Combining physics-based gameplay with outer space action/strategy combat, Space Conquest challenges the player to "save the solar system from complete annihilation."

The game provides players with a wide array of unlockable ships, each with their own arsenal. The game also allows for completely customizable fleets, each battling enemies with relatively sophisticated AI, against a backdrop of large swaths of stars and other outer space scenery. In contrast with the detailed, beautiful starscapes in Space Conquest, the ships themselves are comprised of neon, polygonal outlines, giving the game a unique visual style.

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For just $0.99 in the Android Market, Space Conquest provides a visually stimulating experience while forming an intriguing hybrid between defense, action, and physics-based gaming styles at a bargain. It's worth noting, however, that Space Conquest comes in a whopping 94MB download. That being said, the game is definitely worth checking out, for those who have plenty of extra storage space.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • caliber

    Looks interesting but no demo? I hate how often that's the case with iOS developers on Android.

  • http://www.mygamedevelopers.com/ M.Y. Developers

    Hello from M.Y. Developers,
    Thank you for your honest review. Space conquest is our first project and some aspects you have pointed out (such as the large size) are a sign of that. We have reduced the size to under 30 MB now and users who otherwise may have had problems installing the game on their device should not have problems now. Please check us out and be patient, all your comments will be heard and considered on an individual basis and we are working hard to make this a game everyone will enjoy.
    -M.Y. Developers

    • http://lovepeacestudios.blogspot.com Love Peace Studios

      Hello fellow game developer.
      I'm impressed you could come up with such a game for your first project. I'd like to ask if you're using Unity, no?
      Thank you for your reply.

      • http://www.mygamedevelopers.com/ M.Y. Developers

        Hello Love Peace Studios,

        Thank you!! We are not using Unity because it was a little bit expensive for us and hopefully with Space Conquest, we will be able to afford Unity in the future. Currently, we are using Corona Sdk.

  • http://www.mygamedevelopers.com/ M.Y. Developers

    A demo version of the game is now available in the Android market! Try out the game today!