In order to remain competitive, Sprint is constantly tweaking its data plans for non-smartphone devices like tablets, mobile hotspots, and laptops. The most recent update to the plans came today, which offers an increase in bandwidth, as well as a drop in price -- always a good combination.

These changes apply to non-smartphone devices only. Smartphones still have unlimited data.

Beginning immediately, The Now Network will be offering 6GB of data for $49.99 and 12GB for $79.99; if that's too much bandwidth for you, though, there is a 1GB option (tablets only) for $19.99, as well as a 3GB plan (tablets and mobile hotspots only) for $34.99.

The two high-tier plans offer twenty percent more bandwidth than AT&T and Verizon for the same amount of cash, which, in my opinion, makes Sprint a much more appealing option for anyone looking to pick up a carrier-connected tablet or hotspot.

[Sprint Newsroom]

Cameron Summerson
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  • nerdshowandtell

    I don't see the wifi-teather plan on there? Oh wait...

  • Freak4Dell

    Good luck actually getting any of those GBs that you're buying.

  • Eludium-Q36

    Caveat: the attractive $20 1-GB plan for us occasional users is 3G ONLY, it is NOT 4G eligible, they drive you to the $35 3-GB plan for that, and that's just nasty, writing to Hesse's office tmrw....