Thrive owners, grab your slate and start checking for updates -- Android 3.2 is now available. The bump in Android version is the nuts-and-bolts of this update, along with improved screen rotation speed.

The changelog also notes that the YouTube and Android Market widgets may disappear after installing the update due to "a change in the application naming convention," but they can simply be added back.

So, hit the update app, cross your fingers, and hope it all works out better for the Thrive than it did the Galaxy Tab 10.1

[via Android Central]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ann Smith

    How do you rate the Thrive compared to IPad2 and other tablets? I ordered one and just read the reviews on others,but the Thrive was not mentioned. I currently have a Nook Color/1.3 android.

  • Jeannius

    I have a thrive. I am pretty happy with it. Not the slimmest or sexiest tablet on the block, but gets the job done. Solid battery life, no issues at all with it.