Galaxy S 4G owners, the wait is finally over - Gingerbread is officially available for your device. Samsung threw a couple more fixes into the mix as well, like a Google security patch (vague, I know), camera enhancements, and Wi-Fi enhancements.

Unfortunately, this one won't be coming to your device over-the-air, so you'll have to install Kies Mini and grab the USB cable in order to pull it.

The entire process seems to be pretty cut-and-dried, so it should go off without a hitch. For full instructions, changelog, and other info, check out T-Mobile's Software Upgrade page.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Telanis

    I'm not happy that the regular Vibrant hasn't got Gingerbread. The devices are mostly identical, you'd think they'd just tweak it and release for both.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Hopefully it's up next, but jeez - almost a year late.

  • William Aleman

    Still waiting for my Samsung Captivate to be updated to Gingerbread.

    Unless someone can tell me how to get cyamogenmod on my phone.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii
    • derk p

      lol "if you have to ask, you'll never know" - angelica pickles.

      i cant believe you had the nerve to actually type that and submit it.

      • Cameron Summerson

        LOL. Rugrats.

      • Haloruler64

        You, sir, earned my respect.

        Captivate user, if you are asking how to install CM7, don't. On the Captivate, it is quite a dangerous process. Too easy to brick. In fact, without 3 button combo or a JIG, flashing CM7 there is NO way to come back from it to stock ROM. So don't.

  • ken

    I dont seem to find anything on the tmobile site the upgrade is to ffoyo what gives

  • Roummel

    How about those who have KDI ver like mine, is that it?, there's no update version?, you mean I have to continue using it with crashes,bug,fixes,forced closed,ect....shame my phone is a pirate.

  • thoms robin

    I found a briefed tutorial about  How To Upgrade your T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G to Gingerbread Using Kies i need to ask someone can tell me how to get cyamogenmod on my phone.

  • Rodean Avante Lewis

    Is the gingerbread update out for the samsung galaxy s 4g (MetroPCS)