In what is undoubtedly one of the coolest mods I've seen in months, developer picard666 has released an interactive Mario lockscreen for MIUI. So awesome, in fact, that words can't properly describe it. Take a look at the "diagram":


The top cloud shows the current time, and the two clouds below show calls and messages (left and right, respectively). To unlock into calls or messages, you take control of Mario and have to make him hit the corresponding coin box - a coin pops out (optionally with the accompanying sound), then your phone launches the appropriate app. To unlock normally, just have him jump into the pipe to the right of the boxes.

Other goodies: the score indicator is actually the battery level, and the bottom acts as music controls - just double tap the goomba to enable/disable, and the brown area on the bottom serves as invisible back/play/forward buttons. It also hides the status bar.

The official description (largely a list-form version of what is said above):

a lockscreen for MIUI by picard aka fodi

- supports all HDPI resolutions (that means qHD as well)
- 3way unlock: unlock normal, to phone and to messages.
- mario is the unlocker, he walks when clicked on (unfortunately he walks during jump as well ). he moves as a fixed slider (no intention on changing it)
- optional unlock sounds (get_coin when calls and messages, pipe when normal unlock)
- unlock normal: move mario to the pipe as the arrow shows, hit the box and with it get the coin
- unlock calls: move mario to the first box as arrow shows, hit the box and with it get the coin
- unlock messages: move mario to the second box as arrow shows
- double tap goomba for music controls (no album artist and song info intended)
- includes battery level (the score indicator under the "MARIO")
- missed call and sms notification
- no status bar, time shown (it should also hide carrier info, however it might happen to still show up)

Any feedback is welcome. If you like my work consider donating me.
Super Mario is a trademark of Nintendo.

v1 (16/11): original release, optional unlock sounds
v2 (16/11): fixed misalignment of clouds and notifications on screens with higher resolution than 800x480 (hopefully)

At the moment, the lockscreen is limited to MIUI only. Hopefully that will change down the road, though we have yet to hear anything to support that hope.

To download, hit up the source link below - links are at the bottom of the OP. If you do download, seriously consider donating to the dev to support his efforts; after all, this is one hell of an awesome mod.

[Source: XDA-Developers]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • JesusDisciple

    That is simply awesome. Let me know when that is ported to another ROM.

    • Hal Motley


      I hope to see it available in both the stock Android ROMs and Cyanogenmod!

  • JinRoh

    Now that's a reason to try MIUI, and I'm being serious. I need this now!

  • Jake


  • http://www.androidhellas.com AndroidHellas

    Looks nice!!!

  • mastermind26

    Having tried MIUI (only to FC just about everything on my EVO), I am seriously hoping it gets ported to other roms......SOON!

    I currently have a mario start screen, mario background, mario sounds, mario ringtones and icons. This would def. complete the theme!

    • Bakalon

      I'm currently running MIUI ver. 1.10.28 on my EVO and it's working flawlessly. No FC's or anything. That locksreen also works great.

    • faceface

      Do you have links to where you got all of those?!? I have a ton of Mario on my EVO, but not nearly as much as you. You sir are a dedicated fan!

  • jason

    Wish it was ported to widgetlocker... :-(
    Awesome find though. Hope nintendo does not get upset about it.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      +1 for that.

  • Rajit

    I don't think it will be ported to other ROMs as it's using the MIUI engine underneath. It's just a theme for that engine. We have some PRETTY amazing themes.