Last Updated: November 29th, 2011

Amazon Wireless, one of our favorite online mobile retailers, launched its Black Friday promotions a little early this year, and boy are they good!

Did I say good? I meant absolutely incredible (though, unfortunately, only for new customers): every single phone at Amazon Wireless sold by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint is going for just 1 penny.

Yup, even such $299 monsters as the HTC Rezound 4G and the DROID RAZR, along with the Galaxy S II variants (including the Skyrocket) are all priced down to a cent above free.

97 phones in total are participating in this Penny Pincher promotion, which is scheduled to go through Cyber Monday (November 28th), giving you ample time to pick up the best cell phone deals of the year. And here we thought the $111.11 RAZR deal was good only a couple of weeks ago...

image image image

Droid RAZR, Epic 4G Touch, Rezound 4G

image image image

Galaxy S II Skyrocket, EVO 3D, Atrix 2

and the list goes on...

To make the deals even sweeter, Amazon Wireless is combining the sale with the $100 Amazon Gift Card promo that we saw last week - all you have to do is activate a mobile hotspot data plan during your purchase.

This sale is going to really give every mobile retailer out there a run for their money this holiday season. Are you watching this, Best Buy? Because, folks, that is how you throw a proper Black Friday sale.

Amazon Wireless "Penny Pincher" Black Friday sale

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  • VistaPOWA

    Yet here I am, having to pay $400 for a Samsung Galaxy S (no, not the S II) with a 2 year contract. Sucks to be in Hungary in terms of smartphones.

    • Alberto

      oh... i think that those things only happened in Mexico jaja i also payed about $450 ($5,500 mexican pesos) for my samsung galaxy s i9000t with such a really bad plan, but i really wanted that phone jaja

  • Amir Khan

    What profit does Amazon get if they sell such costly phones at 1 penny? Since I am in India and I havent purchased a phone yet, can anyone explain whether I can buy this phone at 1Penny (Shocked) or are there any contracts that are binding it? or any data plans etc etc.

    Thanks for the help if any :)

    • siddardha

      Of course,there is a contract.

    • Tee

      $400 at once, or little by little during a 2-year (or even longer) contract. Think again... :-)

  • Sarfraz

    too bad it is only for new activation...

    • George C

      yup, stil 229.99 for a rezound.

  • Marshall

    How much is sprints ETF? I may have to jump ship during this deal.

  • Matt

    What if you have Verizon already but your contract is up? Can you get this deal to sign a new contract & keep your number?

    • Bob

      No it's only for new line activations.

    • jm

      If you were using Google Voice, this wouldn't be a problem. ;)

  • taylordd

    I'm sure this is the reason that those assclowns at Verizon haven't released the Nexus yet.

    perhaps it'll make it into the lineup before the 28th...?

  • JL44516

    what about if you have an individual plan now but want to add a line and create a family plan? would that constitute the price of $.01?

    • Patrick


  • DJ-Anakin

    What about a non-data phone to a smartphone with new data package on VZW? I'm guessing no.

  • Jeff Hamstra

    So, my contract is up. I can't get this deal if i renew?

  • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

    Quote I saw on a forum today:

    "Napster is the new retail."

  • ganDROID

    Has anyone read any disclaimers mentioning that these phones being sold for a penny might be Refurbished devices? Please let me know if anyone has come across similar information about these devices...its just too good to be true and i feel there could be some catch here...i wish i am wrong though..

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      These are absolutely not refurbished. They are brand new phones.

      The catch is you still have to sign a new 2-year contract, but that's pretty much always the case to get a good deal.

      Welcome to Black Friday :)

  • Frank Reilly

    Man. They are too overloaded. I cant checkout.

    • jme621

      same here, they better not run out of s2's lol

  • AND

    So, If I'm not from USA I can't really get benefit from that offert ? That's very very sad :(

  • bill

    There is a catch in the monthly billing - you pay more, when you buy from Amazon, every month!
    The least we expect from blogs like this is expose these below-the-belt tactics used by amazons of the world!
    Come on guys hold your pens little tight!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      What are you talking about? You don't pay more just because you buy from Amazon, or Wirefly, or whoever. Care to back up your claims?

    • Jer85008

      You are wrong, I've purchased several phones from Amazon and no difference in price. Your service price is set by the carrier, nothing to do with where you purchased the phone. Remember, the carriers sell phones at a heavy discount to get your monthly service charges for two years. I don't think they care where the phone comes from.

  • http://android-zone.org BogdanSNB

    I cant checkout

  • VoodooXTC

    I did it! I basically got a phone upgrade for $90.01!

    I bought the a Samsung Galaxy SII for $0.01 with a new contract.

    Called Sprint and cancelled my current Evo 4G line (which will go into effect until the beginning on next month so i wont be left Phoneless). The early cancellation fee of $90 for a little less than a year left in my contract.

    By the time I get home today I would have my new phone and as soon as my other line gets cancelled I call sprint to get my old number back.

    Woot! WOOT! The way i like to look at it is that I got an early upgrade for $90 :D
    You know, minus the hours wasted of my life with sprint's customer service...

  • Sorin

    but you still pay at least an extra $10 +taxes a month on your contract, for two years. that's a total of $240. some phones, that don't have a dual-core processor, i don't think it worth. for the newer one i guess it does.

  • blackroseMD1

    I jumped all over this a couple days ago. My Epic 4G Touch should be coming in today, if this carrier I've never heard of (OnTrac) is actually reliable. Damn good deal, and now I can pass on my Evo 3D.

  • http://www.sndplace.com SNDplace

    Once you get your phone on Amazon look me up on there for a case :) lol I'll have them on sale...

  • nsnsmj

    ?I wish this was for eligible upgraders too. Oh well.

  • Jer85008

    Upgraded to an HTC Rezound for a penny! Had to add a line to my family account, but was going to do that anyway. In fact, I used my upgrade discount on my line and ended up getting two phones yesterday for about $14 worth of taxes. Black Friday goodness!