Lending credence to theories that Google's November 16th event may have something to do with the debut of the Google Music Store, a writer at TecnoDroidVe has discovered (what appears to be) a work-in-progress version of the store, accessing it from his HTC Inspire 4G. While it's unclear how exactly Ricardo found his way into the Music Store, the screenshots he was able to recover look very promising.

GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_1a GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_2 GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_8 GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_10

While the Music Store isn't fully functional (you can't purchase or download songs yet), there is evidence that it will be awesome. For starters, Google has evidently integrated a "Free Song Of The Day" feature, which, as the name implies, offers users a free song each day. Besides that, the Google Music Store appears to offer recommendations for similar artists to those who you've searched for or purchased from.

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While the music store already looks great, TecnoDroidVe makes it clear that Google has been polishing it up in recent days, and we can only hope that the finished product is indeed unveiled on the 16th in Los Angeles.

Source: TecnoDroidVe

Liam Spradlin
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  • Stephen

    Looks quite nice.

  • Jim

    Lets hope they launch worldwide and don't pull a typical Google where it's US ONLY and coming soon (read a loooooong, looooooong time) to other parts of the world

    • hfm

      TechnoDroidVe is from Venezuela, so there's hope.

  • am79

    I wonder what the T-mobile connection is. I'm praying for some G-NEX love.

  • James Jun

    I'm hoping that Google has managed to secure a solid number of good music companies on this.

  • Bas


    I totally agree.

  • mike

    Free Song of the Day sounds similar to the Magnifier thing they've got going now.

    • razorhail

      thats why there havent been any magifier updates in the last couple days ;)

  • TgR

    Please show us some "Lossless" Love !

    • hldc1

      It might happen, but I wouldn't count on it. I'm guessing MP3s at 256 kbit/s bitrate like Amazon.

  • Dan

    Do you think it will be DRM free?

    • hldc1

      I think so, unless they have a dual-tier system where they charge more for DRM-free tracks. That, in my opinion, would suck as I'd like to see Google do something radically different with the music market.

  • D. Snood

    No doubt it will suffer from the same IP-address based geographical restrictions that Amazon's store has (read about it here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/forum/mp3/ref=cm_cd_ttp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx28IXQIV6LBRU4&cdThread=Tx2DDW3FXWVC1AV ). Why don't these sites base your eligibility on (a) registered address, (b) credit card address. Instead they use IP address. How does that make sense?

  • jjrudey

    I don't really need yet another place to buy music from. I would prefer an application to manage my music easier like how WP7 has Zune and iPhone has iTunes.

    • http://meercat9.com Billy

      I think that's exactly what it is. Plus you buy music through itunes and zune.

    • razorhail

      Google Music IS Google's iTunes
      its just completely in the cloud

    • malnisten

      Was hoping for more of a streaming service, I really don't see myself ever buying anything from here when there are services like Spotify and Rdio in the wild. Was hoping for a similar service from Google that would also tie into things like Google+, so this is a bit of a letdown.
      Still nice to see more core multimedia services become a part of Android though.

      EDIT: This was meant to be a new post not a reply, sorry.

  • John

    Please have podcast support!

  • marc

    better than ezra.. fuck yea!

  • marc

    better than ezra.. hell yea!

  • SparklingCyaNide

    I like the look a lot and the free song of the dayy is genius. especially love the Deborah Cox nod. : )

  • D

    Google Listen is basically defunct now. There haven't been any updates since Last year Oct (2010) and updates are needed :(
    It would be nice if Google provided the same paradigm as other media platforms (Zune, iTunes) with integrating Podcast (audio/video) as well. It would just seem complete.

  • Freak4Dell

    Free song of the day could be intriguing. I wonder if it will be songs from major labels, or smaller indie ones, like they've been doing since they introduced Google Music. Probably the latter.

  • http://galaxys2apps.net/ Galaxy S2 Apps

    Look really nice, free song of the day will be really good!

  • k0ng

    why this show in Spanish?

  • http://www.myspace.com/deepsouthautodetailing #1Myspace fan!!

    Screw google and google plus and theur music site. however i hope google plus beats facebook. but google haveing a music site? i mean with all these 100s of music sites out there to buy music from whats gonna set google apart from the rest? im a huge myspace fan and myspace has the largest free music library on thew internet. yahoo music or pandora or fb dont even come close. there is soo mutch music you can find on myspace that i tunes dont even have or those others i listed. there is soo many bands i like that have broken up and dont sing together no more but their music is still on myspace. and people say you tube is for music. you tube has music videos and the quote music people talk about on there is a video player that has a shitty pic in the background while music plays. dont go to youtube for music unless you like music videos and interviews of the artist. myspace gives you the option to buy/download music right from the muscions page. im sorry but in this bad economy im not gonna blow a redicoulous price on one song. i used i tunes recently and only used it cuzz i had a giftcard. i saw they wanted 99 cents to $1.28. im like screw that. i hope youtube isnt that high. i belive ill be on my myspace listening to free music or buying a cd in the store. the cd helps the artists out more then downloading a song or 2.of course there is free music sites to download music. you gotta hope the gov aint watching it. i got 23 playlists on my myspace with over a 1000 songs and it didnt cost me nothing. my oppinon go to myspace for music or go to a sotre and buy a cd.

    • abenton

      Thanks for the insight, Tom.

  • datallboy

    This was fun to go back to and look through the comments.

    • Martim

      Comparing those screenshots to the new Lollipop version that just got released makes me cringe.

      Hello people of the future! I hope Android is even more amazing in 2017 than it was in 2014! Just to give you a blast from the past, this is the current state of Android on the Nexus 6 (remember that?). It's pretty sweet.

      PS: I hope the future finally has breakthrough battery technology so that phones finally get 10 hours of screen-on time and that Nexuses (or whatever Google calls it now) have cameras that blow the iPhone's out of the water. I'm also really curious to know how Project Ara will work out.