Last Updated: December 29th, 2011

We know how much you guys (and gals) love Otterbox, and we hope you know how much we love all of you; all of that love can only mean one thing: it's time for another case giveaway. This go around is exclusive to a couple of newcomers to the Otterbox family: the Defender Series for the Motorola Atrix 2 and the Commuter Series for the Atrix 2 and HTC Wildfire S. We're giving away one of each to six lucky readers - two Defenders for the Atrix 2, two Commuters for the Wildfire S, and two Commuters for the Atrix 2. Got it? Good.

Defender Series

With a name like Defender, you would expect this series to be the most rough-and-tough of the bunch, no? Well, that's exactly what you get -- the Defender series is made to protect your device from nearly any hazard that life can throw at it. Otterbox spared nothing on this series, as it consists of "a clear protective membrane, high-impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone." It even comes with its own, specially designed belt clip holster. It's the little things, Otterbox.

We're giving away two of these -- both for the Atrix 2.

mot2-atrx2-20-4 mot2-atrx2-20-5 mot4-atrx2-20 mot4-atrx2-20-3

Commuter Series

The Commuter Series is a good combination of protection and portability, so it will protect your device without adding an extra pound of weight or 6 inches of thickness to the device. It's a two-part system, consisting of a silicon bottom-layer wrapped in a poly-carbonate shell. Sounds fancy, no?

We have four of these to spread around -- two for the Atrix 2 and two for the Wildfire S.

mot4-atrx2-20 mot4-atrx2-20-3 htc4-wldfr-20 htc4-wldfr-20-3

Left: Atrix 2, Right: Wildfire S

How To Enter

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • April Johnson - Atrix 2 Commuter
  • Drakuwa - Wildfire S Commuter
  • Luke (E) - Atrix 2 Commuter
  • Time - Atrix 2 Defender
  • Salauddin Firoz Safi - Wildfire S Commuter
  • andrew vincent - Atrix 2 Defender

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Entering this one is kind of difficult, so listen carefully ...just kidding. Leave a comment with your phone type and which case your would prefer and you're in. We'll randomly pick the winners at the end of the contest on Friday, November 18th at 11:59PM PT and send out the notifications shortly after. Yay!

This giveaway is worldwide.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • xlvii

    Motorola Atrix 2, Commuter.
    Thanks, guys! You're awesome!

    • andrew vincent

      Atrix 2 defender, please...

  • Jamison England

    Atrix 2 commuter. Pick me please!

  • Pete

    Me three!!! Atrix 2 commuter.

  • BrazenRain

    Atrix 2, defender. Love the clip on the back!

  • April Johnson

    Atrix 2 commuter

  • Ahmad Fayiz

    HTC Wildfire S that totally fits your case !!

  • Wyatt

    Atrix 2 Defender! Thanks!

  • Steven

    Motorola RAZR and ANY beggers cant be choosers.

  • Darrin Johnson

    Atrix 2 defender

  • yella

    i have a cliq xt..im using a otterbox defender..if i won i would like the defender

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Cap_howdy Cap Howdy

    I'll take the commuter for the wildfire s. Thankish muchly.

  • Dennis F. Heffernan

    Atrix 2 Defender...

  • ben martin

    I've got an Atrix 2 a d would love a Defender case.

  • Jaz

    Show me some love. Let me get the atrix 2. I love this site! One of the best!

  • Mike

    Atrix 2 for the Commuter please. :)

  • http://about.me/papakyriazis Nick Papakyriazis

    wildfire s ! :)

  • shockzor

    Atrix 2 and the Commuter, please and thank you!

  • Robin Gray

    Atrix 2 either case is fine with me.Thanks

  • spiel

    Atrix 2 commuter. Pick me plz :)

  • Mitchell

    Please pick me .Wildfire for me.


  • Luke

    Atrix 2, Commuter

  • Akshay

    Both are good bt Atrix 2 looks bettrr with defender...

  • Time

    Atrix 2 defender

  • Willie Marquez

    Atrix 2 - commuter type

  • alex m

    Atrix 2 - the sequel

  • Daniel

    Please ohhh please Atrix 2 commuter!!

  • b shashank sharma

    atrix2 commuter. .....

  • steve h.

    atrix 2 commuter

  • http://n/a Lorne Shumak

    Droid X and Commuter please

  • Drakuwa

    HTC Wildfire S - Commuter plskthxbai :D


    Atrix2 Defender

  • Adam

    Atrix 2 Commuter :)

  • Death Sin

    atrix2 defender:)

  • Joel Osborn

    atrix commuter ----------------

  • Johnnie

    Love that atrix 2 defender

  • Belvibkabel

    Atrix 2, Commuter

  • Brian L

    I'd love a DEFENDER for my Atrix!

  • Ian B.

    HTC Wildfire S, Commuter

  • cassie F

    Oh Yeah! My puppy would love to challenge that Atrix 2 Defender. Bring it on!!!!

