Last Updated: December 7th, 2011

A few days ago, we received a mystery package from the good folks at RadioShack. Inside the package were three phones - the Samsung Stratosphere on Verizon, HTC EVO Design 4G on Sprint, and Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T. Since these phones are ours to do with what we please, we've decided to do what we always do when we end up with extra goodies: give them away.


Since we have three phones to hand out, we're going to make each contest quick and dirty. Each one will last for one day, and one day only.

RadioShack's Pre-Black Friday Sale

Before we get into the giveaway details, we want to give a shoutout to the guys at RadioShack. They have an awesome pre-Black Friday sale currently going with over twenty-five phone from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon all going for absolutely free. Here is a shortlist of some of the deals that you can catch between now and Wednesday:

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Keep in mind that this deal ends on Wednesday, November 23, so if you're looking to score a new phone for nothing, you better hurry!

What You Get


First on the list is the Samsung Stratosphere, which is basically a Verizon branded Epic 4G with LTE. Either way you look at it, it's a solid mid-range device, sporting a slide-out QWERTY and blazing fast mobile connection. Here are the full specs:

  • 4-inch 480x800 Super AMOLED display
  • 1GHz single-core Hummingbird processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Physical QWERTY
  • 4GB built-in storage, microSD card slot
  • 5MP rear shooter, VGA front
  • Android 2.3.x with Touchwiz
  • Verizon LTE

Sure, it's no powerhouse, but it is packing LTE under the hood, and it's going to be free to one lucky reader. With that kind of price tag, can you really complain?

How To Win

This contest is now over. Here is our winner, selected at random:
  • killinem313 from Milan, TN

Congratulations - you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Update: And here's our winner!


In light of Thanksgiving, you need only answer one simple question to enter:

What is the number one thing about your Android device that you're thankful for?

That's it. Just drop your answer in the comments before 12:00PM PT Tomorrow, November 22, 2011. At this point, we're planning on picking the winner at random, but that could change, so make your answer count!

Since this is a Verizon phone, this contest is for US residents only.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Umar

    I'm thankful for the variety of ROMs available for my phone. because each one has so many different features but also allow a ton of customization.

  • Frank

    Very thankful that the OG Droid has an open bootloader. I wouldn't have been able to last 2+ years with the device otherwise!

  • Ivan

    I'm thankful that I own one of them.

  • Dan

    The Google Reader app is what I'm most thankful for. Being in phones sales, its extremely helpful in staying up to date on everything phones. Of course reading Android Police's mobile site is a must too!

  • http://www.tylerlane.net/ Tyler Lane

    Gmail, i LOVE the push notifications of gmail.

  • http://android-on.ru/ Viktor

    Multiplatform support and wide range of applications.

  • Bill H.

    I'm thankful I'm not stuck in the Apple ecosystem.

  • Jesse PC

    I'm most thankful for the interactions. I can not only communicate with the ones I care for/the things I care about, but I can interact with them, making everything more meaningful and exciting.

  • Dale Griggs

    Steve Jobs and his mob at Apple can not control what I do with my phone.

  • dan

    thankful for android being fully customizable if i choose.

  • rak826


  • Deyan

    The ability to install and remove the apps that I think should be there, not the manufacturer or the carrier.

  • jobin

    Andru really helps me...its fills my ear,shows the path,and bring me news...(even my andru's twitter brought this contest to me)

  • Edge

    I am most thankful for allowing me to keep connected while away from my computer.

  • KevinN

    I'm thankful for Ice Cream Sandwich "don't have yet" and all the features it brings. Including the ability to finally being able to rub it in my friends and family faces that Android is now #1 smart phone in the World!! At the dinner table it wont be politics we talk about it will be Tech. My Apple loving uncle will be first to get the beat down! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Oh if I had to pick one thing it would be widgets.

  • Waazzupppp

    I am thankful for the hundreds of options for keeping in contact that my EVO offers me. Even without a cell connection, an Android device can use Wi-Fi to Skype, Tango, Viber, and a multitude of SIP options for staying in voice contact. Add to this the amazing email options, the freebie texting options and Google Voice, and you have a handheld that can free you from your wireless bills - or just add a million other options to the plan you have already!

  • http://gplus.to/maxwalker Max Walker

    Free Google integrations and apps: Voice, Maps, Navigation, and more!

  • http://gthing.net Sam

    I am thankful that there is a viable and high-quality alternative to Apple's walled garden. In other words, I'm thankful that I can use Android to do whatever I want Android to do.

