Update: We're getting reports that this should be rolling out in full-force now. Anyone get theirs today?

Update 2: We're hearing that a lot of people are still without the update, so we pinged HTC to make sure everything is rolling as planned. Everything is right on schedule, so just sit tight -- it should be hitting your device anytime now.

Update 3: After months of silence, it seems the beast has awoken, and the update is rolling out yet again, with the same version number 4.06.605.3. There is also word of a smaller 8.6MB update 4.08.605.2, which will probably piggyback on top of 4.06.605.3. C-c-c-ombo breaker!


The teeter-totter status of the HTC Droid Incredible's Gingerbread update hit a climax two days ago when HTC officially announced that the OTA would be rolling out in September. It looks like HTC wasn't playing around, as the word on the street is that the update could start rolling out as early as today.

2011-09-12 16h04_47

Further backing up this theory, Verizon pushed an updated version of the documentation surrounding this update to the Inc's support page this morning. The updated page shows a point bump in version number from the previously leaked build, up to 4.06.605.3, so whatever the cause for the delay, it definitely warranted some changes.

2011-09-02 10h40_59

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tim

    Got it this morning. Also noticing some font changes and, more noticeably, very smooth transitions when hitting home or back. The app you're backing out of fades away. When you go under the running apps, there's are a LOT fewer apps running. Love that.

    • Charlie

      Are you on the East Coast?

      • Tim

        Yup. In New England.

        • scorpus

          Noob Question but do you have to back everything up first or what?

        • Charlie

          Cool, I'm in Jersey. Hopefully I get it today too...any other changes stick out? I heard the Sense clock flips now...

        • Tim

          You don't need to back anything up, no.

          I don't know if the clock flips. I use the clockr widget in lieu of the Sense clock.

  • Charlie

    clockr is good. I switch between the two...

  • scarng

    I was never able to update from 2.1 to 2.2 got the loop mess. I hope this one works.

  • scarng

    Why wouldn't you backup everything, it is the smart thing to do anytime you change the firmware. That way to don't have to start completely over from scratch.

    • Tim

      He asked if you HAVE to. If you want to, go ahead. But you do not have to.

  • shawn laverty

    you got the official ota from vzw?

    • Tim

      Yes, it came overnight and I got the message to reboot/install when I woke up.

  • shawn laverty

    anyone know how long the rollout will take?

  • LisaB

    Still waiting in Ohio...

    • scorpus

      Still waiting in Oregon (Droid2 got theirs 2 days ago...)

  • Vito

    Received mine this morning when I turned my phone on a 6 AM (in Los Angeles). Curiously, I had installed the 2.3.4 update that leaked last month and have been running 2.3 for about a month now (the official update that originally started showing up but was pulled and leaked on line). I still received the update message, but, it only showed a size of about 6 MB (I believe it was 6.7MB). So it seems that it only installed the portions that needed to be updated.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Did you go ahead and pull the update anyway?

  • TBolt

    Don't know if I have to, but I switched from LauncherPro back to Sense - still no update in California.

  • Randy

    Wow...what about the Tbolt :(!?

  • Andrew

    Still no update for me in Florida. :(

  • Hose

    Just got it in Missouri. Anyone else having problems with the physical volume bumper not switching to the vibrate profile correctly? It says it's in vibrate but the ringer is still on low.

  • shawn laverty

    Got the update this morning (NJ). Do not notice big difference. Seems to perform better, notifications appear greyed out. Got the dinc six months ago wide got hers same time and she hasn't gotten upgrade.

  • shawm

    Since upgrade my gps is off anyone else having same issue

  • Dan

    Still nothing in Chicago. My wife got the 2.3 update last week on her Droid2.

  • shawn

    The phone storage low message appearing. Apparently gingerbread did not fix

  • LisaB

    Nothing here yet. Ohio, got DInc on release date a year ago April. : (

  • Indiana Droid

    Nothing yet in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Jo-C Coleman

    I am in MI, Eastern zone and got the update to prompted for restart in the morning. Shortly after that I noticed around noon time that I do not have any talk volume. I can talk using speaker and listen to voice mail using speaker but cannot talk normally on my phone. Did the normal things: turned off phone for a bit, took out the battery. Went to Verizon, they did the same thing, then reinstalled. That didn't seem to work so they forced my phone back to factory default. That didn't work. Then they told me to buy a new phone. Great! Right? Has anyone else run into this issue and found a resolution?

