Last Updated: November 26th, 2011

This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see How Many Apps/Games Do You Have Installed (Excluding Pre-Installed)?

Google debuted its official music store this week, and it's clear that the company has made a serious effort to bring to market a product that is geared towards consumers and artists alike. But can it crack a market that's already well-saturated (not to mention lead by the juggernaut that is iTunes)? Let's take a quick look at some of our post-launch coverage of the service:

  • Google Music is now out of beta. Contrary to what was initially planned, the cloud music service will remain free up to 20,000 songs. Other highlights include a full MP3 store with an emphasis on making things social (via Google+, of course) and a strong focus on being artist (especially indie) friendly.
  • The Google Music app saw an update to match, and is now version 4.0.9. Much like the 4.0.1 release we leaked in early October, the most notable change in the new version of the app is a UI overhaul.
  • The app and store aren't the only aspect of the GMusic to see a visual upgrade - the company also created an absolutely stunning website tour.

Now that we've rehashed the details, what do you think? The service undeniably has potential, but is it enough to steal people away from other services? David gave us his take earlier this week and makes some valid points, but do you agree? Sound off in the poll below, and head down to the comments to discuss.

Google Music Is Here, But Will You Use It?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • cooperaaaron

    I can't use it, my 2.2 phone is lacking a key piece of software that Google says my phone does not have...

  • http://twitter.com/chrismartinez Obey

    I'd rather use Amazon MP3 where I get better deals - not only cheap prices but credits when I buy a cd album or vinyl (which I greatly prefer). For instance, this week I bought two albums for $13. One cd and mp3 album that were released this week. edit: I do use Google Music for streaming though - don't really care for Amazon's Cloud Player.

  • brad

    I would if it was fully available in Canada...

    • Felix Maynard

      And the uk

      • level380

        and australia

        • RajivK

          and europe

          Although the streaming service works just fine if you sign up through a us proxy. No music store though...

      • Evan

        Ditto, Need to add an option for all of those outside the U.S. to your poll. I would use it if it was available.

        • RajivK

          How about an "It's not available but I'm using it anyway! HAH!" option?

    • http://www.google.com Andy (AndroidSanFran)

      Here here.... c'mon... we NEED Google Music and Google Voice for the UK.... dont leave us behind Google... :(

      • level380

        and australia... we need google voice, google music, google videos as well, dont get me started on hulu or netflix!!

  • mike

    I already use it for streaming music because my library is physically on my laptop but I primarily use my desktop and don't want to have transfer hundreds of songs to it

  • Dennis F. Heffernan

    I'm already using Google Music as my main music source. I am still using itunes for things not available yet on Google. I'm rooting for Google to take the lead in the market.

  • http://obscureoldgames.com Gareth Choake

    No "I'm a poor pleb who lives outside the USA" option?

  • http://www.thenolands.com chris Noland

    GM needs the ability to sync music with external devices and not just upload it to the cloud. the upload tool they have needs to be dual direction. I like amazon as I can easily share with other devices as the files are standard mp3. What we don't need is another service like itunes that locks your files to a format / device.

    • Jay W.

      Music Manager is dual direction...

    • RajivK

      wow... maybe try something first and then form an opinion? GM has the ability to sync music with external devices, the upload tool they have is dual direction and all the files are standard 320k mp3's. What you don't get is another service like iTunes that locks your files to a specific format / device.

  • machtwerk

    Meh, gonna take years till it's available on Germany :\

    • RajivK

      You can already sign up for the streaming music service. No music store though, but you can upload 20.000 of your own songs for free.

      Use a (web) proxy when signing up, when you got your account it won't be a problem anymore and you'll be able to use it on android too without problems.

  • James

    I'll really only use it for the free songs and exclusive content T-Mobile customers get.

    I'm actually afraid to even try and purchase a song, not sure how the whole "T-Mobile can charge you on your phone bill" idea works. But so far its worked fine for free songs!

    • ZRod

      Well it's like this: You hit the pay button and the charge shows on your phone bill as a Google charge.

  • Egnimatic

    As soon as I can use my desktop again, I plan on uploading my music (once it's properly organized) and I've been looking for a way to support good music by purchasing it.

    So I think google Music will actually be productive for me.

  • Scott

    How about "I would use it if it were available in my country." as an option?

  • http://butlerpc.net Michael Butler

    I've been loving Amazon MP3 and their cloud player (though it's been buggy sometimes) but I think Google can make better software. If Google Music store can increase their selection of music for purchase I will definitely switch. I love how it's easy to set certain music to offline mode -- can't do that easily with cloud player.

  • Dan

    Depending on how I feel at any given moment, I will use GMusic, Spotify, Amazon, TuneIn, 8tracks, We Are Hunted, Grooveshark or Slacker. Each one has a slightly different purpose in my life.

    • David

      Geesh. Why make things complicated?

  • http://genesischess.com/ Micah

    Where's the option: I would use it if it had more features and constantly couldn't play tracks due to errors.

  • Todd

    I already started using it. Purchased a few albums and songs, wrote some reviews. I do like the Amazon store as well, but their music player online has been more to my taste.

  • Droidaholic

    When artists start putting their own stuff up through Artist Hubs, you will get better pricing...maybe even some free stuff. https://market.android.com/details?id=album-Bssh3a5dkdygdqllaula46ygwce&feature=artist-albums#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDYwMiwiYWxidW0tQnNzaDNhNWRrZHlnZHFsbGF1bGE0Nnlnd2NlIl0.

    • level380

      artists that are signed to a label won't be able to list there own music....... sadly :(

  • renze

    I can't vote, since I'm not in the very limited group who have access to Google Music. When will it be available in the rest of the world?

    • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

      When Google thinks you've been a good little slave and finally deserve their services.