  • Joshua

    Open Source

  • TheAzMom

    I am thankful for the multitude of ways that my Droid helps me keep in touch with my family. I can see where everyone is via a GPS app, see their availability on holidays via shared calendars so that I know what time to plan celebrations for, and I can send out group texts to encourage everyone to check-in or just plain call home! We LOVE our Droids!

  • Zach berven

    I am thankful for the organization that my android provides me. Makes my life so much easier

  • GhostlySnow

    I love the flexibility of my android phone. Custom roms keep me busy :)

  • Jared

    Customizing the home screens! My phone looks exactly how I want so I can do exactly what I want to do!

  • Loren

    I'm thankful for the array of open and useful systems within the android environment, it is simply a device of the future, and I am very thankful to have it as a whole.

  • Christian Galdames

    That there is no apple juice in it. :-)

  • Patrick

    I'm thankful for all of the great Google integration. Voice, Calendar, GMail, Reader, G+, Translate, Earth, and all of the other gems.

  • Oran Greene

    Integration with everything Google

  • http://twitter.com/hegamk Meghan

    I'm thankful for the ability to keep every aspect of my personal and business lives in check with all the apps Android offers. Plus it helps to have games to pass the down-time! Without the GPS, I would literally never make it anywhere.

  • Joe

    Too many reasons to count: email, gps, pics and videos of my kid...

  • IndyRoadie

    Being able to keep connected, especially to my family, anywhere I am. I was recently able to help a friend find out information about a scam that his grandfather fell victim to. Without Android and 4G the search would have taken forever.

  • Brian

    Having the ability to monitor my business in multiple ways is whats most important to me!

  • https://plus.google.com/111117385198349234837 Alex Mitchell

    I love the splendid integration with the rest of Google's services.

  • Howard

    I choose what I want to do and not have Apple tell me.

  • Carl Craft

    ...It isn't winmo6!

  • Bob

    Keeping my contacts organized.

  • BikerBob1789

    Being connected all the time.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/106590241327894514636/posts Caleb Escamilla

    Im thankful for the Google Music and GPS...God only knows how may times that helped...being a solider and going to new places all the time and not knowing the town sucked. But Google was always there to show the way lol

  • https://plus.google.com/117513212216084252526/posts Kyle Sonney

    I'm most thankful for the ability to speak whatever I want instead of typing in the text box. As Pennsylvania just made texting while driving a primary offense (it was a secondary offense up til the signing of the bill, meaning they couldn't pull you over for it. They had to have another reason to stop you, speeding for example, then they could also charge you with texting while driving. As of March 1st, they can now pull you over just for texting) the ability to speak my texts will come in handy.

  • Tarun

    integration of other Google services

  • Matt

    I am most thankful for Samsung's amazing screens, Verizin's ridiculously fast LTE, and the ability to choose to get everything packaged together with a fantastic physical keyboard.

  • Stephen K

    What am I thankful for? The huge amount of customizations. Whether it be third party apps, or flashing Roms, their is more personal customizations to all my droids ever owned than when I had an iPhone.

  • Kevin

    I love the community and all that it has done. There are just so many people, putting in so many hours, all because of a common love of Android. I sometimes think of the "Borg" when I think of the Community and how it is often like a big collective.

  • Jason

    I'm thankful that I'm able to change my phone up whenever I feel like it. Cyanogen has made my phone completely different, this is one of the first phones I haven't gotten bored with due to the fact that I can tweak it and upgrade to the newest software.

  • Trevor

    The flexibility to make it work exactly how I want it to work.

  • http://www.pinabiz.com Gabriel

    I am thankful for how it sync automatically into my Google Calendar

  • Ross

    I'm thankful for high resolution screens!

  • Dave

    I'm thankful for the Calendar, It keeps me on track!

  • jcfulgham

    I'm thankful for the easy usability on my Android device.

  • Klarissa C.

    I'm thankful for being able to fix software related problems on my own with Android. So easy to do through root or just basic troubleshooting.

  • Todd Sims

    Its open source!

  • Kevin Mulliger

    Open source OS. 'Nuff said.

  • Robert S.

    What's not to be thankful about my Android phone? It does everything I need and want it to do. A total life and time saver!

  • Jon

    I am thankful that my Android device is OPEN and wasn't a brain child of Steve Jobs/APPLE.

