Last Updated: December 7th, 2011

A few days ago, we received a mystery package from the good folks at RadioShack. Inside the package were three phones - the Samsung Stratosphere on Verizon, HTC EVO Design 4G on Sprint, and Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T. Since these phones are ours to do with what we please, we've decided to do what we always do when we end up with extra goodies: give them away.


Since we have three phones to hand out, we're going to make each contest quick and dirty. Each one will last for one day, and one day only.

RadioShack's Pre-Black Friday Sale

Before we get into the giveaway details, we want to give a shoutout to the guys at RadioShack. They have an awesome pre-Black Friday sale currently going with over twenty-five phone from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon all going for absolutely free. Here is a shortlist of some of the deals that you can catch between now and Wednesday:

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Keep in mind that this deal ends on Wednesday, November 23, so if you're looking to score a new phone for nothing, you better hurry!

What You Get


First on the list is the Samsung Stratosphere, which is basically a Verizon branded Epic 4G with LTE. Either way you look at it, it's a solid mid-range device, sporting a slide-out QWERTY and blazing fast mobile connection. Here are the full specs:

  • 4-inch 480x800 Super AMOLED display
  • 1GHz single-core Hummingbird processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Physical QWERTY
  • 4GB built-in storage, microSD card slot
  • 5MP rear shooter, VGA front
  • Android 2.3.x with Touchwiz
  • Verizon LTE

Sure, it's no powerhouse, but it is packing LTE under the hood, and it's going to be free to one lucky reader. With that kind of price tag, can you really complain?

How To Win

This contest is now over. Here is our winner, selected at random:
  • killinem313 from Milan, TN

Congratulations - you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Update: And here's our winner!


In light of Thanksgiving, you need only answer one simple question to enter:

What is the number one thing about your Android device that you're thankful for?

That's it. Just drop your answer in the comments before 12:00PM PT Tomorrow, November 22, 2011. At this point, we're planning on picking the winner at random, but that could change, so make your answer count!

Since this is a Verizon phone, this contest is for US residents only.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Mori Gryphon

    The #1 thing on my Android device I am grateful for is that it is -my- Android. I can make it look and feel and behave pretty much any way I want it to.

  • Levi Snell

    The number one thing? Customization!!

  • Darien

    i'm thankful for my extremely powerful OMAP4 processor! c:

  • Andy

    I am thankful that I can rely on it for keeping me and my family organized and connected!

  • Kevin

    Well... since I don't have an android phone, yet. I am thankful that android is an actual option - rather than iPhone.

  • Levi Snell

    The number one thing? Customization!! I love how easy it is to customize everything.

  • Ryan Conger

    I have to have my GPS!! I travel a bunch and the fact that I no longer have to study maps to get to my end destination is a huge time saver...not to mention the fact that the maps are ALWAYS up to date....FOR FREE! Thanks for the awesome giveaways guys!

  • Father Phoenix

    Since I am still using the Droid 1 for me it has to be the utter openness of it.

  • Spencer

    I'm most thankful for Google maps and navigation. Help me find where the closest place to buy a turkey is and how to get there! ;)

  • Brian

    I am thankful for the Google integration. gmail, documents, calendar, etc. I use all the free Google software I can, having an Android makes life a lot easier.

  • Thinh Pham

    im thankful for USB on the go and i could hook up to any computer without another program or syncing

  • RockinEvo

    I'm thankful for my camera how else can i capture those moments from my family n some of my close friends

  • Jamie

    It saved my sons life. Who I was able to track via GPS tracking app. Who could only call me but had no clue where he was after he was hit by a drunk driver. I don't know what I would do w/o Android in my life.

  • Isaiah

    I'm thankful that it's Open Source! Without that Android wouldn't be what it is today!

  • Barry

    The ability to have all my google accounts synced into one spot. All calendars, all contacts and even work documents for the go. It is like having a personal computer with you at all times.

  • jasmine

    I'm thankful for android for giving me the ability to allow me to stay in touch with my family all around the world :)

  • Timb

    Google Voice integration.

  • Ryan E

    I couldn't live without seamless google integration. I do not have to remain on a google device, I can access everything from my PC running windows, OSx or Linux. My contacts emails and friends are generally using all products, it is a beautiful environment that I can sync into anywhere...just log in and cruise.

