With the Mali-T400 running on the Galaxy SII, and the Mali-604 still in production, ARM is still racing ahead, releasing details surrounding the Mali-T658 GPU today - yet another next-gen chip that will support up to eight cores.

The T-658 is poised to improve on ARM’s T-604, allowing up to ten times the graphic performance of the current-gen T-400 chip (and 4 times the computing power), as well as enabling nice compatibility with ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, which allows the set to switch dynamically between chips to achieve stunning power efficiency and performance under strain.

While the T-658 sounds awesome, and manufacturers such as Samsung and LG have already shown interest, we aren’t likely to see it for a couple of years yet. As  Qualcomm, PowerVR, and NVIDIA continue churning out impressive chips (the Kal-El, for example, has 12 cores of graphics processing), it will be interesting to see where the Mali T-658 stands when it finally materializes.

Source: ARM1, 2 via The Verge

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    The fuck is this video

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    The power glove is BACK! It's so bad!

  • Ryan

    So being that all three of these were very exaggerated I wonder if this chip can actually do anything useful.

  • Deltaechoe

    Just a marketing video, show some real realtime video processing and then I'll see what I think about it

    • jake

      I think it's still a little too early for that.

  • L boogie

    Wonder if this is the gpu chip for the galaxy s 3/3d?

    • Zomby

      Considering it's planned for a 2013 release, I'd say no. Could be the Galaxy S4 GPU. The GS3 could very likely have the Mali-T604 though.

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    @2:27 : FAKE

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    Whats an HTC Desire is doing in the middle of all that?

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    That was quite the strange clip. Seemed heavily influenced by the blue man group dvd. Totally out of place though in this case... Who'd want to see something like this anyway?

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    This video sure is out of this world.. and not in a good way.

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    "the Kal-El, for example, has 12 cores of graphics processing"

    Cores don't indicate anything about performance, unspecified GPU "cores" doubly so.

  • Guest

    "the Kal-El, for example, has 12 cores of graphics processing"