While we've taken a look at a couple of different portable chargers in the past, none have been as powerful as the 11,000mAh packing iCruiser from Trent. This thing is an absolute beast of a charger, sporting enough juice to refuel the typical smartphone over six times!

The iCruiser (ignore the iMoniker, please) is compatible with basically any device you can throw at it - everything from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to nearly any Android phone, Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP, this thing can handle them all.

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This device retails for around $80, so, at nearly $30 off, this is an excellent deal, not to mention a great gift for the juice hog of the family. Hit the link below to buy!

Trent iCruiser from Amazon for $52

[via FatWallet]

Cameron Summerson
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  • David

    Ships to Europe? Anyone knows?

  • Michael S. Kennedy

    Any chance of AndroidPolice doing a review of this?

  • Dan

    If anybody can find anyplace online that tells how much charging current this thing can deliver, please post the link. An 11,000mAh battery will be worthless for the Droid X if it can only deliver a 400 mA charging current. The New Trent web site is oddly silent about that stat (or I'm too blind to find it). I already have a 4,000 mAh battery that works great for everything else, but the DX won't admit that it's even connected.

  • http://n/a ABN6176

    I have the New Trent IMP99D 9900mAh that puts out 5v/2A for any of my tablets and/or 5v/1A for my smaller stuff, as this particular model has 2 USB outlets. This IMP1000 11000mAh has only 1 USB outlet rated at 5v/2A. Great external battery/charger for on the go or in the field!