While this app may not be useful to everyone out there, the concept is still pretty cool and could be quite useful for those who handle event management, ticket tracking, workshops, etc.

So, what is Eventbrite? It's a service that allows you to create and manage events, sell tickets, and keep track of attendees. The Eventbrite Easy Entry Android app is a key part of the service, as it allows you to scan the QR codes from tickets, essentially keeping up with who is there. The app syncs back to Eventbrite's servers in real time, which means you can have multiple devices scanning at the same time without fear of repeat scanning.

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Since everything happens in real-time, you can take a look at the attendance data and check out stats while the event is going on, including the tickets sold to attendees ratio. Very cool.

Like I said, this app may not be for everyone, but could be an invaluable addition to those who are in need of a service like this.

For more information about Eventbrite, including fees associated with its use, go here.

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

    I needed this three weeks ago since EventBrite was previously only on iOS. I'm happy now that Android is in the mix.

  • Jassi

    This app doesn't work on my new Galaxy Y that I purchase today specifically for an eventbrite ticketed event. I am quite upset as I can't return the phone. The operating system is 2.3.5 android and I have plenty of memory, does anybody why this app doesn't upload onto this phone?