Last Updated: November 25th, 2011

A few days ago, we received a mystery package from the good folks at RadioShack. Inside the package were three phones - the Samsung Stratosphere on Verizon, HTC EVO Design 4G on Sprint, and Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T. Since these phones are ours to do with what we please, we've decided to do what we always do when we end up with extra goodies: give them away.


Since we have three phones to hand out, we're going to make each contest quick and dirty. Each one will last for one day, and one day only.

RadioShack's Pre-Black Friday Sale

Before we get into the giveaway details, we want to give a shoutout to the guys at RadioShack. They have an awesome pre-Black Friday sale currently going with over twenty-five phone from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon all going for absolutely free. Here is a shortlist of some of the deals that you can catch between now and tomorrow:

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Keep in mind that the deal ends tomorrow, November 23, so if you're looking to score a new phone for nothing, you better hurry!

What You Get


We gave away the first of the three phones, the Samsung Stratosphere, yesterday (the post will be updated with the winner shortly), and today's offering is the Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T.

The Infuse brought a lot to AT&T when it was released - it was the first device on Ma Bell to allow sideloading of apps, as well as being the thinnest Android phone in the US at the time it was released. It's still a very relevant smartphone, with specs slightly above modern mid-range devices:

  • 4.5-inch 480x800 Super AMOLED Plus display
  • 1.2Ghz single-core Hummingbird Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8.9mm to 9.24mm thin
  • 8MP rear camera with 720p video capture
  • 1.3MP front camera
  • 16 GB built-in storage, microSD card slot
  • Android 2.2 with Touchwiz

How To Win

This contest is now over. Here is our winner, selected at random:
  • Dan Doan-Draper from Rolla, MO

Congratulations - you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Alright, so you want to win this thing. Drop the answer to the following question in the comments:

Will you be getting an Android device as a gift for someone this holiday season?

Simple, right? You have until 12:00PM PT Tomorrow, November 23, to get your entry in. At that time we will pick the winner at random.

Since this an AT&T phone, this contest is for US residents only.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Matt Phillips

    Probably not, Im broke!

  • Tyler Brainerd

    "Will you be getting an Android device as a gift for someone this holiday season?"

    If I can afford it, for my girlfriend and maybe a new one for myself.

  • http://facebook.com/simratvir Simratvir Singh

    No but if I win I will give this to my dad since I already have an HTC Sensation

  • gmquinto

    Nope. Just got my first job out of college and need to save up some money.

  • Mike Henson

    Yes i will be getting a Phone for a special someone

  • Matt

    Would love to get one for my mom, but unfortunately I can't afford too.

  • Cristina O’Neill

    Yes, for my fiance since he will be coming from Portugal to live in New York with me! He needs a phone and Android is the way to go =)

  • Curt Carter

    That is a YES, my wife will be getting a shiney new Samsung Infuse from Android Police!

  • http://funkytownismyhood.wordpress.com Josh

    I will if I win one of these hones

  • http://funkytownismyhood.wordpress.com Josh

    I will if I win one of these phones

  • Ken Lombard

    Yes. For my unborn child. He/She loves Angry Birds. :)

  • http://gplus.to/crisguerrero Cristin Guerrero

    I'm getting my gf a Kindle Fire, and hopefully a Samsung Infuse from you guys for myself :)

  • AndroidLuvR3R1

    No because I don't even have enough for myself this holiday to even think of getting something for someone else

  • http://gplus.to/crisguerrero Cristin Guerrero

    I'm getting my gf a Kindle Fire, and hopefully a Samsung Infuse from you guys for myself!

  • fiji.siv

    Will you be buying an Android device as a gift for someone this holiday season?

    Nook Tablet.

    Maybe then I'll get my phone back from my kids.

  • Shyam

    I will definitely get one for myself to replace my aging Atrix 4g LOL!!!

  • Matt

    Yes, I'm definitely giving a pair of old OG Droids to my kids to use for games and media. Maybe upgrading the wife's LG Optimus to a Samsung Stratosphere!

  • Ravi Shah

    i want to get one for my dad!

  • http://gplus.to/crisguerrero Cristin Guerrero

    I'm getting my gf a Kindle Fire, and hopefully a Samsung Infuse for myself from you guys :)

  • Jakub Fric

    No...me and my gf already have android devices so im happy to have free chat with with her ;-)

  • Midian

    If I were to win this phone i would give it to my wife so that when i deploy to Afghanistan i will be able to talk to her and see here where ever she is at, and not miss out because she is not at home. That would be the best gift for the both of us.

  • Raji

    Yes for my son, because he just drop his lg thrill 4g and damaged it awhile getting out of the car.

  • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

    No, I won't be. I keep trying to migrate my girlfriend to a smartphone but she doesn't want to pay for the phone. Everyone else I've already converted!

