Yesterday we saw the first render of the HTC Edge, which is rumored to be the first smartphone to pack the ultra-sick quad-core Tegra 3 processor. New info has now emerged that suggests this superphone could be packed with even more monstrous specs that we originally imagined.

According to BGR, the fun is just getting started with the Tegra 3, as this super-slim device could feature a 4.7-inch 720p SuperLCD 2 with optical lamination, which would make this the best display we've ever seen on a smartphone.

The Edge will also feature a sleek unibody design with 32GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, a microSIM slot, and an 8MP rear shooter with 1080p video capture, as well as a 720p front camera, Beats Audio, Bluetooth 4.0, an 1800mAh battery, and... wait for it.. NFC.

If these specs are indeed the real deal, it's like HTC took the Rezound and threw it in a blender with steroids and unicorn blood. What a beast.

[via BGR]

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • JLishere

    Wow, this makes the Galaxy Nexus already obsolete. :)

    • Seth

      But it's screen is just so flat. Also, no mention of a barometer. Do you really want to go back to the days before phones had barometers?

    • ZRod

      That is what kind of pisses me off about Nexus phones, they come out right before better processors do. Just like the previous Nexus came out right before dual core devices the Galaxy Nexus is coming out right before quad core devices.
      It just taunts me with what could have been instead of what will be.

      • skinien

        You can't develop and test your code on processors that don't exist.

        • ZRod

          these processors have existed long enough for sw to be tested on them as proven by this post. They would just need a different launch window to have time to mass produce these things.

    • skinien

      If it launches with ICS. Hardware is only as good as the software that utilizes it.

      • Nocturnhabeo

        It should seeing as they are already talking about releasing phones with Sense 4.0 and ICS

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

      You can say the same thing to pretty much every top tier smartphones that haven't released ... in fact, even the Galaxy Nexus itself hasn't been released.

    • Jon Garrett

      and it makes the iPhone 5 obsolete too.

  • mikesuds

    And probably Sense. -1

  • Dragonithe

    Just 2 thingies.
    1) remove the soft key's and put them on the screen.
    2) add a sd card slot

    • chris

      Buttons on screen takes more place.
      Soft key's are more visible.
      Soft key's makes phone more usable in games etc.

      And phones are not damn tablets...

      • IamBeast

        with a 4.7" screen and soft key buttons, the thing will be as big as the Galaxy Note. The Nexus at least is only a little bigger than most 4.3" screen phones because of the on screen buttons.

    • Jon Garrett

      the SD card slot might be in the back after you remove the cover.

    • J

      I totally agree with Dragonithe! It needs to dump the physical buttons. With a 4.7 inch screen and physical buttons, I'd say the phone would be getting to the "too big" realm...

      I would LOVE to have an SD card... I know this thing is (according to rumors) coming with 32GBs of internal storage, which is twice what most phones have now... But having removable storage is useful. My Droid X decided it didn't want to power up when I tried to reboot it, lucky I had all my data backed up onto the SD, so as soon as I got the replacement from Verizon I was back at full speed just by sliding the SD card in... Also, it'd keep your backups safe if you flash your phone's memory, to install a custom ROM for example....

      I'm kinda seeing the extra 16GBs as a consolation prize of sorts... "Sorry, you can't add more storage via SD, so here's a little extra internal"...

      Just imagine, though, 32GB internal + 32GB on the SD... Of course, I'd even go for arguing to add another dash of Unicorn blood to the recipe & get the SD reader to pass beyond the 32GB limit. A.) it'd be real awesome to know your walking around with a terabyte of storage in your pants (*Not trying to over-compensate for anything of course), but B.) With ICS's ad hoc networking ability, you could very easily use your phone as a ultra portable, always with you USB flash drive/external hard drive...

      And most phones that come with NFC tend not to have SD... I think Google mentioned that there just wasn't enough room when they added it to the Nexus S to put the SD card in.... HTC if you're reading this, I (and probably enough others) can put up with a few extra millimeters in thickness to have both SD & NFC....

      The only thing I would suggest beyond your 2 things would be, as Seth suggested in his reply to JLishere's comment, add the barometer... I don't know exactly how useful it'll be... But if its good enough for the Galaxy Nexus & the Xoom...

      • JBO

        That better be some super dee duper unicorn blood if you want a terabyte of storage. Just got to get that SD slot reading those 968 GB SD cards.

        • J

          OK, we might be awhile away from TB sized SD cards, but they are possible.

          The SDXC standard is able to accept cards up to 2TB (as apposed to the SDHC format in current Android phones, which only supports up to 32GB). A 64GB microSD card was released in September (and standard SD cards have 64 and 128 from back in January). If Android manufactures switch from SDHC to SDXC, it may take until we're eating Kotten Kandy (Android 6.0), but we could see terabyte microSD cards....

