How's this for a stupid question? AT&T wants to know if they should carry the Galaxy Nexus.

No really, they aren't sure. They straight-up asked on Google+:


Here's how you can help. You'll need a Google+ account (resistance is futile). Go here, and +1 the 4th comment.

You have now helped. Good job.

Another important thing to know, the GSM build of the Galaxy Nexus uses a penta-band modem, so, if you can unlock it, it will actually work with AT&T and T-Mobile.

If you haven't +1'd yet, what the heck is wrong with you? Go!

via Matt Cutts Google+

Ron Amadeo
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  • lettcco

    I will +1 it so I can buy it outright and use it on tmobile!

    • curious.

      If it's on AT&T, we can use it on T-Mobile? That'd be amazing!

      • lettcco

        yes, it's the first pentaband (both AT&T 3G and Tmobile 3G) will work on Hspa+ version of galaxy nexus.

  • Paul Hildebrandt

    If only Sprint would ask, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one interested. +1'd anyway, out of principle

  • jdm4u

    Lettcco, that's the only reason why I +1'd the post. I want one for T-Mobile.

  • https://plus.google.com/107660694691490689283 toebee97

    That link's a big ol' 404 now.

  • CountRock

    Yup! 404! link dead!

  • J

    I just want to be able to buy the HSPA+ version in the US off-contract. I suppose if AT&T isn't going to modify it and it's still the pentaband unlocked version I'll go for it.

  • New_Guy

    Did they really just ask that question???