  • Gaurav Rajasekar

    That it's so well connected and integrated with every single Google service. Very important for me since I use them for pretty much everything.

    And the developer community and continuous ROM support and updates.

  • Glenn Adey

    That it's not an iPhone!

  • Michael

    I'm thankful for the ability to make my Android device TRULY MINE.

  • Nick

    The ability to keep my kids schedule's straight. With my son in hockey 5 nights a week and my daughter in dance 4 nights a week ... sometimes at the same time ... the only way I can keep it straight is with the synced calendar and contacts, email, to-do apps, and the internet at my finger tips. Not to mention google maps for directions to remote ice rinks throughout the state of Minnesota, the ability to book hotel rooms when needed and finally the ability to look for deals on hockey equipment and dance outfits when ever I need.

    Not only am I thankful for my Android phone, my kids are too!

  • Lekz

    I'm thankful about the Google Apps and all the integration involved. They have saved me in countless situations while in college and have improved my life greatly by saving me tons of time. In particular, I love Google Voice so much... I get super cheap international calls with it, plus completely free texting. Replying to your texts from your computer, tablet, etc is super convenient!

  • pauljohnson75

    That it is open I love that we can do whatever we want with our phones Android rocks.

  • Ignacio armijo

    Thankful for google navigation saves me money, keeps me from getting lost and its in my for phone

  • Craig

    I know you're after one thing, I guess the thing I use the most is web browsing. However I"m thankful for my entire device. I have a very slow job, with a lot of 10 hour shifts to kill time on, and my android device gives me a million ways to kill time! So thankful!

  • Joseph

    I am thankful for the mobile web browsing. It has been a life saver more than I can count.

  • mastermind26

    Simple. Turn-by-turn navi. from Google.

  • bduran727

    I'm thankful for the Android Market because it contains great apps that I can use to communicate with family.

  • Angel Santiago

    This would be a great gift for my brother! He's been wanting a 4G phone.

  • Kevin Mulliger

    Being open source. We are the innovators, the inventors, we push the envelope, and in the end, we all win.

  • Phooky

    Integration and immediate cloud syncing with all of Google's services. I love that i can start writing an email from my desk, then finishing it up on my phone!

  • Ryan

    Every time I get a new phone, I just log in to my account and all my contacts and calender events are on it!

  • Jerome Findley

    I am thankfull for my android because with out it i wouldnt be able to check email on the go or keep in touch with my employees i will cherish this OS and recommend to anyone looking for a phone

  • Will

    Being able to share photos of my daughter with relatives out of the county quickly and easily, meaning I do it a lot more often lol

  • Lamdroid


  • http://meteorcreations.weebly.com Angel Hernandez

    The thing that I'm most thankful for on Android is the level of customization that you have on a device so small. I see Android as a blank canvas to express myself.

  • GergS

    No walled garden to keep my machine down.

  • Danny Douglas

    Browse, browse and browse again while traveling or sitting still.

  • Joshua Wise

    I am thankful that my device gives me the ability to be anywhere, and still access the web when I need it, be it for school, work, or personal. All from a device that fits in my pocket.

  • Jaime P

    Customization!!!.... I can create a new phone every month if I want to; with a new launcher, ROM, or theme . That openness keeps my phone fresh and extends its useful life.

  • George C

    Im thankful for the sheer customizability of our phones and the ability to make them our own just with apps on the market, even without root access.

  • Mike

    Thankful for root access, it's MY phone.

  • brinox

    I have so much going on at any given time of the day that I whole-heartedly rely on CM7.1's implementation of notifications. being able to flick away certain ones and keep others to go back to later on is invaluable for me in my employment.

    I guess it really boils down to Android's notification system in general. Too bad Google didn't patent that ::stares in Cupertino's general direction::

  • http://yggdrasil.net Joe Ewbank

    Customizability - right down to being able to run other ROMs such as CM if I so wish.

  • Jimmy Diaz

    Speed! That's the one thing I'm thankful for with my Android. There are too many smartphones out there that are just plain retarded. LOL I do A LOT of mutilated tasking on my phone so I need my phone to keep up with me.

  • Travis

    Im thankful for freedom in the sense that I can make it what I want!

  • Ian Fong

    The one thing about my Android smartphone that I am thankful for is my HTC sensation camera. I love taking photos and this is the perfect phone to do that with

  • Adeeb

    thankful that Google can bring it's web services to the palm of my hand!

