Over on the AndroidDevelopers YouTube account, Google has produced a little video about the development of Wind-Up Knight.

It's a short interview with the founders of Robot Invader, the developer behind the game. They talk about what a good idea it was to develop for Android, and go over some of Android's advantages for developers. They reach 100 devices with a single binary, they can update builds in 24 hours, (*ahem* ..Apple) and they're approaching a million users in only 2 weeks.

The video appeared with the Android.com redesign, which has all sorts of great stuff on it. It seems like Google is starting a push for more developers. Hopefully "Android Developer Stories" is a new video series. This is really the first time they've tried to market Android to developers. It's good to see.

Ron Amadeo
Ron loves everything related to technology, design, and Google. He always wants to talk about "the big picture" and what's next for Android, and he's not afraid to get knee-deep in an APK for some details. Expect a good eye for detail, lots of research, and some lamenting about how something isn't designed well enough.
  • Letroy

    Chris was a "developer advocate" at Google until recently. It's no surprise they chose Android as their primary platform :)