


Just like the two previous Turkey Day Giveaways, you need but answer one question to enter:

If you could choose any one Android device to receive as a gift this holiday season, what would it be?

You have until 12:00PM PT Tomorrow, November 24th (Thanksgiving Day) to get your entry in. At that time, we'll randomly pick a winner.

Since this is a Sprint phone, the contest is for US Residents only.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Muhannad

    I would choose Galaxy Nexus..

  • jahnbodah

    Galaxy Nexus for me!

  • KRSwon

    If I got one Android device for Christmas, I'd ask for Asus Prime, since I already have a phone, and my laptop crashed.

  • mastemind26

    SGSII or nexus prime.

  • Linda Townsend

    HTC EVO Design 4G would be great!

  • Ethan

    Sprint Galaxy Nexus, though were I to win the EVO Design it would go to my mother in law to replace her terribly old and slow Samsung Transform.

  • marc

    Galaxy Nexus! how can anyone pick something different?

  • Chris

    Galaxy Nexus! With a ice cream sandwich on top

  • http://www.qwitr.org Tony


  • Danny

    Galaxy Nexus. yes.

  • Ryan Conger

    Asus Transformer Prime for me! Viva Android!

  • ajs2677

    I'd choose the ASUS Transformer Prime.

  • http://matthewprather.com Matthew Prather

    HTC EVO Design 4G ~ been an Evo 4G user since it came out and would love to upgrade!

  • Jeffrey

    Samsung Epic Touch 4g! I love the big screen!

  • chris

    Galaxy nexus for 200 Alex

  • RMC

    Motorola Xoom 10.1 wifi

  • Tim C

    Having a tablet would be great but even an upgrade to my hero because I really can't afford the upgrades to a new phone

  • Edge

    Galaxy Nexus definitely.

  • Cristina O’Neill

    If it's free, I would love to give a HTC EVO Design 4G!
    Thank you for all the generous giveaways AP!

  • Lewis092

    Gnex would be nice

  • Tim

    easy...Galaxy Nexus.

  • Pete

    Most definitively HTC EVO Design 4G! ; )

  • Moin

    ASUS transformer prime

  • kathy

    the Asus Transformer!

  • caseyb

    Galaxy nexus with verizon. looks to be a great phone

  • Randle Sherman

    EVO Design.......i got a Evo 4g so if i would give this phone to a buddy of mine because he don't ever have money for a nice phone. so this would be a great Christmas gift for him

  • Darwin

    I wouls really like an ASUS Transformer Prime when it comes out, but I will settle for it's predecessor, the ASUS EEE Pad Transformer.

  • Tim

    I would choose the best phone made so far the Galaxy Nexus.

  • pattavino

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.
    Lets try again

    EVO Design 4G!

  • Randle Sherman

    EVO Design.......i got a Evo 4g so if i would give this phone to a buddy of mine because he don't ever have money for a nice phone. so this would be a great Christmas gift for him.

  • Josh

    Definitely the Asus Transformer Prime. Design 4G would be a nice surprise as well!

  • squigey

    Some sort of tablet like the Nook or Tab.

  • Randle Sherman

    EVO Design. i got a Evo 4g so if i would give this phone to a buddy of mine because he don't ever have money for a nice phone. So this would be a great Christmas gift for him.

  • Tim McCulloch

    Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) would be a nice present.

  • pattavino

    An EVO Design 4G! Would be nice.

  • bduran727

    AT&T's first Galaxy S II, no LTE.

  • Louis Oplawski

    Definitely Galaxy Nexus !

  • Quin

    Evo Design 4G, considering it's the only one left, haha.

  • Dlux

    I'll take a Galaxy Nexus please.

  • Jacob

    I'm a big fan of HTC phones, currently have the Thunderbolt, but right now it would have to be the Galaxy Nexus.

  • http://deadlypenguin.com pcon

    Since the question is any ONE android device, not any of THESE android devices I'd have to say Transformer Prime Tablet

  • hnldriver

    You do realize this phone is in canada and other parts of the world right? it would be a simple root + flash and wham you have it on your carrier of choice. thanks for screwing us non-usa people!

  • hnldriver

    You do realize this phone is in canada and other parts of the world right? it would be a simple root + flash and wham you have it on your carrier of choice. thanks for ditching us non-usa people!

  • Christopher

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, Phandroid gave to me...an Android device for free!

    So many good toys coming out here soon, it's truly hard to decide. The ASUS Transformer Prime would be at the top of my list however.

    HTC EVO Design would be awfully generous of you!

  • Humberto

    If you could choose any one Android device to receive as a gift this holiday season, what would it be?


  • ja450n

    ASUS Padfone loaded with ICS would be awesome, but until that's release the Transformer Prime would make a fairly good stand-in.