  • oddball

    That it allows options and competition to flourish

  • zach

    I am thankful for my phone because it has saved my life with its GPS many times!

  • KP Chiu

    connection to the internet

  • Hans-Erik

    I am thankful for the syncing capability so that I always have access to my contacts, no matter how many times I flash a new ROM on my phone. :)

  • Jason

    Well with Android there are a lot of things that I'm grateful for but I'm probably most grateful for the market. Although it contains less apps that Apple's App Store the Android Market has a larger variety of apps due to the inherited openness and community based market policing. Plus we finally have a true alternatives to iDevices.

  • http://www.daveyhimself.com daveyhimself

    I'm thankful my wife dropped her blackberry in the toilet this morning and she can now get an Android phone.

  • Kyle Albright

    I am thankful for GPS, mobile browsing, root, free tethering, and word processing to write all my papers in class because I forgot..

  • kathy

    always having Evernote with me!

  • TheMightyTux

    My favorite part of the Android OS is the fact that it is Open Source. This allows developers around the world to make their own changes to the source. And its always interesting to see in the news what new and unique types of devices are running Android.

  • Jason

    Well with Android there are a lot of things that I'm grateful for but I'm probably most grateful for the market. Although it contains less apps that Apple's App Store the Android Market has a larger variety of apps due to the inherited openness and community based market policing.

  • Robert James

    The wonderful community of helpful and giving developers of apps and ROMs. Their hard work and countless sleepless nights spent coding, hacking and improving this already great OS has made Android more than just an OS. THANK YOU!!!

  • Alex B

    I'm so thankful for being able to be connected to anything I really need to be at almost any time. And the GPS is killer.

  • http://tubejumper.com shawn mccollum

    The ability to change the launcher. The GO launcher is so much nicer then any of the OEM ones I've used.

  • Matt C

    I'm most thankful for custom roms. The ability to complelty modify your phone to do things it was never intended to is a big plus for me. I love trying out new roms on my Inc 2.

  • Slayton


  • nozkan

    I am free with the Android device. Is there more?

  • Kevin Liske

    My Gmail! On a phone!

  • http://www.joesteiger.com Joe

    The ability to customize the home screens the way I want with widgets and such.

  • http://android-zone.org BogdanSNB

    open source ... easy to root!

  • socalnighter

    I am a fan of Samsung Android phones, so count me in.

  • James Carandang

    Adobe flash support

  • Kevin

    I am so thankful for widgets and the amount of customization you have to really make it reflect you. Sure blows apple out of the water!

  • Jacob

    I'm most thankful for the integration with all the other Google apps I already use.

  • Brian Getchel

    Hands-down I'm thankful for full customization. The freedom to do what I want with my expensive device and make it my own

  • Clint Haynes

    I'm Grateful that it's not an iPhone!

    No, Seriously -
    I'm grateful it's so Open, I can do what I want with it.

    Secondly, as a heavy Google services user, I'm glad it integrates so well, it was a snap to fit everything together when I grabbed an Android Device.

  • Kris Linville


  • Sleepin in CA

    I am thankful for the in depth arguments and conversations my phone allows me to take part in no matter where I am. Both online and on the phone. I am also thankful for the community it spawned.

  • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

    The one thing I like about my Android smartphone is that it's like a Genie in a bottle who can let me wish for more wishes with my single wish. ;)

  • James Barr

    I'm thankful for the Swype keyboard. That thing's pure bliss.

  • Andrew

    I'm thankful for the flexibility. Rather than being stuck with any setup, Android lets me change things up as I see fit. Don't like video playback? Get VLC. Don't like the keyboard? Get any number of replacements. Don't like your UI? Theme it. Don't like Blur/Sense/TouchWiz/etc? Install a custom ROM. It's nice to not have to be regimented into a single setup with no options to improve.

  • Justin P. Sorrentino

    'cause I'm not a sheep. I can do whatever I want with my devices. Apple and its communist regime dictates everything. I am not my 10 year old sister...I do not want my phone to look the same. It's a symbol of a free society not the sickle and hammer motto of Apple. OPEN SOURCE!

  • Tyrone

    I'm thankful for the many apps I'm able to run on my phone.

  • Dj Whitaker

    I am thankful for the ability to sync my music from my Google music to my phone and the ability to instantly add music to my library from the Market and it instantly appears in my massive playlist.

  • Brian Reed

    Gmail!!!!! If you could break a virtual button that one would be completely trashed on my phone.