  • Larry Roberts

    Calendar. Don't have to carry a separate calendar or PDA anymore!

  • Helen

    Everything. I was approaching the Batman Utility belt look before I got my first Android phone, now, all that stuff is one device, in my pocket. (well, except my leatherman, because they haven't combined phones with pliers, screwdrivers, and pocket knives yet.)

  • Matthew

    Im happy that it can make phone calls. Without this core ability my android phone would just be a nifty little toy and not something that I felt I had to carry around with me all the time. Hell I wouldn't even call it an android phone

  • http://www.lionfishapps.com Nick Ver Voort

    I'm thankful that Android lets me change so many little things to my liking

  • Chris

    Easy to root, customize, and do anything I want, anyway I want.

  • chris

    I am thankful for all the great devs who spend their free time making phones better that carriers no longer support( fascinate) My phone would not be the same without the developers.

  • Ardiac

    Thankful for the great drop-down multitasking so I can check my notifications without missing a beat on Pandora!

  • killinem313


  • tyler

    Well Ill start by saying Ive always been the type of perskn that liked to tweak things. From swapping out car parts to overclocking my old 486DX(first pc). Well that has never stopped and when android hit the scene it was a match made in heaven! Its open... what more could you ask for! I get to pull my system, modify it as I see fit, then push it back to see my handy work... Im thankful for the openess of Android!

  • Kurt larson

    Open platform

  • Scott

    I am most thankful for all the customizable features my Android can do whether it is rooted or not!

  • Jesse


  • Andrew

    What i am most thankful for is that my current and first android phone "HTC EVO 4G on Sprint" is that i am able to customize it anyway i want, able to choose what apps and widgets i want, custom wallpaper, theme, rom, the ability to what i want with it, not having to buy additional products to enhance the android experience. the fact that i have had my phone for over a year and i am currently running the latest version of android and will soon be running ICS on a phone that they said will never be able to run it. But most of all that i have the freedom to do what i want with my phone.

  • HitmanDreams

    The biggest thing I'm thankful for with Android is it's openness, which allows me to use my device however I want!

  • N1-n-Done

    I'm thankful for Google Music letting me take my entire music collection with me where ever I may go.

  • Jamie F

    I am thankful that my Android device has allowed me to communicate with my wife multiple ways during the difficult time after our miscarriage.

  • JayMonster

    I am thankful that it can be tailored to fit the way I work and do things as opposed to other devices that want me to adjust to how they think I am supposed to do things.

  • Taylor

    I am thankful that Google doesn't limit what Android can do! It's amazing to see where Android has come from and where it is going! Open source is where it's at!

  • Chris Lashley

    Rootable, customizable, and sexy.

  • Daryl Patino

    I LOVE the syncing with google. New phone? No importing required.

  • Robert Walters

    It is not an iPhone!

  • Oleg

    Wi fi calling future on my Mytouch 4g and open wifi hotspot.

  • http://sosquad.net/ Matt S

    Im thankful for an open source OS with an amazing dev community!

  • Josh Fokis

    I am thankful that it backs up to the cloud and being rooted unlike my wife's iphone. She lost everything pictures and contacts when she updated the software to ios5.

  • http://zerp.ly/blairward Blair W.

    I am thankful for the integration and collaboration of all Google services in the palm of my hand. From Contacts to Calendars, Gmail to G+, favorite places on Maps to instant upload photos, Documents, Books and now Music - all the services from Google that I used to run to my life, converge, sync and function on a device that fits in my pocket.

  • bigjay517

    I am thankful for the fact that my Android Phone keeps all of my information with me. It allows me to access my documents and anything else I could ever need on the go.

  • Elvis

    The fact that it's not iOS :)

  • Nick

    If I had to just pick one...
    Swype keyboard, because it makes all my phone activities so much quicker :)

  • Ryan B

    Custom operating systems

  • http://www.kickinglettuce.com Eddie R

    It's not an iPhone.

  • Josh S.

    The ability to root my phone.

  • Tyler Shultz

    Well I'll start by saying I've always been the type to tweak things... From cars to my first 486DX(pc for those that don't know, lol).. When Android hit the scene it was perfect for my mobile experience. I get to pull what I want, make my changes, then push back to the phone to see my handy work! I'm most thankful for The android open experience!