  • Mike

    The HTC EVO Design 4G would be a nice gift!

  • Scott

    I really want a Transformer Prime. Gaming love on a tablet!

  • Bionic Beast

    The galaxy Nexus would be awesome to have

  • Robert

    htc evo design 4g

  • Jaz

    It would have to be the nexus prime.

  • Roddy G

    HTC Jetstream would be amazing :D

  • Al Phillips

    I have would live to have the asus transformer prime!

  • nick

    The evo Design 4g would be nice! :)

  • AtticTRON

    Droid RAZR FTW!

  • Dustin

    Even tho i think Samsung is crap the Galaxy Nexus is soooooo sexy. GNex on Sprint.. yes please.

  • BJ

    no doubt i will ask for transformer prime!!
    do not own an android tablet
    i "want" to buy, but i don't "need" it.
    so i felt like wasting cash.
    since it's a gift, 100% a transformer prime!!

  • Dimitry

    Some delicious delicious ice cream sandwich with a side of samsungs galaxy nexus!

  • Stephen

    An HTC EVO Design 4G Please. Doesn't hurt that I'm already on Sprint and my wife could use my Epic hand me down.

  • szpakoli

    Galaxy Nexus would be great.

  • tony harper

    I would love the HTC Evo 4g!!

  • Alex Sandy

    Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch!

  • Mike Louwaert

    HTC Evo Design for sure love the size and the new sense 3.0

  • Shawn

    Actually, an EVO would be awesome..

    going to be replacing my development phone (Nexus S) with a GNex, and will have an open line on Sprint to put another device on.

  • Joseph Riley

    Galaxy Nexus... The girlfriend needs a new cell!

  • Demetrios Aivazis

    I would love to have another HTC EVO 4G honestly. Mines Battery is horrible the screen turns on when it wants to. No extra money since the new lil one came into town. Ide take a simple replacement so I can have a working android device.

  • Brianda

    i'd choose the Galaxy Note, I already have a 3.7" smartphone, might as well get a mini-tablet and a phone combined.

    Looks huge, but not as big as the normal tablets out there, so almost just the right size. And if its a gift and free, why not?! :)

  • Matt Stojkov

    Transformer Prime for sure

  • Lee Deavers

    I will give you my cell phone and laptop for the Asus Transformer Prime!

  • Brion Brown

    Galaxy nexus fo sho

  • Dale Griggs

    Galaxy Nexus, of course.

  • Noah

    I thought the original Evo was cool, I want to see how this compares. (If I win this I'll gladly post my "Average Joe" review)

  • JoeDirt2217


  • heartbraden

    I would have to choose the Galaxy Nexus, but any Android-based phone would be such a breath of fresh air.

  • Wardog

    HTC EVO Design 4G

  • GJones

    I'd take the Transformer Prime... that looks like one helluva tablet especially with Ice Cream Sandwich on it.

  • http://facebook.com/simeonas89 SimeonAS89

    I'd love a Galaxy Nexus to be fully honest!

  • Aaron

    Well, if i get this, the Transformer prime.
    If not, the galaxy nexus. If i had to pick one..... Transformer prime.

  • Mohammedali Gangardiwala

    HTC Rezound or HTC Vivid, HTC evo series are really cool...so probably i would like to get my hands on the HTC evo design..:D

  • Enock Quinones

    I would choose any android powered HTC phone, coming from an iphone on att, HTC FTW!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Asus Transformer Prime FTW!!!!

  • notalion

    :3 I like having a man sized screen

  • nikeairj

    Either, a Galaxy Nexus or an ASUS Transformer Prime with the keyboard dock.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Danerisms Danerisms

    Gotta be a Tranformer Prime with Keyboard dock! Tegra 3 all the way!

  • tjwoo

    Galaxy Nexus! sprint of course.

  • Enock Quinones

    It would be any HTC android phone, coming from a iphone on att. HTC FTW!!!!!

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    I would choose the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint with LTE up and running!

  • Kyle

    A Sprint HTC Rezound for sure. That thing is a beast!

  • koreanninja

    Galaxy Nexus without a doubt

  • James

    Galaxy Nexus, but anything free is great too!

  • http://www.genfoto.com Jim

    might be a nexus prime

  • Michael

    Probably the HTC EVO Design 4G or the Cotton Candy USB stick, that would be amazing. :)

  • Andy

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus :)

  • kobe

    samsung galaxy nexus!

  • Anthony

    The HTC EVO Design 4G - Love my EVO now just want it to work everywhere

  • moccor

    If I could choose any phone to receive as a gift this holiday, I'd choose the Droid Razr. Smartphones + skinny jeans = very tight haha.

  • theaznplt

    Ahhhh don't wanna fall into the crowd but yeah the galaxy nexus FTW, or you know a HTC evo design 4g.

