Last Updated: April 26th, 2012

An update to the Android Market bringing it up to version 3.3.12 surfaced late Friday night. This version seems to be an incremental update to the previously available 3.3.11 - in fact, we're not really sure what exactly changed between the two. A cursory run through all the menus didn't yield any obvious additions, although these improvements could be all under-the-hood.

My initial thought was it's somehow related to the Music announcement, but since the Music tab started showing up without any Market updates in 3.3.11, it must be something else. The only hint on the entire Internet comes from T-Mobile which insists you will need 3.3.12 in order to see the free songs every week, but I am skeptical.

Whatever the case may be, download away and don't fret - the apk is signed by Google and is absolutely safe to apply.

Download Android Market 3.3.12

  1. Multiupload mirror
  2. Minus mirror

If you spot something new, give us a shout in the comments.

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Artem Russakovskii
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  • Nino64

    Well I'm going to try it thank

    • almusaddik khan

      Well I'm going to try it thanks

  • Tyler C

    Got it installed, dont see anything different either. Must be a very minor change under the hood.

  • http://genesischess.com/ Micah

    I don't see the T-Mobile section, and I'm on T-Mobile running a sensation.

    • Jesus

      Me too about the sensation but u have to go to the markets main page and click on someone's album and once it takes u to their songs just click the orange market on the top left

  • jimmy

    This is the version that came on my GNex in the UK

  • Eggcake

    I want the old market back :( The new one is so laggy und choppy on my HTC Desire, it's pretty annoying...

  • azrash

    go to settings>application>manage application

    find Market, click uninstall updates. you can freeze Market Updater with Titanium Backup to prevent the market from updating again

  • Annika

    Know that there should be something special to people using "Telenor"
    http://www.telenor.dk/om_telenor/presse/arkiv/2011/4kvartal/Google-og-telenor.aspx (in danish)...

    Could it be something about that?

  • Samcobra

    Any news as to how this market works on Honeycomb tablets like the Galaxy 10.1?

  • Dimitry

    One of the things it now asks for is the permission to use NFC...

  • Mitchell

    I don't receive an email receipt when downloading a free song after the update

  • Shmoopty

    I see a bugfix.

    With 3.3.11 (and other newer versions of Android Market) the "My Apps" section wasn't showing *all* the apps that I had installed from Market. Only most. I think it would get confused after a ROM update.

    Now 3.3.12 is showing all my installed apps. I noticed right away because several of the apps it rediscovered have updates that I didn't know about before.

    • DBoechat

      This can be fixed if you clear the Market data. I ALWAYS have to do that after installing a new ROM.

  • Oridus

    I've noticed that when I try to download a large application in the new version, it will ask me if I would like to connect to wifi, or use my 3g connection.

  • nerdshowandtell

    this one is working good on my root galaxy tab 10.1's. after installing i removed the v1.x market using titanium finally. Thia version seems to have better looking frontpage images when opening the market than previous versions i tried. The images actually look like they are for the tablet and not just scaled up versions that are made for phone screens..

  • http://android-zone.org BogdanSNB

    This version of market seems to be laggy :(

  • Obed

    I got the old version market and I'm staying with it.! If you want the old one, do a soft or hard reset in your phone...!

    • Barton

      LOL, no thanks, I prefer to just uninstall updates for the Market app. Same effect.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju5WMnB4qwg&feature=share Scott Davis

    When in the music store and going into the sub menu it reads "my music" instead of "my apps" and it takes you to the google music app.

  • Mo

    Not sure if it was there before but I noticed that under settings in the market, there's an option to set a pin to confirm purchases

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's been there for a while now.

  • http://shxh2 shxh2


    • Zaatour36

      LMFAO when i saw it

  • Dark

    I noticed in 3.3.11 that when you start to play a song through the market that the whole market slows to the speed of a slug when navigating. That seems to have been fixed in 3.3.12. Thanks for the update.

  • Gord

    I noticed too that ALL my apps now show as well. Can't comment on music as we don't get it in Canada yet that I know of :( Works good so far on my N1!

  • MacDrunk

    im on mexico and im on market version 3.3.11 and theres no update and no music tab any ideas when it should be release to all markets

    • Maya Russia

      As soon as you regain democracy in you country.

      • whatcha need

        Here, Here!

  • David

    I noticed there is a 'recommended for you' section of the homepage for music.

  • Fanjita

    There's a HUMONGOUS overhaul. You guys may want to take a look at the new Market's Settings.

    • Dark

      Good looking, but that's old news. Those settings were added in the last release (3.3.11).

  • Sean

    .11 would not let me click a free or price button in the music store. I got an error before the confirmation screen on my G2 with CM 7.1 .12 fixed the problem

  • FA

    When I would use my Google Music app (latest version from the Market), I would see the Market icon at the bottom which I assumed would take me to the music store. Before the Market update, this would show "Music" in the header but return to the Market home screen. Now it goes directly into the music section.

    Seems like a legit bug fix considering it was right after the music store release.

  • dylan

    The new features are that it has tablet support unlike 3.3.11

    • David Hewson

      Can confirm this :) it has given me a lovely new Marketplace on my Galaxy Tab 10.1

      • http://any christie

        Would you be willing to send me a step by step to add the Android market on a tablet please

  • jarrod

    I'm still on version 2.3.6 on my sensation. Seems like there has been at least a couple updates since then. I haven't received any updates over the air. Is this typical of other sensation users?

    • Steve

      You have to manually update. Just download the .apk file and run it on your Android phone and itll start updating. No root is required. Not sure why some phones don't auto update the market. My HTC wildfire s doesn't auto update the market either. I had to do it manually which doesn't take very long either way.

  • http://none christie

    I am really basic when it comes to computers I'm trying to download the Android market with no success can someone take me step by step to download it o this tablet.

  • http://none christie

    I am really basic can somone take me step by step to download the android market on tablet please

    • Amber F.

      menu>settings>applications>Check Unknown sources.

      This allows the download for the new market

      Use this website on your phone


      Select Direct Download from Mutiupload

      Once download is complete select it in your notification bar, follow the remaining steps it gives you.

  • jot

    It is good......must update

  • http://andriidmarket Nick

    Nice hope its a good update

  • Emy

    Thanks you thank you very very. Much thank you. Ok. Tha.k you

  • Roland

    I'll try this new version

  • Laurence Beam

    Please tell me where my market went. My phone reset itself two days ago and the market vanised. It was replaced with some lame internet market that my phone wont even interact with.

  • edward

    New market is the best

    • Tess Pratt

      How do you download it?

  • Ma

    My market disapeared and I want to know if I have to download another one. I haven't deleted it it just all of a sudden disappeared

  • http://Anddroidpolice Melvin

    Muy bueno me habilita el market, ya que tengo viewpad 10s y no lo trae habilitado.

  • bob

    I'll try it thanks

  • Raw333ah

    I wanna download it