  • Justin C

    Nope. I probably would if I had the money for it though, especially with all these black friday deals going on. ;)

  • Sylar

    I'm hoping to win this phone so that I can give it to my friend as her old one broke and she can't afford to buy another one right now.

  • James

    I may well be getting one for myself, considering Amazon's penny sale thing going on. Though at this point, I'm not quite sure. So I guess the overall answer would be... Maybe? It'd be awesome if I could manage to, somehow.

  • Joshua

    This phone will work in Canada. Let me enter! I'm getting a nexus for my girl.

  • frank kerner

    I dont think i will get one this year, but i can hope foe a surprise!

  • HedgehogdudE

    Unfortunately no. Maybe next year..

  • Adam G

    No not like likely, I just got a galaxy s2 and a touchpad. but I could use the infuse to stream kids music for my daughter.

  • Tyler Jones

    Im getting a Galaxy s2 for my brother and iphones (unfortunately) for my parents. They arent ready for android though.

  • caliber

    If I win this, I might

  • colin

    My girlfriend needs one but has been hesitant. This is perfect!

  • colin

    My girlfriend needs one but has been hesitant. This is perfect for us!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbie.doll.keri Keri Newsom

    Yes actually, my fiance and I are going to be getting the Huawei Mercury from Cricket to one of our workers on our website. He's been such a big helper to our forum it would be a nice Christmas present for him.

  • Greg Siegel

    I have been looking for an upgrade for my wife's phone, so if I don't win this one - Yes I will be getting an Android phone for someone this Christmas.

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    Not for someone else, but maybe a Galaxy Nexus for myself. If so then I'll be giving my old phone to my sister, so I guess the answer is yes.

  • William

    No as I'm a collage student & poor.

  • Tom D

    Only if I win this. I'll give it to my daughter to replace her garbage phone.

  • Keir

    I will be getting the Galaxy Nexus as a gift... for myself! though it was a bday present from my parents delayed until whenever it is finally released...

  • Andy

    I will be getting my son some kind of android device for xmas!!

  • Nicole M

    I would like to give my someone my HTC Inspire 4G when I win this Infuse 4g :)

    Thanks for the chance to win !!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    ~Nicole M

  • guest

    No. Waiting out my contract for a little longer and waiting to see if the S2 will ever get upgraded to ICS.

  • http://danclarkdesigns.com Dan

    Probably not. It would be cool to be able to, but I don't have very much funding this year.

  • ToddF

    I won't be buying, but I hope to receive a tablet.

  • Gary

    I am waiting for the New Year to see what devices will be announced. Hopefully a G-Nexus by Samsung which also makes this great Infuse.

  • Timothy Carr

    No fancy new phone for this guy.

  • http://www.daveyhimself.com daveyhimself

    I'll be gifting my Thunderbolt to my wife since she dropped her blackberry in the toilet once I get my Galaxy Nexus.

  • chiefsfan

    If I win this, someone in my family will definitely be getting it for Christmas.

  • Jaymoon

    Only if I win this contest!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways too!

  • cMarshallGo

    I won't be getting any phones this year, but I'm hoping to be able to pick up some sort of tablet for my wife!

  • Brandon

    Yes! Definitely yes! I have always love Android. I have always been recommending Android phones to people I know. Due to work, I now live far away from my only son. I will buy an Android phone for my son as a Christmas gift so we can communicate. It will be his first phone ever.

  • Waazzupppp

    I will probably be giving up my upgrade to get my mother something to replace her Samsung Moment... Such a sad day to get an Android device that doesn't work... Oh well, at least I have my EVO to hold me over!

  • John A.

    I was planning on getting myself an upgrade from my HTC G1, that is unless I win this sweet freebie. Then the extra money will go to get my wife a new phone instead. Here is to hoping that I can finally win something.

  • Haloruler64

    Nope. In my opinion, a phone is a big (but not necessarily too big) investment for a holiday. Maybe a birthday, but not a holiday. Grew up in a Russian immigrant family that did not get extravagant gifts (makes my appreciate gifts like my Galaxy SII :D). However, I am getting an HP Veer 4G as an early Christmas gift! $35 on eBay! Dad has one, love the little thing!

  • Stephen Tee

    Nope more likely to buy accessories for the phones

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Yes, I already bought a Galaxy S2 for my wife at Radio Shack two weeks ago.

  • Diego Ordonez

    Yes If I win this my GF is getting a new phone.

  • Adam

    Yes! I want to get my sister one so she won't get an iPhone! :D

  • Patrick

    No, not as of this moment. That might change if some good deals pop up, though.

  • Dan

    I'm not getting a gift for anybody in particular. I may have to buy a gift for myself though (Galaxy Nexus) :)

  • http://www,facebook.com/eskokali Noah

    Yes if the opportunity presents itself; my mom is over due for a decent phone. She'd like an android since she's used to playing with my Nexus S. I hoping this holiday I have the money to get her one.