  • http://jonathanl.am Jonathan

    I've been using Music Beta and will continue to do so. I may make purchases if the prices are right, but a cursory survey of the selection showed that the album prices are probably too high for me to make many purchases. I mostly make purchases from a combination of eMusic and Amazon MP3 right now, and I don't see that changing significantly.

  • sheryl

    I love Amazon and haven't had any problem with their cloud player. I have a huge music collection and google can't store it all so I upload what I can to amazon as I can.

  • GraveUypo

    no. i don't use this kind of service. i dont like having my music tied to something, i'd rather buy discs and rip them.

  • Elijah Lynn

    I am already using it should be an option. I am loving it and am using it as my primary now! I have already purchased a Daft Punk album and a single. I love the offline feature although it could be more user friendly. I also would like to be able to download music I have upload. I think that will happen with Google's data liberation front team. Its only gonna get better and its already pretty awesome!

  • Erik I Graul

    Been using it!!! On My computer, phone, now Google TV, and some day on a tablet... :)

  • http://mobro.co/TeamMustachio MetalMessiah78

    I would use Google Music as my primary music store if I purchased mp3's, but I don't, and I don't see myself starting now. I guess it's because I'm older and prefer to have the physical cd and rip it myself. It's just very hard for me to justify paying so much for files when I could have a physical copy for a couple of dollars more, along with cover art, lyrics, liner notes, etc, but I'm someone that actually cares about that stuff, and I know most people don't. I do use it religiously though to stream my music, and I have been using it since it was in beta. I love that aspect of it, and would have gladly paid for it, but I don't mind that's free. :-)

  • lrm537

    Would love to use it. But we still ain't got it here in the UK. sux

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    If Google (or anyone else) comes up with a store where I can buy music in lossless format (DRM free) I'd buy quite a lot of it. As it is I don't want to buy lossy music because I know that at some point MP3 will no longer be the de facto music format

  • Andrew – Des Moines

    The Amazon app works perfectly for me, so I will not use the Google music service. The big deal that everyone is missing is this: Google Music -- along with ICS -- is bringing for the first time the smooth, complete vanilla Android experience the OS has been missing since its inception. Google Music is not intended to overtake other services or bring the next great Google innovation to bear, it exists to complete the Google experience for the uninitiated. iOS will have nothing on Android now.

  • Evan

    I already was using GMusic it just got better for me ;) the only real spot i have music at besides GMusic is my external hard drive cause I use my phone as my mp3 player nowadays

  • lolroflqwerty

    Unfortunately, most of the music I like isn't on the store yet, so I will only use it for streaming and maybe buying certain things. Until it gets more labels on board, anyway.

  • Rob

    I have been using it since beta and will keep using it. Hopefully they will get a bigger assortment of music and better pricing.

  • Charles

    I love it been using Google music for 2 months now. Love the new update to the market and music app.

  • Brian

    I am using it that's for sure. I LOVE having everything in 1 place. Plus their music app is great!

  • Ernie g.

    Will not work on my og galaxy tab 2.2 overcome rom.

  • Jeremy

    I use Rhapsody and Pandora. I have my personal library on Google music but buy mp3 on Amazon if it's not available on Rhapsody. Amazon is DRM free and I can upload to google better streaming servers.

  • JH

    Google Music isn't available in Europe, so I can't use it.
    (also, that option isn't in the poll)

    • JH

      Thanks to Engadget, now I have Google Music outside of the US - well only the streaming part and not the store part, which is fine by me.
      (With Google Music I can now do without Audiogalaxy, which I have been using so far)

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    Not in the UK.

    Not gapless (even with local files and no streaming), so I wouldn't use it even if it was in the UK.

  • markdj

    Thanks to engadget for their latest post about how to get google music working outside the usa...

    I have now uploaded entire library. Streaming is awesome.

    7digital still has the edge as they sell flac files but it always comes down to price and convenience. Most times I can still buy a cd cheaper than mp3 or flac.

    Where are the bargain bin albums in mp3 as the price always seems to be high.

  • http://android-zone.org BogdanSNB

    I may use it occasionally, but not as my primary.

  • SK

    Amazon MP3 store still has better prices than Google. Google needs to be competitive/comparable in price before I will use it.

    Till then Amazon is primary and Google is secondary.

  • Meder

    I won't. I'm one of those filthy europeans. We're not entitled to have that luxury.

  • Freak4Dell

    I've been using the streaming service for a while now, and I'll continue to do so. I don't see myself buying very many songs from Google Music, though.

  • j

    Its just not for me. I have about 18k tracks in my library, keep them on a nas that runs twonky server. The way Amazon mp3 works is more amenable to the way I consume music. Amazon mp3, when you download an album, puts the tracks in a very semantic location and they are well tagged. Makes it easy for me to move them using a file manger to an smb share on my nas. Google music automatically makes them available on the cloud. Then you have to go digging for the 'make available locally' feature. Once it syncs them down they are not named semantically or even tagged! Useless for moving them anywhere else. I have too many devices, apple pcs, windows pcs, xbox, ps3, etc. that my wife and I use to go thorough that to get the tracks onto my nas to make them easy to access for all. Amazon mp3 is s much better solution for me all around.

  • HeavyD

    I will use when it will be available in Romania

  • Fred

    I'm using it in Canada and like it. The only thing missing (and this is a major point) is that I have not been able to move the storage location from the internal memory to an installed Micro SD. Come on Google people choose Android for many reasons, but one of those is the ability to pop in Micro SD cards to expand the storage limits of a base device. Making a program that ties us into the limits of the internal memory is something that Apple does.

  • Michael

    No good until Lossless is supported. There should be a paid storage option for Lossless lovers.

  • Damodara das

    You guys should close polls after a certain time... I was able to vote on a 3 year old poll just now...