  • Waiting in IL

    Still haven't got my update. IL :(

  • doug

    Got it a few days ago, in Ohio. Be careful though, all of my apps installed to the SD card were lost after updating

    • LisaB

      I'm still waiting in Columbus. : (

  • Sherree

    Still waiting in Northern California.

  • mrbrooks418

    Nothing but a whole lot of chain pulling here......... Supposedly this thing has been rolling out since Sept 2nd. Their updates usually cluster out over 4-5 days . 10 days out and nothing. I only care cause its giving me SOMETHING while waiting on the thunderbolt update for my phone.... My son plays with my old Dinc.....

  • Jim

    Is this for the Incredible 1 or Incredible 2, or both? Still waiting in Southern California..for the Incredible 1...and for the update for my other phone, the Thurnderbolt...

    • mrbrooks418

      Same here. It's for the incredible 1. I bought mine on day one. (Amoled screen) then bought the thunderbolt one day one as well.

  • fins1771

    You people could be running sense 3.0. Just checked xda-developers and there's a beta build of sense 3.5. Root those Dincs, I promise its worth it. Bought my EVO 3d off eBay, arrived last Fri, rooted on Sun. Google it, or watch a video on YouTube. It's not as technical as you might think. Then you can get updates whenever you choose.

  • engineerGA

    If you read the forum posts at androidcentral.com, you can see it had a lot of weird issues - apps going missing, requiring a factory reset to get everything working after update, "Sprint" shown in the Market instead of "Verizon", screen size 4.3", etc. like HTC used a Sprint build and band-aided it to work on the Incredible. They missed some stuff, so hopefully if it does ever roll out, it will not have all these bugs.

  • mrbrooks418

    I guess Verizon just likes having there page DAY it has another device current / updated.......

    • mrbrooks418


  • lancasrj

    Still nothing in Ohio...

    • LisaB

      And still the same here. Columbus.

  • samsung

    Still waiting here in norcal. I am having doubts now if the information is authentic.

  • TBolt

    Might as well stop waiting, guys. After all the bugs - and Sprint branding - we've been discussing on the Android Central forums, there'd be no surprise that Verizon pulled the update . . . again. Verizon totally screwed up this upgrade.

    And, I'm sure someone has been fired for allowing Sprint branding to appear on Verizon Wireless phones. lol.

  • Stephen

    Still nothing in VA... Any word if they pulled it or not?

  • Marc

    still nothing in southern california (L.A.) for the incredible 1 ... maybe not ever going to happen, has anybody been able to follow up with HTC again, or is this a VZW screwup?

  • Eddie

    In Los Angeles still no update. Htc is crawling on this update.

  • mbrooks418

    nothing but a whole lot of 'chain pullin'............. just sayin

  • Ltmc

    Still no update for me in Boston. A Verizon tech support guy at the store across from my office told me that Verizon has pulled the update -- again -- because of numerous problems around messaging, call volume, etc.

  • Frank

    Did Verizon pull the update? Nothing in Southern California?

  • TBolt

    This story should be updated by AP. The update was pulled a long time ago -- too many bugs.

    Seriously, do you guys not read any other Android blog or participate on any Android forum?!? (no offense to AP. this story needed closure over 1 week ago.)

    • Cameron Summerson

      Source? As far as I know the, the "update was pulled because of bugs" story is nothing more than rumor. In fact, there is a full RUU floating around for this update that came directly from HTC.

      I've contacted both HTC and Verizon about this -- HTC said everything is still good (as updated in the post) and Verizon has yet respond.

  • TBolt

    1 + 2 + 3 = 6

    6 = a logical conclusion

    1 = the fact that no one has reported receiving the OTA days (over a week, at least.)

    2 = every forum post about the myriad bugs, Sprint branding, etc. after the update

    3 = forum posts by others who have spoken to Verizon reps and HTC reps who had the decency to admit to the public that there were problems & the update was pulled. Obviously, your official sources are bs'ing you. Time for a little logic (or, basic math). lol. :)

    • Stephen

      Alright so you still aren't going to give us a source? I just want some sort of confirmation that the update is pulled, so if you have it, by all means please share with us.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Lol. So your source is... yourself? Nice.

  • lancasrj

    Hi I thought you all should know I received this email from HTC after my inquiry about the gingerbread release. I found it enlightening.

    "Dear Customer,

    I understand that you're looking for an update on the status of the HTC Droid Incredible's Gingerbread update. I can certainly assist you with that.

    Long story short, you should have it by now. Let's try to see if we can get your phone to update.