  • johnny c

    i'm thankful to not have steve jobs judging my girly app purchases from his Apple Store in the sky. also, i'm awfully thankful for the response, inventive, and always-scheming Android developer community.

  • Jim Martin


  • Coy Longshore

    I am most thankful for all of the custom roms available so that i can change my phone how i want it. Can't wait for CM 9!

  • Jason Rawlins

    I am thankful for the myriad of custom Roms available that make my device awesome!

  • d b

    I'm thankful for competition. (and bringing everything together onto a single mobile device that I can personalize)

  • Mike

    The number one thing that I'm thankful for about my android device is the development community that supports it: from the app market to the rom cookers, my phone is able to do everything I need for work, school, and life. Because of the loyal developer community that continues to innovate and push the limits of every single phone they touch, I am thankful.

  • Shawn

    So many possible answers...

    But overall, the #1 thing I'm thankful for on my Android device:

    Google Navigation.

    I've owned a few various standalone GPS devices, and while they were all nice enough, nothing ever compares to Google's Navigation. I don't have to pay a subscription fee for local traffic (that's usually more accurate than the ones offered by Magellan, TomTom, and Garmin) Shooting weddings all over the place commonly takes me to locations that are 'new' and not on the map, but Google always seems to be up to date (Ok, it's admittedly been missing 1-2 streets on 'Brand new' roads built in the last month or so) Also, I don't have to pay $60-200 a year for 'updates' to my maps. That's why Google Navigation (Maps) is my #1 thing I'm thankful for :)

  • techvudu

    This one is easy. Undisputed #1 reason is that with Android...I am free to do what I want.

  • Patrick Maguire

    I'm thankful for the ability to root my Android and enjoy all the wonderful custom ROMs!

  • Nick

    The speed. When it is working on all cylinders there is no comparison to the iphone and you can do so many things at once!

  • Josh Z

    I am thankful for my android device having google maps. It's not the outdated version on the iphone but one that constantly keeps getting updated and adding more and more value.

  • rockstar323

    The ability to make my phone, "my phone", by being able to change everything on the phone to suit my personal tastes and change it when I want something different.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ketinney Kevin Tinney

    The #1 reason I love Android is

  • tkminter

    I am thankful for the Google/Android Experience. I've had my Android phone for almost 2 years now - - a record for me. I normally tire of a device within 6 months.

  • oddball

    I'm thankful that android lets me customize my phone to my desired UI not someone else's idea of what it should look like

  • Jim

    I'm thankful that Android is a product of human desire to build, not destroy, to strive, not to settle, to seek solutions, and reflects our need to innovate, to stretch our imaginations, our intellect, our perceptions, our boundaries, and our abilities.

  • Andrewsteelman

    I am thankful that my Android phone is so open. I can Rom out if I want or go back to stock with the HTC sense. It's a Droid incredible

  • Jamison

    Since this is specifically about Android and not smartphones in general, I will say that I am most thankful for the ability and support of root and custom ROMs that make Android such a great customizable platform!

  • Debbie

    Widgets! Period. Specifically one for my calendar (Pure Calendar) and one for my to do list (GTasks). Widgets are the number one reason I won't ever move to the iPhone. I love being able to see exactly what's going in my life right when I unlock my phone. The information is realtime and it's IN MY FACE, LOL! If I had to poke around on different icons to keep track of my life I'd be a mess.

  • Ranchero

    Number one feature… “Freedom”. Don’t like your keyboard, download a new one. Being able to make a device yours is truly the best feature of Android. Freedom, it's the American way.

  • Greg Hazlehurst

    "There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts."

    Android itself is a gift and what I am thankful for.

  • Jake Bates

    Definetly my voice activated gps with google maps love free navigation! and its not apple!

  • http://www.thomasamsler.org Thomas Amsler


  • Chris J

    GPS navigation for free? How could anything else be as good.

  • evilhunter101


    Yup, I said it. I like the plastic that is all over the device, including the 1mm or so that sticks out slightly above the screen on my Verizon Fascinate. It is because of this design brilliance that I don't have to worry when I drop my phone like some other ridiculously popular and shatter-prone device.

  • Ondra Kolarik

    Alarm clock :)

  • David

    That it has a Super AMOLED

  • Jacob

    Internet EVERYWHERE. I hated being confined to places with wifi before.

