Update: Looks like it's now available for pre-order from several other retailers in the US and Canada, including Best Buy, TigerDirect, B&H, and GameStop. Go here for more info.

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We've been talking about it for a couple of weeks now and have even seen some nice hands-on action and a video, but, finally, the official site went live for for the ASUS Transformer Prime last night. In case your memory is failing you, here's a quick refresher on this sexy beast of a tablet:

  • 8.3mm thick
  • Weighs 86g 
  • NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Quad-core CPU
  • Android™ 3.2 Honeycomb (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Upgradable)
  • Full QWERTY keyboard with touchpad and USB port, while also extending the battery to 18 hours when combined with the mobile dock
  • Ultra-wide 178⁰ viewing angle and ultra bright Super IPS+ panel protected by scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • Micro HDMI port
  • 8MP rear auto-focus camera with LED flash and back-illuminated CMOS sensor

And here is that video of it running Ice Cream Sandwich:

You can check the official site for the full workup of in-depth features and specs, of which there are a lot, as well as check out some sexy pictures of the new tablet. Feel free to get excited.

When you've had your fill of spec lists and feature descriptions, you can head on over to Amazon and pre-order one or ten of these bad boys for $499.99 or $599.99 for the 32Gb and 64Gb models respectively. While there's no official release date yet, we recommend pre-ordering now because, if the Prime is anything like its predecessor, it's going to sell out quick.

Source: Amazon, ASUS

Brad Ganley
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  • chriskin

    Weighs 86g


    • JAlexoid

      It's only 30grams heavier than air :-D

    • http://www.joshuanaylor.com Joshua Naylor

      Damn that's one light tablet.... I use that much in coffee beans to make 3 cups...

  • http://www.geekchoice.com Dagmar Schnietz

    I'll buy it for the battery power alone! 18 hours is preety darn good!

  • Martin

    Wow shame it's not available in the UK yet and no sign of when it will be... There are a few of us chomping at the bit to get one of these bad boys :D

    • http://Expansys.com Tonylfc

      Expansys.com is taking pre-orders for the Asus Prime with the option to cancel before its shipped and no charge to ur card till its shipped.....I'm on the pre-order list


  • Don Gemus

    Isn't the Tegra 3 a penta-core?

    • Drew Nusser

      It is - the 5th core is a lower power one and is used to do the background processing.

      • William Rodriguez

        Where did you find this information?

        • Bart

          google is your friend ;-)
          Search for Tegra 3 and 'companion core'.

  • http://dannydotellis.com Danny

    Preorders are up at FutureShop for canadians as well. Same pricing as the states.

  • Philip

    I don't see the mobile dock available yet for pre-order. Hopefully that will come soon.

  • http://www.image-maps.com mgwalk

    Shipment 1 of 1: The following item will arrive after December 25, 2011.

    wow long time to wait

    Keyboard is there

  • Jon

    I pre-ordered mine really early US time when the Amazon page still had $584.22, so that's what's on my bill. :) Sometimes it's an advantage to be in the UK. It's being sent to my parents house. Hope my dad likes his Christmas present. ^^

  • fep

    i won't buy device that use tegra based anymore.., it fast, but lacks of open source, who knows on next version android you'll be hard to port it...

    • Lorenzo in a Benzo

      Ummm no need to port anything, Asus is fast as hell with updates.

  • LayZee

    It does not weigh 86, but 586 grams ;)

  • http://mobiletechview.com John, Alabama

    Amazon stopped taking pre-orders! :(

  • Dave

    Dammit....I hope I can order one from Amazon shortly after launch.

    Their store card will get me 0% Financing for a year....and I am a broke college student, so that is wonderful!

  • Brightyirenkyi

    am in need of nVIDIA GEFORCE GTĀ  320M CUDA video drivers