Undeterred by the fact that the 1-click root method available for other Motorola devices doesn't work for the retail version of Verizon's Droid RAZR, the Android community has once again liberated the latest addition to the Droid family. Droid Forums is crediting Pieman13 for the find, providing an easy 5-step guide to rooting your RAZR. Before we go any further, I should encourage those unfamiliar with rooting to check out our primer on the subject here. If your phone gets bricked, there aren't any unbricking methods just yet, so proceed with caution. Of course Android Police claims no responsibility for what might happen to your device.


Without further ado, here are the steps to get your brand new Droid RAZR rooted:

Step 1: Download and install Motorola Drivers for your Windows PC (this doesn’t work on other operating systems): 32-bit or 64-bit.
Step 2: Download DooMLoRD v2 ROOT zergRush busybox su.zip and extract contents to your PC (desktop would be a good place).
Step 3: From your Droid RAZR’s homescreen, tap Menu button and enable USB Debugging from Settings > Applications > Development.
Step 4: Connect your Droid RAZR with your PC and select Charge Only option from notifications drawer.
Step 5: Navigate to where the folder you unzipped in Step 2 to and open the folder and click on the runme.bat file and let it do its thing.

And there you have it! If all went well, your RAZR should now be rooted and running Android 2.3.5. Gingerbread.

Source: Droid Forums

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    It should be said this is for Windows users only. Of course Linux users can figure it out on their own.

    • joshp

      It doesn't say windows only because they assume that a person with enough sense to root a smartphone also has enough sense to not purchase apple lol

  • http://droidforums.net wicked

    Sweet, thanks for posting this up Liam!

  • Tyler C

    I really wish my Thunderbolt would have been this easy when it first came out.
    I first did the 9-step method, then got paranoid over the security warning, then continued using the 3-step/click method and all was well.

  • Kin

    Wow, zergrush method works with so many phones! :O

  • Randy

    I think I read somewhere that the Droid 3 method (which works with most other Moto phones on GB) works as well.

  • Samcobra

    But does it unlock the bootloader?

  • Goat

    Umm no it sure does not

  • sgtguthrie

    The picture with this article is misleading. You have an unlocked sign on the pic, and the device is most certainly still locked with an encrypted bootloader. Root is a great thing, but it's far from the same as unlocked!

    It's things like this that confuse people about the difference...

    • Saul

      I'm pretty sure the phone is unlocked in the traditional usage. As in "I bought an unlocked cellphone".

      • sgtguthrie

        I have no idea what you're talking about. Bootloader is locked, and encrypted just like the dx, d2, d2g, d3, and bionic.

        Unlocked is the d1, or any htc phone after running Unrevoked or revolutionary, any samsung phone, and of course any NEXUS device.

        The difference with the moto line is that though you can gain root access, you can't change the kernel unless moto changes it. MAJOR design flaw! One example why:

        When I got my ThunderBolt it could barely get thru an entire day with an extended battery. After a custom undervolted kernel, I was at a day and a half. Now, with gb and new radios, it makes it 2 days!

        This is one example why ill never buy a device the bootloader can't be unlocked on. Sorry to say, but that's why moto lost my business after the d1.

        • Saul

          I mean that normally when a cellphone is "unlocked" it means it isn't locked to a specific carrier.

          Though I do wish Motorola would stop locking the bootloader on phones. At least they allow the installation of non-market apps.

  • Dev

    Unlock the bootloader and I buy this phone

  • Ladze Razr

    Juz bought the unlocked razr,.. Bt my problem is the hostpot does not work perfectly. It does connect to my ipad n computer but it says limited connection... And i hav tried to root the phone as instructed in http://www.gsmarena.com but the problem is remain.

    Can anyone please help me to slove this. Thx

  • sgtguthrie

    IT'S NOT UNLOCKED PEOPLE! IT'S BOOTLOADER IS LOCKED, AND YES, ITS LOCKED TO VZW TOO (though i have no idea why people brought that up).

    I doubt you'll find help with your tethering here. I suggest you head on over to RootzWiki and post in the razr general questions section.

    If that doesn't work, return it and wait for the NEXUS or Rezound. (but I'd do that anyway...lol)

    • ladze

      Mmmm I dun think I can return it back as I bought it overseas... neway thx for the comment. =)

  • Andrew

    so im new to rooting devices. I currently have the Droid Razr and followed the steps above. everything was done and said to be successful.

    I downloaded Root Explorer pro. Now i'm wondering what is the best way to delete all the bloatware "main reason for rooting"
    im a vet on the pc and noob on here. so any help would be appreciated! :) THX

  • Hanna Alex

    The difference with the moto line is that though you can gain root access, you can't change the kernel unless moto changes it. MAJOR design flaw! One example why