  • TheCrooner

    Drag and drop, the iphone should learn...or keep to itunes so that people will become so frustrated to join the android family :D

  • James

    My stupid alcoholic wife is trying to sue me for divorce and custody of our wonderful kids. My lawyer said I needed to start keeping a daily journal of all the bad stuff she does.
    While still in my lawyers office I was able to download a journal app, set a password for entry and make a few sample entries to tweak and then get his format approval.
    With such ease of use and helpfulness while married, I can only imagine the possibilities once single!
    This technology is amazing!

  • Jon Winter

    Nothing beats being able to customize Android exactly how you want it!

  • Andy

    The customizability! I love making the phone mine.

  • James Poole

    I'm thankful for the gps functions. It has gotten me out of many a bind.

  • David

    Multitasking, without it everything else is useless.

  • Ezra

    The community. It may not be a feature ON the phone, but honestly, the community for my phone specifically, and all other android phones is what makes me happiest that I own one. Through the community I've got the best apps in the world, usually free! The best roms that make my phone crazy fast, reliable, and the best battery life. I've got a group of people I can go to when something goes wrong and I don't know how to fix it. All thanks to the community.

    Thank you everybody.

  • Ronnie

    The thing about my phone I'm most grateful about, is that it isn't Apple or IOS, it isn't a Windows phone, it's Android. I have an Android, I can customize my Android the way I want, just like an actual Android, the only thing I can't do with it is get it decked out in gold like C3PO because I aint got the money. But it's Android and the style is great, the most beast phones you'll ever lay eyes on. All my phones are Samsung, damn straight.

  • Dlingo

    How open and customizable it is. There is so much information out there to work with your phone.

  • Kell

    I'm thankful for the GPS on my android phone . If it weren't for Google Navigator, i'd probably stil be lost in pittsburgh.

  • droidx854

    I love the pdanet App its what allows me to tether for free

  • Dave Hilden

    I love homemade apps. Non-curated, crappy teenager written apps that are buggy, crash and don't work right. I love the DIY attitude of the marketplace and all of the people that are coming to the party, qualified or no. OPEN source forever.

  • Jeffrey Santos

    One thing i am thankful to my android for is the ability to know anything i need to know, at any given moment, in 5 seconds or less.

  • rodalpho

    Like many posters here, I love android for its customizability! It's almost like a metagame for me, finding new widgets, keyboards, etc.

  • Rob

    I love being able to log into my desktop pc via RDP from anywhere.

  • Manurro

    Just the alarm! Not kidding...

  • Greg

    Email & Internet while @ work due to restrictions on the work computers.

  • Ed Stapleton

    I am thankful for the wide selection of apps to assist me in my plans for global domination!!

  • jonathan


  • Rutherford Atlas

    Tough call, but out of all of the features and parts on my phone, I'm the most thankful for... the outside. It keeps all of the insides from falling out!

  • http://www.flickr.com/punkdolphin Fred

    I'm thankful that it allows me to customize my phone the way I want. It's amazing now to see how many people are using Android devices compared to two years ago when I just got my Moto Droid.

    Heck, it can cook my Thanksgiving Dinner, clean up the pans, tell me where I parked my car, direct me back home, play some relaxing music to put me to sleep, and wake me up at the appropriate time.

  • Benjamin Werden

    The whole ability to sync contacts, calendar, apps, and now music with my gmail address. knowing that if I lose my phone, I have all that there still by just logging onto the phone with that gmail and never having to worry about losing my contacts or calendar entries again!

  • Farmwalker

    The Android community! Everyone in it is what makes Android awesome.

  • Tim Brown

    I'm thankful it's nothing like iOS. :~)

  • chris

    I am thankful for open source. Rip ios!

  • Matt Schneider

    I am thankful for an open platform where I can use my phone the way I want to (and not the way Steve Jobs thinks I should).

  • vu

    I would have to say that the best thing about android is the fact that the possibilities people can do with it are endless.

  • Kevin Kintner

    I love the customization available with Android, you can truly tailor the device to the user.


    I am thankful for the limitless customization options. Really satisfies my needs to have a fresh set up on the daily. ^_^

  • Mark H

    I am most thankful for all the hard working developers that allow me to customize my device and allow me to make my own Android experience.

  • ThomC

    I love the ability to customize. dont like the keyboard - replace it, dont like the browser - replace it, dont like the launcher - replace it.

