PayPal's popular app for Android has received a significant update this morning, and the biggest change allows those with NFC phones to request money from other NFC-enabled devices using PayPal - nifty. While NFC has been slow to see adoption, Google's efforts with Wallet and MasterCard WavePay have no doubt raised a few eyebrows (and one lawsuit) over at PayPal, the world's largest online-only payment service.

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NFC support is enabled via a widget, and when in proximity to another NFC-enabled, PayPal-widget-using handset, you can hit the "Request Money" button and the request will populate on their PayPal account.

This version also enables tablet support, though the interface is not what you'd call "tablet-optimized" so much as "tablet compatible." Other changes include a general revamp of the app's UI, and particularly of the "Send Money" feature, which allows you to categorize your transaction as well as select and save PayPal info to your Contacts.

Here's the actual changelog:

1. Updated design and enhanced experience
2. New widget: Request Money with NFC!
3. Improved support for tablets
4. Send Money redesign
5. Bug fixes
6. App now available in Brazil
7. Enhanced feature support for EU, APAC, and LATAM regions

The PayPal 3.0 update is live on the Market now.

David Ruddock
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  • Dan

    I wish paypal nothing but failure. A company that has screwed over that many of its customer deserves to fail. It's amazing that anyone still uses them

  • caliber

    Sucks that NFC is only available with the use of a widget. I have no particular plans to transfer money using this method, but it seems like it could be handy if the situation arises. However, I'm sure as Hell not dedicating space to it permanently on my home screen just in case I run into that situation where beaming PayPal with NFC is useful.

  • http://androidpandora.blogspot.com/ Myself

    i hate paypal...

  • kam

    if Paypal NFC was another alternate means of paying at the supermarket, then that would be great. but it's only limited to per to per ....no go for me

  • Michael Butler

    FYI: Bump to pay works from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

    • Jake

      That's awesome!

  • http://forums.auctionbytes.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=24148 Philip Cohen

    “Most folks on Wall Street view eBay really as PayPal plus a marketplace …”

    That’s an astute observation, but John Donahoe and Scott Thompson are simply delusional if they think that PreyPal can continue to underpin the faltering eBay Marketplace “house of cards” by becoming even a minor threat to the existing payments systems of the banks/Visa/MasterCard at traditional Point-of-Sale—the idea is pure science fiction. (“Beam me up Scotty!”)

    The real question is, when are the world’s various banking regulators going to finally do something about over-sighting PreyPal, an unethical, unprofessional, effectively unregulated and clunky financial operator that offers unlicensed banking-type services and is, in effect, simply a money gouging arm of the Ho’s “eBafia”?

    Even though PreyPal clearly offers banking-type services (ie, holding users’ funds in non-prudentially regulated and non-FDIC insured banking-type accounts, etc), PreyPal is mostly registered in some places not as a bank nor as a provider of credit but only as a “money transmitter” (like Western Union), and PreyPal has even claimed that they “are not a payment network”, and there is a grain of truth in that claim because most (but not all) of their activities facilitate the transmission of funds simply by riding on the back of the banks’ existing payments processing systems.

    In fact, the only thing creative about PreyPal has been their founding use of users’ unique email addresses as identifiers for online payment transactions. PreyPal is otherwise no more than a blood-sucking parasite riding on the back of, and in the main cannot function except via, Visa/MasterCard and the banks’ existing payments processing systems.

    Regardless, outside of PreyPal’s mandated use on whatever will ultimately be left of the Donahoe-stagnated* eBay Marketplace, PreyPal (and most other third-party payments processors) will eventually be consigned to the history books by the retail banks/Visa/MasterCard once those “professional” players get their “online” act together. There is nothing surer than the sun will rise in the morning.

    Both eBay and its ugly daughter PreyPal are most devious, unethical, unprofessional organisations: both have become the most despised commercial entities on the planet—apparently, more hated by many than even “the banks”. eBay, amongst many other things, has forever knowingly and criminally, facilitated shill bidding fraud on their trusting auction buyers. And what else can be said about PreyPal that a great many PreyPal merchants don’t already know, to their cost: the probability is that if, as a merchant, you have chosen, or are forced, to use PreyPal you are eventually going to get burned; it’s really only a matter of the degree of the burn.

    Having said that, it’s possible that PreyPal can survive by becoming the merchant account provider “of last resort” for those very small or unscrupulous merchants unable to get a real merchant account from their own bank—Oh, hang on, hasn’t PreyPal always been just that, and charged all their users accordingly?

    Enron / eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.

  • http://healthcare.blogger.de Emmanuel

    Allow me to donate to Wikileaks or gtfo.

  • Spaznuski

    Can we get a none market link for tthose of us country locked. Would love tto update mine