While the GetJar Appstore has its advantages, like GetJar Gold for example, it has been lacking one important feature that both the Android Market and Amazon Appstore have: push notification for app updates. In the past, when you downloaded an app from GetJar, the only way of knowing if the app had been updated was by going directly to that apps listing in GetJar.

This put the GetJar App Store at a clear disadvantage over other app markets, as most users aren't willing to manually check the listing for every single installed app. Fortunately, the GetJar team has recognized this issue and are now beta testing push notifications in the latest version of the GetJar store (v 3.5).

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This update began rolling out to users last week, and GetJar feels confident that, even though it's still beta, everything is "stable and sustainable." Good news indeed. 

To learn more about GetJar and GetJar Gold, go here.

[via GetJar Blog]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Wut

    Have they also recognized that keeping the phone awake all the time is an even bigger issue? Took me a while to figure out what was draining my battery in just a couple of hours, getting over 2 days now that I removed it.

    • http://briguy.me Brian Hickey

      Howdy, can you tell me what model phone you have? A few users have reported the same thing and we're working on a fix.

      • Cyanofy

        I Have CyanogenMod 7.1 running on Motorola Defy. The Getjar app keeps partial wakelock on for 99.4% of the running time.

      • Zumorito

        I've got the same problem on a stock Motorola Electrify (Gingerbread 2.3.4). Luckily the built in task manager is kind enough to warn me after 15 minutes that the process is still active.

    • RBI411

      Had the same problem on my Xoom. I just get what I need from the store and kill the app. Seems to make life much simpler.

      • Duck

        Same issue on Desire with Cyanogenmod 7.3

    • Rob

      Does having GetJar permanently in "Running Services" mean it's keeping the phone awake all the time? Cuz I have that.

  • Ruby

    Right, so I have the latest Getjar. How can I tell if there are updates for the apps I've downloaded?

    BTW, I have a Galaxy Note and just installed BetterBatteryStats. According to partial wakelocks, Getjar has been on for the past 6h 7 m 3s. TIA.

  • Amar

    Does GetJar connect my Gold app downloads to by Google account, or not? If not, what happens to my Gold apps if I get a new phone?

  • nerdshowandtell

    So before i install another market, is there a way to assign the apps to one market or another, so all the markets dont try to update the others apps? Also, amazons notifications are broke, so id say those dont count as notifications, more like spam.. :-)

  • Avi

    I had to remove GetJar because it was draining the battery on my stock Nexus S 4G.