Last Updated: August 2nd, 2012

One of the biggest questions about Minecraft: Pocket Edition since its release on the Android Market has been whether the game will be updated to include survival mode. For those not aware, Minecraft: Pocket Edition currently only supports build mode, a zen-like manner of play in which the user can freely build structures using a variety of materials and tools. Survival mode adds interest, surrounding you and your structures with monsters and animals.

At MineCon 2011, it was confirmed that Mojang (the maker of Minecraft) has plans to add survival mode to Pocket Edition, though the exact timing of the update is yet unknown.

Logically, it would follow that Mojang also has plans to add crafting abilities, so users can defend themselves against animals and monsters alike. It looks like these aren't the only changes slated for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. If Pocket Edition follows the trajectory of the PC version, we can expect quite a few awesome updates, including the new food/XP system and a handful of other features.  While these changes sound exciting, we have no idea when they'll be coming to your device, so sit tight. In the meantime we'll be here to cover any developments.

via Droid Gamers

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  • TA

    How about just let us use the normal, non-Android Minecraft through our phones? Connect to servers, play with people on computers?

    • Zac

      Don't think phones are capable of rendering such a large environment. Kal-El, maybe.

      • Sakuja

        I'm pretty sure that my sgs2 is better than my laptop im playing minecraft on..

  • Alex

    Awesome! Galaxy Nexus+Minecraft Survival+Controller Input

  • Pawnty

    I love how the Gamespot guy asks about exclusive MINECRAFT content for the Xperia Play and then the Xperia guy goes on and on about Fifa 12 XD FREE ADVERTISING!

  • Niall

    the people playing it in the video do it no justice at all

  • David

    This game lacks what every other strategy game has. I don't understand the hype of minecraft. It's boring.

    • Bryant

      Minecraft is not a 'strategy game.' It is a first person survival game. You may use strategies. But until you actually learn something before spouting from your mouth, shut the f**k up.

      • Tyler Brainerd

        It's not even that. It's a sandbox game with some survival aspects.

      • David

        I love people like you. All tough and shit behind a computer screen. Sorry I rubbed your vagina the wrong way.

        Whatever the game is, its a game with a lot of strategy elements. I've actually put probably 15—20 hours into this game to draw up a personal opinion of the game and that it's overrated, in my shitty, humble opinion.

        • Jeff

          Go hide in a cave Troll.

      • Andy

        Damn someones on there period

  • http://shitnigga.com Shatbyatchnyegga

    Minecraft is good! Only uncreative losers disagree.

  • Trolololol

    And people who like to make giant penises

  • Misty

    Um. I like big penises. I like minecraft. WHY ARE THEY MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE?!

  • me

    they keep talking about how great the controls are on the xperia play because of the "fantastic" gaming controls, but the ppl playing look uncomfortable and awkward. the controls on the iOS are much more seamless and fun!

    • Me2

      It can be played either way on the Play, and I always use the controller, it's way more practical and much easier.

    • Jerry

      what controls? oh the touch screen "controls" that you rub your greasy fingers on? typical iphone snob, you get used to the xperia play's within a couple of days in use. i take over REAL buttons over virtual "buttons" any day. xperia play is perfect! in the end iphone is a phone, at least sony attempted to make a phone for gamers and it works!

  • Will

    I hope that it comes to the ps3, a think that would be great, why make it exclusive, make it open to all platforms, with gaming over different platforms, that would satisfy so many people and bring in a crap load of customers. well a lot more, they already have over 17 mil.

  • Jacob

    Is pocket edition going to let you make your own servers??? Well honestly I like the PC version more than pocket edition I feel PC i better because its easier to control and on the PC version is already done.....

  • http://youtube.com Miner

    Wow, shut up you incest, malicious freaks. Minecraft on IPhone beats your shitty Xperia nonsense any day! That Xperia play crap is just a cheap knockoff of a children's Nintendo DS. It's called life. Get one.

    • kapow

      So you are telling me you rather take touch controls over physical buttons?

      • kapow

        Also...Iphones are incredibly mainstream, you can compare it to justin beiber, just because a ton of people like something doesn't mean that it is any good.