    [ method I ] Check for updates (if possible)
    1. From the Home screen, Press Menu key.
    2. Tap Settings and scroll down the screen
    3. Tap About Phone and tap System software updates
    4. On the System software update screen, tap Check now.
    5. If any software update message shows up, please follow the on-screen instruction.
    *NOTE* some carriers have disabled this option, so if you do not see it, don't worry too much about it.

    [ method II ] Reconnecting to the Google server.
    1. Open up your phone's dialer.
    2. Key in *#*#2432546#*#*
    3. If any software update message shows up, please follow the on-screen instruction

    [ method III ] Force phone to check for update.
    Please manually change the date on your phone to one year from today. This will trigger an automatic check in with the update servers and you will get the appropriate update. If any software update message shows up, please follow the instruction on screen.

    If all three of these steps don't work, our last resort is to do a factory reset on the phone (please disregard this, if it's already been done). This process may take 20 minutes, please ensure that your phone has sufficient battery capacity. Do not interrupt the phone while it is in the middle of this, as doing so may render your phone inoperable. Please also be aware that all data (including third-party applications) will be deleted from your phone. Please download "HTC Sync for all HTC Android phones" from our support site: http://www.htc.com/www/help/ -- please let me know if you need help with syncing your data.

    To do this through the software:
    From the phone's main menu, tap Settings > Privacy (or SD Card & Phone storage) > Factory data reset > Reset phone.

    Should this fail to bring Gingerbread to your phone, please let me know, and I'll see what else we can do.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us."

    I think I've decided just to go with a custom rom. The only reason I stuck with the factory rom so long was so I could keep ota updates, but if I have to manually do all this stuff whats the point in sticking with it.

    • Cameron Summerson

      If you're looking for a nice custom ROM based on the stock GB OTA, check out Stock+. I've been running it for a little over a week -- it's smooth and fast, while keeping a (mostly) stock feel. It has a couple Sense 2.1 elements, and it's an overall great ROM. I highly recommend it.

    • Amy Valentine

      OMG Awesome, Ive been trying to do this all day but kept getting memory messages or the update just kept disappearing..its been incredibly annoying! Yours was the only post/advice that I could understand and worked on the first try!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  • muddythecat

    Just got it. Verizon in Seattle.

  • Leslie

    Arrived this morning in Indiana. Now to rescue my poor orphaned apps on the sd card....

  • Chris

    Update pushed to my wife's phone this morning, completely crashed Sense- phone is almost completely unusable. Nice work Verizon... I have to try and salvage the situation tonight before the inevitable factory reset.

  • Quinn

    I just got it this morning in PA. Anyone know how to quickly put it on silent mode, holding in the power button no longer works...

    • Shane

      Push and hold the volume down button is the only way I have found. Had the leaked OTA update from a month or so back and thats what I had to do.

  • Drew Marold

    I've been wondering what happened with this. My wife's Inc never got it, and I thought there might have been something about her phone that was preventing her from getting it. I'll have to keep an eye out and see if it finally comes this time.

  • Paul Jones

    Got it this morning after getting a heads up last night from Cam. Tx Dallas area.

  • Mel

    Woke up to find the update notification.. almost as good a christmas morning! I'm in North Carolina

  • Lake

    Got update this morning caused 4x3 display, now have Sprint app market, and lost apps on SD card

  • Lake

    update this morning caused 4x3 display, now have Sprint app market, and lost apps on SD card

  • LisaB

    Mine was waiting for me to update when I woke up this morning, FINALLY. (Ohio)

  • LisaB

    Mine was waiting for me when I awoke this morning (Ohio). No real apparent differences, pro or con yet.

  • http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/jwynn Jeff

    Woke up to find notification; read this traffic and decided to go ahead though I have no problems with my DInc. I'm in Vancouver, WA. Subtle differences in top banner bar, but everything works. As promised, it starts with GPS off, but used Run Keeper and it came on right away. Update arrived with notice about a new long-press feature on the phone page to copy things, but doesn't seem to work.

  • Jaff

    Just got the notification. So how many of you hav lost your SD apps? I lost a lot of app data last year and hav no wish to lose it again.

  • Windontree

    to fix the SD card issue. UnMount the SD card then ReMount. Give a minute or so and it will populate back.

  • DD

    Completely screwed my Incredible...either that or the App 2 SD did...or maybe a bit of both. After the update App 2 SD was removed and all apps that I had it move to the SD card are not gone. I see green icons but when pressed they do nothing.

