Giving new life to a classic board game, EA Games has brought The Game of Life to the Android Market. The game has been given a three-dimensional treatment, taking users through "winding roads and lush environments." In order to maintain the multiplayer nature of the board game, EA has opted for a pass-to-play mechanic, accommodating up to four players on a single device.

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Personally, I find the graphics less than "amazing," but the gameplay looks fun enough for a pass-and-play reimagining of the popular board game. If you're looking for a way to waste a little time with a few friends, The Game of Life will certainly be of help, and it can be yours for $4.99 (or £2.99 for the 'Rest of the World' version).

via Eurodroid

Liam Spradlin
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  • Hal Motley

    Still waiting for Monopoly, Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit to ported to Android. Yeah, you are slow EA!

  • Nick

    I would get this if it were compatible with my Xoom. Too bad...

  • Mark_Venture

    Hal Motley, visit m.eamobile.com via the web browser on your device and see what is there. On my Thunderbolt Monopoly shows up, but Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit do not.

    Nick, m.eamobile.com has had a compatible version of LIFE HD there for some time. It does work fine on my Xoom and TB.

    BUT forget about "updates" if you get something via that web site. everytime I've been back since to check for updates, and I get can't "connect to your provider" and tells me to enable 3G (which is on).. And EA has little or no support that way.

  • Don

    Still waiting for games such as Trivial Pursuit. Why is it taking so long?