Fahrbot Mobile, the developer that brought us Screenshot ER, Root Call Blocker, Call Master, and a handful of other useful apps, recently released Undelete Beta to the Android Market, an app that promises to help find – and recover – files deleted from your SD card.

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The app will quickly scan the contents of your SD card and detect deleted items that may be eligible for restoration. While this sounds like a super handy app, the developer warns that – as with any recovery solution – users shouldn't expect a 100% success rate. There are many things that must be taken into consideration when attempting to restore files, not the least of which being whether the data has become corrupted since being deleted. In the words of the developer, "if it doesn't recover or see your files from two years ago, don't be complain." It's also worth mentioning that the app is currently only compatible with rooted devices.

If you need to restore files or photos that have been deleted from your device's SD card, this app seems like a good solution. Plus, it's free right now in the Android Market.

Liam Spradlin
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  • L boogie

    This is awesome though I'm wondering why google is interested in cloud storage rather than sd storage, especially when developers such as these continue to improve sd capabilities

  • Simon Belmont

    Not to be a downer, but couldn't this also be used to recover sensitive files or just personal stuff like photos from a lost or stolen phone's SD card? Like say, you lose your phone and you remotely wipe it and the thief or person who found it uses this app on it. Then again, if they're savvy enough, I guess they could pop the SD card into any computer and use a recovery utility. This just makes taking the SD card out one less step. :)

    That being said, the positive use for this app is awesome. I will definitely check this app out. :D

    • Telanis

      A good remote wipe tool ought to zero the flash storage rather than just delete things. If you're really worried about a lost/stolen device, put a password on it so at least they can't run your apps unhindered :P

  • http://fahrbotmobile.blogspot.com subspace

    Im the dev by the way guys. The reason im commenting is that silly "dont be complain" - its a typo, now corrected :)

    • Mostafa

      Do you play Subspace Continuum?

  • Ben

    Unfortunately didn't work for me. Tried to recover some photos that I deleted by accident a few days ago. No luck :(

  • Fletch

    Will this recover deleted pics from the phone as thats where the evo saves them directly?

  • Nikklly

    I used Vibosoft Card Data recovery tool to restore files from my crashed SD card, its deep sacnning feature really impressed me. I like it.