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When it was confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus doesn't have Gorilla Glass, it was as if the entire world into some sort of I'm going to scratch the hell out of it hysteria. It turns out that all the kerfuffle was for nothing, as one Galaxy Nexus owner decided to put that big beautiful screen to the test.

I admit, it was a little painful to watch, but the end result was nothing less than spectacular. It turns out that Gorilla Glass isn't the only durable glass available for smartphones after all.

Now, do you feel better about the durability and scratch-resistance of the GN's screen? I thought you might.

Stay tuned: he may throw it down a flight of stairs next.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://mobiletechview.com John, Alabama

    I could never do that to any of my phones, they cost too much for me to try to scratch them, especially if I had the Galaxy Nexus.

    • heldros

      lol, me too

  • http://pctonic.net Ashutosh

    Isn't Gorilla Glass just a glorified name for fortified glass (which the Galaxy nexus does have)?

    • Zomby

      It's the brand name of a specific kind of fortified glass made by Corning.

    • tmcquake

      Exactly. "Gorilla Glass" is Corning's product name for strengthened glass. Several companies produce strengthened glass products that are as good as Gorilla Glass.

    • Chris Ford

      It's the trademarked brand name of Corning's version of fortified glass. Kinda like Kleenex is to tissue.

  • David

    That video makes baby Jesus cry.

  • Edge

    They show a fundamental misunderstanding of how scratching and hardness of materials work. Keys are made from brass, which is about a 5ish on the Mohs scale of hardness. Glass is a 6+. So even normal window glass wouldn't be scratched by keys. Only plastic would be expected to get scratched by a key. This tells you absolutely nothing about the relative scratch resistance of the display.

    • Kid Crew

      PERO, he also knocked against the glass. Little known fact an angled force can cause the an object to cleave even if the object being cleaved is harder (ie:Diamonds, the hardest substance on earth. Hardness and resistance to compressive forces are two totally different types of things. So if hit with a sledge hammer it will shatter.) If I take a key with some force to my x10's glass it will get scratched(even by a copper key) lucky in know some basic chem for homemade glass resin. ;)

  • http://www.joshuanaylor.com Joshua Naylor

    I cringed the entire video.

  • zer0xity

    I donno. I've seen videos exactly like this but with an HTC EVO 4G. Looks great on YouTube but when your phone ends up with some unexplainable, nasty surface scratches despite your best efforts to take care of it, no video on YouTube's gonna fix that.


    Someone in my household accidentally left their nexus S on the car roof and it fell off when reversing out. Few hours later, the after having been run over at least once, the phone was smashed up and kaput but the glass remained intact and unscathed. Bought a new one

  • Matthew

    Not convinced, I saw videos of the Galaxy S where they tried much harder to scratch it and it came out perfectly.
    Yet my Galaxy S has a tiny chip and a short deep scratch that I can't explain. The scratch may have been from a few grains of sand in my pocket though.

    Next phone will get a screen protector no matter what they say about the glass.

  • Chris

    My ASUS Transformer has Gorilla Glass and there is no way in hell I'm going to try that, copper, brass or any other type of object. I'll let someone else test out theory about surface hardness and scratch resistance in videos like this.

  • Aphex

    I would rather live not sure about the glass and keeping my phone pristine then scratching it.

  • Tristan

    I couldn't help cringe... NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

  • squiddy20

    Yeahhhh, do that with a razor, pocket-knife, kitchen knife, or any other sharp blade, then come back to me on how "scratch proof" the phone is. Doing this with a key (usually very blunt) shows pretty much nothing. I can do the same thing on my Samsung Moment (which I'm sure doesn't have *extremely* high strength glass) and have it come out relatively unscathed. In fact, I just took a philips (+) screw driver to the edge of my screen and got bupkis in the way of scratches.

    • Tristan

      How often do you carry around a knife with an exposed blade in your pocket?


  • http://dan-webb.co.uk Dan Webb

    Well... I've managed to scratch gorrilla glass by accidentally putting my keys and GS2 in the same pocket of a tight-ish pair of trousers. But I have been very impressed with the GS2 dropping face first onto a hard kitchen floor and not seeing a single scratch on it.
    So basically anything can be scratched.

  • engineerGA

    Have they tried scratching on the SD card slot? Oh, wait it doesn't have one. RAZR FTW!


  • Paul

    Have them do a drop test, that'll show how well their non-name-brand "fortified" glass holds up.

    The drop test for the iPhone 4S vs the Galaxy S II showed the real benefit of Gorilla Glass.