  • http://google Keenan

    Has anyone at all gotten the 4.08.605.2 update? and if so did you have the 4.06 update already. if you didn't how did you get the 4.08.605.2 update?

    • http://google Keenan

      sooooo i just did another forced check and i was given the 4.08.605.2 update, however it didn't download. and now i can not re-download it!!!

    • windontree

      just got the notification for the 4.08 this morning. I got the 4.06 yesterday. Will update later today.

  • http://androidpolice.com the merovingean

    6.06 yesterday,6.08 today,went smoothly. Uconnect now working with mopar rhb . Noticed really fast boot times. Ne Ohio....

    • http://androidpolice.com the merovingean

      sorry,i meant 4.06 and 4.08. Just confirmed wife got hers, 4.08 running well, love gingerbread.

  • Shane

    Got prompted for the 4.08 update this morning. Started the update and it came back saying I didnt have enough memory for the install. Cleared up my memory and now I cant get the update back so I can run it.

    • Charlie

      Same here...Haven't been prompted to do the update since then which was early this morning...

    • katherine

      The exact same thing happened to me!

  • DroidInc

    Shane, I had the same problem.. started the 4.08 update, didn't have enough space, now I have no idea about how to get the update back. Phone says I'm still running 4.06 and when I check for system updates there are none.. anyone have a solution or way to get the 4.08 update?

  • Matticus

    I have a similar problem. I woke up yesterday to see the update notification but it said I needed to plug in my phone first. So I plugged in my phone, clicked ok to get the update started. Then it told me my phone would restart and it would take 15-20 minutes. So I clicked accept and install, and then the update screen popped back up and said my system is currently up to date. I still have 2.2.

  • hagnik

    I just talked to Verizon techsupport and HTC techsupport. They are scrambling. The Verizon said that HTC will send the update every 2 days until your phone successfully installs it. HTC said the low-space while installing 4.08 is a know issue. They are going to push out an updated version in the next 24 hours that will resolve it. I actually don't believe either story.

    • Matticus

      Haha, that is awesome. I talked to Verizon tech support and they told me that 2.2 was the most recent software upgrade available to me on my phone and that there was no way to resend the update to 2.3.

    • Ashley

      @hagnik - as of 11/27 it was not solved. I had to trash apps and do the whole recovery, wipe partition, etc. rigamarole AGAIN.

  • http://androidpolice.com the merovingean

    Been running 4.08 for a day now,no issues at all. Wife reporting same. Guess we got lucky. We were very leery about this update because the last one disabled the data connection on both of our launch day dincs. Verizon replaced both phones because they said it was their fault. Remember,being a Droid owner means never having to say Siri.

  • katherine
  • Shane

    Here are the best instructions I have found so far:
    1.Boot into recovery
    •Press and hold Power, Choose "Restart" option
    •When screen turns off, press and hold Volume Down and Power
    2.When the white HBOOT screen appears, use the volume button to move down to “RECOVERY.”
    3.Press the Power button to select “RECOVERY.”
    4.When the triangle and exclamation appears, hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time.
    5.Using the volume button, scroll down to “Wipe cache partition” and select it.
    6.Select "Reboot system now"

    After wiping the cache go into Date & Time and set the date back to 2010. Check for system updates, will say up to date. Set it back to 2011 and check again. This should start the update download.

    May not work for all but hope it works for most.

    • Tony Mac*

      Shane advice works i'm upgraded

    • sdickinson

      Thanks Shane. Your instructions are great and after a couple of days of frustration I have now updated to 4.08.

  • Jaff

    Xlnt will yet that So. But before I do, did any of you loose data in your apps in this process?

  • Michel

    Thanks Shane... worked for me!

  • Ashley

    Shane, thank you thank you thank you. It worked.

  • Ashley

    spoke too soon....said i was low on space to install....so i deleted some messages. Now where do I find the place to install 4.08, which I think is downloaded onto my phone thanks to shane's instrux.

  • Ashley

    went back to check for updates...poof...gone.

  • Ashley

    omg...it's installing. At $150+ a month, I'd expect to not have to go to these lengths to update my system. I wonder if there will be class action suits alleging that carriers purposefully stalled system launches so people would give up and buy new phones. Sign me up!

  • Mike

    Thanks shane! I felt like a master hacker doing all that to my phone! Thanks its updating as i type this now

  • Kent

    Another thanks Shane!! Wait til I tell my kids what I did - ha! Been 2 weeks of wondering if I'd ever get this update finished!