  • Tim

    The number one thing I'm thankful for on my Android device would have to be the simplicity and customization of everything such as: widgets, custom roms, shortcuts, basically everything you can't do with an iphone. :)

  • http://Www.drizzdesign.com Adrian O.

    I'm thankful for the fast procesor and Square App. I can take my business with me everywhere!!!

  • Ryan B

    Custom operating systems.

  • John Musselwhite

    Google Maps and Navigation, without which I might still be lost!!

  • Matt

    My android changed my life. It helped me lose weight, get organized, keep motivated, and stay connected. I'm more thankful for this device than any other I've purchased

  • http://facebook.com/bubbayerbs Logan Y.

    I'm thankful for my rooted droid x. I love cyanogen mod.

  • Bryan

    I am thankful for the fact Android lets me do anything I want on my phone. I can customize my device (MY DEVICE) the way I want. Hurray for custom kernels, ROM's!

  • http://none Russ Luce

    Im thankful for the apps!

  • Nick Corvus

    Instant Communications anywhere: From email to gtalk to texting to..Heaven Forfend..a phone conversation, it's far more than just a phone. It's a mobile communications hub.

  • Gabe Stover

    I'm thankful that there are devs for my Epic 4g that actually make the keyboard usable without dropping half the keys I type :D And then there's all that nifty synchronization between my tablet, phone, and computer. All my info everywhere!

  • goose

    my awesome locked bootloader...

  • Telanis


  • Humberto

    just having options, to do whatever i want! different keyboard, themes, devices , hardware. whatever i want :)

  • Jack Paleczny

    Live Bus and T schedules via catchthebus app

  • eric

    I'm thanful that my android device, is...well an android device. DROOOOIIIIIID

  • Tim

    I am thankful for being able to easily unlock my bootloader.....on my Xoom :)

  • Doan

    I am thankful for unrestricted unlimited porn available to me in 99% of the country.

  • Matt

    I'm thankful for its customization!

  • jayson jessop

    I am thankful that my android has an sd card that I plan to fill with pictures of my 1 year old daughter on her first Thanksgiving with the family and make Christmas Ecards with to send to those who can't make it home for the holidays.

  • Dlux

    I am thankful that it is customizable the way I like it thus making me truly love my phone.

  • Bailey Sandlin

    Netflix....I am addicted and with android I can take use drug whenever I need it....Also compared to apple CUSTOMIZATION

  • MaxKobi

    I am thankful for all the Dev's that keep my Dinc up to speed! i know nexus one owners feel the same way (Lets go 4.0!)! This was my first smart phone and i picked it over a BB i wanted for a while because i wanted to take a chance with new open source ideas! ill never turn back. thank you Google for this opportunity! and thanks Androidpolice for keeping me in the know ;)

  • Errol McCall

    The Number one thing I am thankful for on android is customization. The ability to make the phone mine by making it look and do exactly how I want. I hate having the same thing as someone else. its like when girls where the same dress to the prom lol.

  • http://jacobgomez.com Jacob Gomez

    The number one thing I am most thankful for is integration with Google services. I couldn't live without Gmail on Android. I also heavily use GPS and Google Maps Navigation.

  • mikeymop

    GPS navigation has saved me so many times. I'm been lost countless times, late at night. And my trusty Android has guided me to safe every single time.

  • eric

    I'm thanful that my android device, is...well an android device! No need to explain further

  • chris boyer

    I'm thankful for the open source so we can do anything. Not like the Nazi Apple people. Go android.

  • AshR

    The number one thing about my Android device that I'm thankful for is that --- it is an ANDROID device!! Everything is a sub-set of it.

  • notalion

    Im thankful for being able to use wifi for phone calls, because cell reception still sucks where i live..

  • Randy C

    Google Maps. I just moved to San Francisco and this app is heaven-sent!

  • Nick

    It reminds me that you can have a great phone and be free to do whatever to it.

    I'm also extremely thankful for the devs who allow me to run the very latest GB version on a phone that is not natively an android phone, the almighty HD2.

  • Jason

    I am thankful for Android itself. In my opinion it is so much better than ios. I almost every aspect. It gives you choices. for everything from size, to launcher what you want to show on each screen, and all the devs in the Android community that have created so much.

  • http://twitter.com/tylerg2002 Tyler G.

    I'm thankful for an amazing development community who bring custom ROMs, tweaks, kernals and software hacks to my phone, allowing me to make it do anything and everything I need.

  • wesley

    That I can download music for free who needs a pc when I have my trusty android!