Today brings more good news for Google TV owners with the release of the cloud-powered Google Music app. As Jurek Foryciarz, Product Manager of Google TV puts it:

The app syncs with your Google Music account in the cloud, so there is no need to stream from a computer or download songs to the TV. Simply download the Google Music app for Google TV from Android Market, login with your account, and enjoy your entire music library through your HDTV and home theater system.

Google Music for Google TV plays in the background while you enjoy other apps on your Google TV.  You can add a custom soundtrack to slideshows from the Photos app, you can enjoy your favorite tunes while surfing the web, or you can just add some mood music while you peruse the latest news headlines, all from the comfort of your couch.


Google TV has been widely criticized since its launch as being a poorly featured and confusing product.  It is now a far more compelling living room solution thanks to a recent update to bring Android Market access and a greatly improved UI. Yesterday we saw Google Music officially leave beta and become open to everyone in America, and the Google TV team has wasted no time in bringing music service to the platform. My holiday shopping decisions are now that much harder.

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Source: Google TV Blog

Charles Beel
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  • http://thefourthmachine.com Sergio A.M.

    Still waiting to get the update on my Revue ._.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Same. :-/

    • Nick Corvus

      Yep. Maybe when the Revue is updated..."soon".

    • lincthra

      Oh if only I could +1 a reply on here about a million times....

    • Zomby

      It's just sad that Logitech is dropping the Revue right when it's starting to get really useful. I was hoping to get one here in Canada.

  • Sean

    Yeah tick tock on the Revue...

  • Erik I Graul

    I feel bad for you guys!!! genuinely!!! I got the Sony GTV... I got the update!!! So im sure u guys will get it soon!!! As for the app!!! Using my home network would be what i do most of the time!!! I mite uses this app... But not much!!! I only get 250GB of data a month through Comcast/Xfinity cable... And between everything else i do with that data... Streaming music to me would be pointless!!! Cuz it would be just as easy to use my home network... But i still say keep um coming!!! The more apps the better!!!

    • Larry

      Erik, or anyone for that matter,
      Can you post the apk for the GTV version? It's not showing up on my leaked 3.1 revue.

      • Erik I Graul

        Do u need root access to get the apk??? I don't have my Google TV hacked... If not I have no problem trying to get it for u... Do u have any links on how to retrieve the apk from the Google TV??? And where to upload it to share???

  • http://www.blogdeculturismo.com/ culturismo

    Wow this looks like a pretty awesome offering, actually. I'm not much of a buyer-of-music anymore, but the me of 10 years ago would have been creaming himself over this thing. Your collection everywhere you go, buy songs on the fly, artist hubs... Nice