  • AJ714

    I would love to receive the Evo Design 4G. I love my current original (old) HTC Evo 4G but its beginning to get real glitchy and I don't have an upgrade until late April. Gimme gimme! Please.

  • Andy

    Yep, it got to be a Nexus Prime!

  • adolfo

    Transformer Prime

  • Hans-Erik

    I would want to have the Transformer Prime hands down! :) with all the accessories.

  • karate134

    Really any android phone with enough power is awesome

  • Mike

    How about a Razer!

  • frequentflier

    It would absolutely be the Galaxy Nexus... on any carrier!

  • ItsMillerTime

    Have to go along with many here: The Asus Transformer Prime!

  • coggy9

    Galaxy Nexus for Verizon....aka the phone that'll never come out.

  • Spiral_ouT

    If I could receive any Android device for Christmas, it would be the Asus Transformer Prime. However, any free Android device would put a huge silly grin on my face. :D

  • Charles

    Definitely the Asus Transformer Prime. It has the fastest processor to date and I already have a decent phone (Samsung Infuse 4G) however getting a newer phone with similar or better specs would be amazing.

  • Kyle

    Galaxy Nexus!!!

  • Justin

    Asus Transformer Prime. That is one sexy looking machine.

  • Dweigle

    Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 for sure....

  • Laamar

    If I could pick one phone to receive it would be the HTC EVO 3D or greater. I have had the EVO 4G and love it. But it has reached EOL from Sprint. I love Sprint and EVO phones.

  • Noreen

    Galaxy Nexus, Sprint!

  • Dave

    Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 for sure....

  • William Owens

    Samsung galaxy note would be amazing gift

  • Todd

    Asus Transformer Prime!!!!!

  • Nicholas

    HTC Rezound. Move over Galaxy Nexus I want the bigger specs and the Beats.

  • Dave

    Why a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 of course

  • Angel

    Galaxy Nexus!!!!!

  • April Johnson

    Galaxy nexus, a la sprint. (but an evo would also be a nice present as well). I guess I will take both!!!!

  • Derek

    Another Asus Transformer Prime vote here!

  • Marvin

    HTC Evo Design 4G ;-)

  • Dan O

    It would be the HTC Evo Design 4g for sure

  • Luke

    Galaxy Nexus but any free phone is a good phone

  • Spencer

    Galaxy Nexus on Sprint

  • Vishal

    I would like to receive the HTC Evo 4G, but the HTC Design 4G will do. :)

  • Alan

    A Samsung Galaxy Tab because I have a new born baby that is only 1 day old, and with this I can blog and email faster about my little girl.

  • http://SilentEchoDesigns.deviantart.com Aakaash

    I would love a LG Nitro HD, assuming it releases.

  • Kevin

    Samsung Galaxy SII

  • Mike

    Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Jocelyn

    Asus Transformer Prime

  • Kevin

    "If you could choose any one Android device to receive as a gift this holiday season, what would it be?"

    It would be... an ASUS Transformer Prime :) Bring on the ICS!

  • Adrianr514

    Galaxy Nexus....

  • Jason

    I want the galaxy nexus, but I need to figure out how to change my Sprint Employee plan to a consumer plan since they're about to cancel my upgrade eligibility.

  • Robert Cano

    An Asia transformer, without a doubt. Been wanting one since it came out

  • http://Www.sndplace.com Steven

    I would want a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint bit i would take the Design in a heartbeat

  • Scott D

    I'd like an Atrix2, mainly because I'm usually on the tail end of the technology due to price constraints. It'd be nice to have a new, updated device for once.

  • Randy

    Samsung Galaxy S™ ll, Epic™ 4G Touch

  • Gerardo Zamora

    An Asus Transformer prime

  • lowbassguy

    The ASUS Transformer Prime without a doubt

  • George

    Commander Data? :-) not sure if he is ICS compatible though...
    Seriously, would love to try out the new ASUS Transformer Prime, but a new Design 4G to replace my current EVO would be a blessing too.

  • George

    Commander Data? :-) not sure if he is ICS compatible though...Seriously, would love to try out the new ASUS Transformer Prime, but a new Design 4G to replace my current EVO would be a blessing too.

  • daroz

    I'd have to go with a Motorola Zoom 2

  • Clayton REEVES

    Galaxy Nexus. Please :)

  • Jacob

    The Galaxy Nexus. Best phone out there.

  • Ryan Prindle

    Transformer Prime! 64G

  • Neal

    Galaxy Nexus with Verizon's LTE :)

  • Zack

    HTC Evo Design is the phone I've been trying to convince my mother to buy me.

  • ed

    I'd get a nexus s 4G

  • Elvis

    Any of them! Because if it's not the one I want i'll just sell it and use the money to get the one I want har har har