  • Matt

    I will be getting my wife a nice new phone to replace her buggy/old Incredible. Of course then I'll have phone envy and a shiny new Infuse would hit the spot!

  • Phil Fernandez

    Yes, if I win this one! :)

  • MattK

    I will be getting my wife a nice new phone to replace her buggy/old Incredible, maybe a GNex or RAZR.

  • Sam Cabelus

    I planned on getting my mom an android from radio shack actually haha, it would be sweet to get one for free

  • Robert S.

    yes, for the wife, she needs a new phone and needs to get into this new age of smartphones, this would be a good start for her.

  • Steven

    I will get this for my friends Daughter for the holiday. She help's me organize my house. Plus is very smart so she can hire me when she own's her own company.

  • colby

    Yes I will. Gs2 for my dad

  • Thinh Pham

    i will buy a asus transformer tablet for my mom

  • Jon Garrett


    I'm buying the Amazon Kindle Fire for my wife & the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket for myself.

  • Jorge

    My wife is getting a new smartphone.

  • Kennedy Nguyen

    Yes, I will be buying an android phone as a gift this holiday season!

  • Shah

    Yes..wii give it to my sister in law

  • http://www.thedevel.com/ @MichaelTheDevel

    If I wasn't poor :|

  • Brian

    Yes, I am getting a new Android phone for my girlfriend for Christmas.

  • Ivan

    If I win this samsung, my girl will surely receive it as a gift :)

  • Todd Fagan

    Would love to upgrade the Wife's Hero...

    But not planning on buying one this holiday for her.

  • lettcco

    that someone is myself, so yes....

    PS. Galaxy Nexus on Tmobile now!

  • Alex M

    My sister has been skeptical about android tablets. She lugs around her 17" Toshiba everywhere. So since she's an awesome sis, she will be getting a Kindle Fire. Enjoy big sis.

  • Raymond

    My daughter will be getting a new phone for Christmas and more than likely it'll be an Android phone.

  • Shaun

    I might buy myself a SGS 2 Skyrocket...full retail for a present to myself.

  • cixelsyd

    Maybe! My girlfriend sure could use a replacement for her aging Ally.

  • Rich

    Yes, someone will get an android phone if I win!

  • R.J.

    Yes I will...if I win this contest

  • http://twitter.com/GazaIan Ian Stephenson

    Planning on getting a Galaxy Nexus for my sister for Christmas.. that's if it's released on T-Mobile USA. If not, then the Amaze 4G will just have to do it for now.

  • Joe

    I hope to be getting my wife a new phone. Maybe this will be it!

  • http://twitter.com/chrismartinez Obey

    Nope, I will not be buying a phone for anyone.

  • Kevin

    Only if I win. I don't have that kind of money . . .

  • Aki I.

    if i win one, someone else will be happy too.

  • Adam R. Lewis

    Heck yes I am! Though it's still up in the air which device my finances can manage to afford!

  • andy

    Yes, I'll be giving away Ice Cream Sandwiches away ;)

  • Telanis

    Probably not, but we'll see.

  • cloud858rk

    No, stuff is expensive.

  • http://www.jkulow.com Johnathan kulow

    Nope but i just scored myself a $150 HP developer device purchased touch pad I'm going to throw android on.

  • Jon

    I would if I could, but I don't have that kind of money.... (Now, were I to win this one, then I'd most certainly gift it to my fiancee, as I am currently satisfied with my rooted/ROM'd Cappy.)

  • http://www.jkulow.com Johnathan kulow

    Nope but i just scored myself a 150 dollar HP developer device purchased touch pad I'm going to throw android on.

  • Jimmy

    Yes my girlfriend needs an new one seening as I broke hers....

  • http://twitter.com/jjortiz Jose Ortiz

    I will get one for me and one for my girlfriend! This could be a nice choice for her! :D

  • Justin

    Yes, as a matter of fact I will be buying an Android tablet this weekend for my sister.

  • Phill

    I would but my girlfriend is in the middle of a two year contract with att.

  • Doug Fiedor

    Yes I will. For my wife.

  • Justin

    Yep, already bought a tablet for my family :D

  • Bal

    no, don't have the money, college student

  • Phill

    I would love too but the upgrade isn't until July.

  • Darren

    Yes, I just bought myself a Galaxy S II.

  • http://www.unwiredmedic.com Christopher Matthews

    The wife would rather move to an Amish community, and the kids aren't old enough, so I'm not buying one for anyone else, but I may get one for me, if I see the right deal, however winning this could save me from having to fork over a little of my own $. Thanks for the contest.

