BitTorrent users now have another useful tool at their disposal with the introduction of an official BitTorrent remote client to the Android Market. BitTorrent Inc. (which also owns uTorrent), recently released BitTorrent Remote, an app that allows users to monitor, manage, and control torrent downloads on the go from their mobile devices.

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Besides enabling control over torrent downloads, BitTorrent Remote also allows users to get a detailed readout of information related to each download, including speed, file size, seeds, and ETA. The client also allows the user to begin downloads by simply downloading them on a mobile browser, or clicking torrent links within webpages.

The app is made to work with BitTorrent's desktop client, and automatically updates the downloads list each time it launches. Once you've logged in using your Remote credentials both on your desktop and mobile device, you'll be well on your way to remotely managing your downloads. The client is free in the Android Market, and is definitely a useful tool for BitTorrent users, so go ahead and grab the download below.

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Liam Spradlin
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  • ocdtrekkie

    A lot of apps have gotten pulled for showing copyright-violating downloads in their screenshot. Just having Person of Interest listed on there may get them pulled by Google.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You're right. Those muppets... :-/

      • ocdtrekkie

        And this isn't something hard for them to fix either, just re-screenshot it with a bunch of Linux distro downloads.

        But Google won't give them a second chance most likely if they pull it, so hopefully, they'll get wise and change it out on their own.

  • Glenn

    There's one for ĀµTorrent too! (:

    • Mark

      There's a good remote client for uTorrent? I use uTorrent to download my Linux distributions and such and didn't want to switch clients.

  • Dan

    whats different between this and the utorrent remote thats been out for ages?

  • Dave

    Looks the same as the utorrent app. Still prefer transdroid. It's lighter and faster also more intuitive.

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116930094233210246792/posts Chris Bailey

      ......yeah this app IS utorrent but in purple. LOL. Also transdroid is a torrent App for android this is a remote app. it controls another app on the desktop. It's not really right to compare the two

      • Wr3ck

        Transdroid controls uTorrent so it is right to compare the two. I still think I'll still with Transdroid like Dave said

  • Kurt

    Torrent Fu is what I have been using. Works extremely well.

  • Fawaz

    Thumbs up for downloading Nine Inch Nails!

  • Hg_desverger

    Use of a central server does worry me. I'd rather manually set an IP address of my machine running uTorrent and worry about all that hard networking configuration stuff than allow a 3rd party access to all my downloads.