Here's some info that's sure to excite... well, nearly everyone. According NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsus Huang, Tegra 3 tablets could drop to just $299 after only "a couple of quarters" on the market. In fact, he expects it. Huang didn't really give any insight as to why he thinks this, but the fact that he said it to begin with is pretty promising. Think about it -- quad-core chips and Ice Cream Sandwich for less than three hundred bones.

That's only fifty bucks more than the Nook Tablet, and at least twice the horsepower. Heck - the original Transformer is still going strong at $400 seven months after its release.

Only time will tell if Huang's prophecy is true, but we can all sit back with crossed fingers until that time.

[via Engadget]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tim

    im sure all the vendors are happy he made this statement haha /everyone waits to buy

    • Tyler C

      My thoughts too, I really want an ICS tablet but maybe now I will wait and just focus on getting IPS monitors for xmas

      • Peter

        What's with everyone's sudden obsession with IPS? They've been available for YEARS, long before Apple made them a big deal. I had a Dell Ultrasharp in 2006 that was IPS.

        • RajivK

          They've recently gotten a lot more affordable. And a lot of the performance issues have been largely resolved.

  • Jake

    He made that comment because he knows that Amazon plans to use the Tegra 3 in its 10.1" tablet in 2012. Just like the Kindle Fire was affordably priced, the 10.1 version will be priced lower than the competition.

  • Cru

    It's way past time they made video cards modular for mobile devices.

  • Leron Tonge