  • Chad Ullery

    I enjoy having the ability to make the phone my own by using all of the amazing things that are made in the community. I also enjoy the fact that the dev community updates the phone way more than the phone carrier themselves.

  • spc_hicks09

    2 words... OPEN SOURCE!

  • Miguel F

    The freedom of having the source available. Taking what is great to make it greater.

  • LesU

    The plethora of free apps to try!

  • http://www.studmuffler.com Stud Muffler

    The thing is that I do not have to use my company equipment to do things that they don't allow. ;-) So it's a Freedom!

  • jon c

    I'm thankful - That it's mine. I left. Windows smart phones and now won't go back..

  • Shawn

    I am thankful for a phone that has built and strengthened a strong developer/modding community, brought forth affordable smartphones for those less fortunate, and has given the android community something to be proud of since the OS's release even when stakes were high. Overall it is the community backing it up and making it more than just a phone that I am thankful for. What better way to bring the "android family" together for the holidays?

  • Timothy Carr

    I am thankful for the GPS because I would never have found my classes at Texas Tech.

  • Joe

    I'm thankful for how easy you can customize pretty much anything on an Android device.

  • Sleepyheadedmom

    I am thankful for the 4G. Newer phones have so many great features but none of that would matter if everything ran slow.

    Sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  • James J

    I think this would be obvious to everyone. The one thing I am thankfull about my Android phone is that it's not an iPhone.

  • SilverSfr

    Free Turn-By-Turn Directions

  • http://plus.psylink.net Scott Psylink Rager

    I am thankful for my android device because it makes life easier, from email, appointments, task lists, games for my kids, overall connectivity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheFlashYo Luis Gonzalez

    I am very thankful for the camera on my phone, you'll always find me taking panorama pictures preserving wonderful views and memories.

  • http://facebook.com/duckyvader Joe M

    I'm thankful for how easy you can customize pretty much anything.

  • Tony


  • Victor Barrios

    Gmail/contact backup life saver

  • Brian P

    Its not an iPhone!

  • Brianda

    I am most thankful for the android platform itself/the community.

    Android lets you customize the phone the way you want it, themes, specific applications for your needs, certain options that work just for you.
    Doesn't matter, Its made to fit whatever you need in a phone.
    That's the best about android, gives you freedom over your phone!

    <3 Android.

  • NoLmt60243

    I am thankful for my Android because it allows me to be free to use the phone how I please, and to have a platform that can allow any individual the ability to express themselves in new and exciting ways via their own customization to their phone.

  • eric engelke

    The ability to stream video skype.

  • mikesuds

    I'm thankful for my constant connection to the world via my Android phone.

  • Bill

    That Steve Jobs didn't get one cent from the purchase of my phone. :)

  • Zia

    To be able to root and customization according to my taste

  • http://www.ratoz.com Ednilson

    Freedom... For install app's, use of GPS, use of Google services.

  • James Smithwick

    Putting custom roms on my rooted android device is something I could neverlive without.

  • Shaun Wright

    The thing I am most thankful for is...My Android device is whatever I want or need it to be, whenever I need or want it. Period.

  • James Smithwick

    Putting custom roms on my rooted android device is something I could never live without.

  • Robbie

    Corporate calendars combined with personal calendars -- helps me keep a crazy schedule straight.

  • http://www.kamiliontech.com/ Edward

    The openness of the platform.

  • Bob

    Internet access to look up what I need, whenever I need it

  • Shanne

    The world at the tip of my fingers, but i am thankful for video chat, face to face, i can see family when i am away

  • Benjamin

    I'm thankful for the ability to flash my phone with a new ROM and not have to re-enter my contacts. :]

  • Chris

    GPS, I get lost to many times to count, and GPS always seems to save me. Ha

  • Roderick Cross

    It keeps me in touch with family that i don't get to see much due to military traveling.

  • Prboy

    The number one thing hands down would have to be the ability to customize it to me. The fact that it's Android, and a hugely popular platform, makes it all the better.

  • Carlos

    Widgets! Who still opens apps?

  • http://www.theyayornay.com Andre Revilla

    I'm most thankful for the SnapDragon 8655, 1Ghz inside my incredible 2

  • ethanmc12

    The Camera! Now I dont need to carry around a dedicated shooter when I always have my Android on me.