  • http://www.waiel.com Waiel Safwat

    yes i want one for my self i didnt buy any phone since nexus one and now i am with ATT&T using my nexus one on Edge only and waiting for Ever for the Samsung Nexus 4.0 hope i cant get it for AT&T

  • Dane

    Yes I plan on getting a new android phone this holiday.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    My mother desperately needs a new phone so I'm going to be getting something for her. It would be great if I could give her this phone! :) Thanks AP!

  • Dominic B

    My wife will be receiving a Samsung Galaxy S ii and a kindle fire, probably this weekend because she'll be giving birth too. The phone will be for pictures and the fire for entertainment.

  • http://www.androidwebhosting.com Zack

    Hoping to get a Samsung Infuse 4g for my GF so I can get her off that friggin iPhone. All she does is complain about what it can't do, yet she won't let me spend money on a new phone because it's not like it's broken!! UGH...sooo I figure if you guys give me this one for free, then I can say "Well I didn't SPEND anything for it!"

  • Brittany

    No, Unfortunately I will not have the money to buy a new phone. Even though I could really use one! I'm currently sporting a cheap $10 phone that barely works.

  • Nathan Belote

    I would love to get her an Android phone, her Windows phone just crapped out on her and I am too broke to get her something better than a $20 prepaid messaging phone!

  • samuel

    Yes... samsung galaxy II s for my mom, unless I win one of these

  • bethan

    I would love to get my parents an android, they are stuck in the stone ages with motorola razr's, hopefully i can update them with the new motorola razr.

  • Jonathan

    I'm thinking of getting my wife a speaker dock.

  • Bryan

    Yes, for my wife. Her Aria is tired.

  • Tommy

    Yes, Absolutely I will be getting someone a android!

  • nebroC Crew

    Yes ...well indirectly, gave my friend 5 cents for the Verizon penny sale, but otherwise no.

  • J Rush

    I'll be giving the love of my life, Shelby Raney, my Samsung Infuse. I still love my phone to death, and that's why if I win, I'll give her the new one. She has an iPhone and hates it, so it's the least I could do.

  • http://www.geekchronicle.com James

    Yes, probably going to get an Android phone for my mom.

  • adolfo

    My parenta gotme a galaxy tab 10.1!

  • melissa pearo

    Possibly as a gift to myself.

  • Don McDonald

    Maybe a kindle fire, android but not google endorsed.

  • Brian Steier

    I only wish I had the money to be able to buy android devices for everyone I know! I'd love to be able to convince my wife to leave the company that's named after the fruit which caused man to have original sin!

  • Dennis

    Unfortunately no, the cost is too prohibitive.

  • Howard

    One for the whole family!

  • Jim

    Nope, just got the wife and me a phone, and we're stuck in the 2 yr wait zone now.

  • Fernando

    maybe a kindle fire for my mom

  • tkminter

    Yes, me! My contract is up in December and I'm ready for a new phone!

  • B J Books

    yes...just bought my wife a Kindle Fire.

  • Nick Delaney

    I'm hoping to pick up a Galaxy Tab for the wife, she really wants a tablet and I want something else Android with which to play.

  • Ben

    Nope, only for myself!

  • Rodolfo Nevarez

    Got the Galaxy S2 for both my wife and my son. They both deserve it.

  • Hung

    I want it for my dad. He is an iPhone geek but I've use android based device for a while and love it. Wish I can change his view

  • Uriel

    Android police rules! hope i win this. could use a better dev phone

  • sean

    Yes, got one for my girlfriend.

  • http://androidpolice Jermery

    Yea I'm getting my girlfriend the white galaxy sII. I'm hoping she surprises me with a new android phone. I really need a new one.

  • Deez1234

    If I'm lucky I will be getting a tablet...specifically the Transformer Prime! We shall see...

  • http://genesischess.com/ Micah

    For sure if I win an android phone in one of these contests. If I don't win one, I'll probably settle on an android tablet for a gift.

  • Tim

    Unlikely...we are quite poor right now...unless of course I won a free one:P

  • DaLaw

    Hell no. I gotta get one for myself!

  • brian reed

    I wish!!! I'm broke as a joke! Maybe I will if I win a phone!

  • Tim

    Unlikely..we are quite poor right now..unless of course we won one:P

  • Jesus

    Yes for my hubby he really deserves one

  • senjizzo

    Yep...gettin tha wife a SGSII & a Kindle Fire

  • techvudu

    I would love too but to break them away from the "other" phone I would need something pretty sick which means deep pockets. But if I win one that's a different story. I'd love to fill a stocking with this stellar piece of hardware. Mom is getting a Fire, so that could count I guess. Happy Thanksgiving Geeks.

  • adam yost

    yep i am going to try to get my wife a samsung galaxy s II if i can get one for cheap enough

  • http://www.tylerlane.net Tyler Lane

    I want to get a really good friend of mine one for at&t and i play on gifting myself a galaxy nexus if VZW will ever release the damn thing