  • Priyan

    HTC Wildfire. I'm loving it and More with otter box !!!

  • Patrick

    Commuter for the Wildfire S please.

  • Nathan

    HTC Wildfire S. Commuter Series

  • Shekhar

    Commuter for Wildfire

  • S101

    defender for wildfireS

  • Vipattz

    HTC wildfire S.. for me!!

  • Leigh Verrall

    Would love one for my Wildfire S, its current case is getting tatty. :o)

  • HannuK

    Wildfire S and Commuter, Please

  • http://www.cleansafi.com Salauddin Firoz Safi

    A commuter police on my wildfire S would be great !

  • http://www.cleansafi.com Salauddin Firoz Safi

    A commuter police on my wildfire S would be great

  • Willie

    Atrix 2 Commuter or Defender please!

  • http://www.amugofjava.me.uk Ben

    Wildfire S, Commuter series please!

  • http://Www.villainrom.co.ukWww.freeyourandroid.com Glenn

    Wildfire s commuter please

  • Dan

    commuter for atrix 2 would be najs!

  • Rodger

    Motorola Electrify please

  • Dimitry

    Atrix 2 Defender :D

  • http://zsol-t.blogspot.com creative-z

    Atrix 2 Defender!!!:D

  • Caleb

    Atrix 2, Commuter. :)

  • Cody

    Atrix 2, Commuter.

  • Bruce

    Wildfire S. Commuter please.

  • Athishay

    Wildfire S, commuter. :)

  • Kristijan

    Wildfire case preferred (:

  • Hugh Thomas

    an atrix one would be great.

  • John Stableford

    The cases look really nice, if I win i'll take the commuter for the wildfire s :D

  • ArnAfr

    Atrix Defender looks great!

  • smartman

    Atrix 2, Commuter.

  • Rick Agolia

    Atrix2, Commuter series

  • Rick Agolia

    Atrix2, Commuter

  • Car Guiao

    Atrix 2, Defender Series

  • RazorHail

    Wildfire S, svp ;)

  • WowAwesome

    yahoo! what prize i get will determine my next phone xD

  • Sjoerd93

    I would like an Otterbox Commuter box for the HTC Wildfire A :-)

  • Sjoerd93

    Of course I meant the Otterbox Commuter for the HTC Wildfire S. SwiftKey's autocorrect isn't flawless. :-\

  • Kevin T.

    Motorola Atrix 2
    Commuter Series

  • martin mcmullen

    HTC Wildfire S Commuter would be awesome, thanks

  • Marty R

    Atrix 2-Defender

  • Alan Cardenas

    Atrix 2, Defender would be awesome! Thank u guys!

  • Alan Cardenas

    Atrix 2, Defender would be awesome!

  • Jason K.

    Atrix 2, Commuter please. I've never won anything before and I love my Atrix 2.

  • skrtp

    Atrix 2 Commuter please.


  • http://www.razzil.com Raza Rahil Hussain

    I want Commuter Series for my Baby Beast (HTC Wildfire S)

  • Ev

    Wildfire S (Commuter Series) yeah !

  • SpeekEZ

    Atrix 2 Defender Please!

  • Kathy W

    Atrix 2 Defender would be great

  • Mike T

    ATRIX 2 would really prefer the defender but would be extremely happy with either one

  • Mike Hinkle

    Like the looks of both of the cases.
    Would like the Defender for Atrix 2

  • Jen

    Atrix 2 Commuter....Thanks!! :)

  • Paul

    wildfire S commuter series please!

  • Loren harrison

    ATRIX 2 defender thank you all :-)

  • Joe S

    Atrix 2 Defender would be great! Thanks for all the great info here.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Commuter for the Wildfire S.......

  • Dusko

    Wildfire S

  • PLac

    GREAT SITE! Defender please. ATRIX 2

  • JJ5K

    Commuter for Atrix 2.
    Not the rugged Defender type, I'm a soft city Commuter type...
    Cheers guys.

  • Franco C.

    Samsung Captivate - Otterbox Defender (;

  • david

    the otterbox is the best carrying case for any smartphone, so i will have to save all my pennies. i had a htc inspire and it did not hold a call at all. now i have a motorola atrix 2 and it is super at everything. just a talker on the phone:))?

  • Todd Bohacik

    Just got the new ATRIX 2. I had both the commuter and the defender for the ATRIX 1 and they both worked wonderfully they lasted the entire time I have had the ATRIX 1.

    For me it would be the commuter for the ATRIX 2

  • gts

    I would like an Atrix 2 commuter

  • Michael

    Atrix 2 any case

  • tonybagadpnuts

    Atrix phone best ever. Would love a defender!

  • tonybagadpnuts

    Atrix 2
    best ever. Would love a defender!

  • Tammy

    HTC Wildfire s is the best phone ever and i would like the Otterbox Defender !