A new device being rooted may raise few eyebrows nowadays, but for those of you looking for a nice cheap little tablet, the Nook Tablet has taken the first step to becoming yet another hobbyist's favorite. Given the enormous popularity of the Nook Color before it, this bodes well for the future of the Nook Tablet. However, with the release of the $200 Amazon Kindle Fire, no longer is the $250 Nook Tablet alone in American cheap-tablet market, so this development may well help to convince would-be buyers. Over at XDA-Developers, poster Indirect has tested the proven zergRush method on their own Nook Tablet, as well as created a batch file for Windows users to help automate the process.

The method is simple enough, and Indirect has written a step-by-step guide and provided links to all the files required. All this, as well as the usual Q&A that ensues, can be found at the source link.

Thanks for the tip, Indirect!

Source: XDA-Developers

Brian O'Toole
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  • Indirect

    Happy to let the police know what goes on in the neighborhood. :)

  • Jjd

    While it has been rooted, I believe the boot loader is still locked, using a cryptographic signature. This means that while you can do anything you want on the filesystem with your superuser powers, you cannot cause the device to boot non-Barnes & Noble kernels. This would preclude booting from SD card or installing something like Cyanogenmod.

    Hopefully it will just be a matter of time before someone figures out a way around this.

    It's a shame that Barnes & Noble seeing the popularity of the Nook Color with hobbyists would go out of their way to keep the Nook Tablet from being used in the same way.

  • fattire

    Yeah. "rooted" meaning you can easily get root privileges via and run your own apps, the market, etc. No biggie, and we've all known this for a few days.

    But the bootloader (mlo+uboot) and kernel are signed.

    There are theoretical ways around it (eg, inject a custom module to boot into a 2nd kernel), but it's not just going to "continue where its predecessor left off" without some work.

    Everyone's view on this may change, but as of now, no cm devs that I know of want to bother with a DRM-encumbered tablet when there are other options.

    • Steve


      Its sad to see B&N take this approach. I got a Nook Color because of the freedom to load whatever I want.

      Looks like I have no interest in the Tablet now. I'll make sure to tell my family this Christmas to get a Fire instead.

  • fattire

    whoops, "via zergRush" is what I mean to say...