          Or, if we switch from SD to USB flash drives, they're already up in the 256GB range... And I've seen a company claim they're just waiting for the USB 3.0 standards to be finalized before coming out with a nice thin 2TB USB drive (http://dsc.discovery.com/gear-gadgets/2-terabyte-flash-drive-is-barely-taller-than-penny.html). I'd assume it wouldn't take too much to switch to USB instead of SD.

          Or, while I'd still prefer removable storage, if we used the tech they used to shrink 2TBs down that small... Internal storage could skyrocket from just 32GBs to the TB range... It'd make finding somewhere to back it all up at difficult, but...

  • kcarpenter

    "...threw it in a blender with steroids and unicorn blood." - YES!

    • L boogie

      Btw Cameron, there's gonna be a legion of steroid & unicorn blood fueled smartphones coming through the pipelines in the coming months, so let's be on the lookout.

      • Cameron Summerson

        I've already setup three watchtowers for such devices. If that's not enough, we'll build more.

  • Vonlaserface

    Finally, a smartphone that's able to harness the unfathomable power of unicorn blood. This gives "magical" a run for its money.

    • Whodunny

      Charlie gave his kidneys at Candy Mountain for this phone.

      • Kevin

        Wow... it took THIS LONG for a "Charlie" comment to be made? +1 for you, sir.

  • Trae

    Definitely skipping the Galaxy Nexus and waiting for this monster...

    • Ribbys

      A month before this one comes out, rumors of the next flagship phones will come out. Lather rinse repeat!

      • Miann

        not really. SG2 is still the best smartphone right now even with razr/nexus/rezound as competition. Will almost get a full year reign before the q1/2 phones come out that actually top it..

        SG3 isnt even supposed to be quad core.. so this phone could easily be the next long term reigning champ

        • IamBeast

          Hopefully the SGSIII will come with the Exynos 5250 + MaliT604. I'd take an optimized dual-core 2.0GHz CPU + a MaliT604 over a Tegra3 even with it's quadcore. nVidia is better at GPU performance than CPU and I don't think the Tegra3 will be any different.

  • Kris Smith

    Even though all these great phones are coming out now and I'm tempted to go out and grab one. I think ill just wait to renew my contract in July. This seems to be the phone that has all the bells and whistles. Loaded in every category. Just bring a phone like this to SPRINT and shut up the crapple fanboys for good.

  • hyperdistortion

    The minute it's available to buy unlocked in the UK, it's mine... Unless another handset tops it first!

  • Engineer

    Nice specs. Next week there will be another phone in some other company's plans to make that one obsolete before it comes out, and another, an so on. Just be happy with the awesome phones we have now!

    • Blacksheep

      Yep. Does this phone tech upgrade madness remind anyone of the computer upgrade madness from the late 80s through the early 2000s? It seemed back then that if you bought a computer, 6 months later the tech was so advanced new software wouldn't work on your machine, hell, at that point even entire formats were going obsolete. We got one in 1990 with 3.5 floppys and no modem. Like a year later everyone had CD-ROMS, then 14.4K modems and the RAM/HDD/Ghz race, my god. Now it's phones, 3 years ago they hit 1ghz, then they go dual core, now they go quad core. Internal storage was 1 gb, now its 32gb. Graphics cards are more elite than the last every 6 months etc.

      One day, maybe even a few years from now, we will hit a level where all phones are really advanced and the elite ones are only released/needed by us super nerds.

  • bnorm

    Meh. Software won't be able to make use of four cores for about another year. Ice Cream Sandwich is JUST NOW making use of two cores. The two unused cores in the Tegra3 will just be using power with no gain in performance. Once software will be able to use all four cores, it will be something to jump over.

    • http://richard.borcsik.com randomchars

      It's obvious that you haven't used a SGS2 It's running 2.3 but is way faster than a single core phone with the same clock.
      Also applications need to be optimized for multi cores not just the platform. And even if the platform is only optimized for two cores, it would still benefit from having four because more activities could run parallel.

    • Miann

      I guess the benchmark for the asus prime was a fake or its running some magical version of android that supports 4 cores...

    • Lorenzo in a Benzo

      The Tegra 3 only turns on the cores it needs so no battery wasted. It will actually use less battery than any dual core phone because of the 5th companion core.

    • Zac

      ICS makes use of multi core processors not just dual core.

  • duder

    HSDPA radio is the rumor - so ATT and T-Mobile would be the ones to get this phone.

  • Namuna

    Mmmmm, unicorn blood. Some counter-arguments to a few of the comments I'm seeing here (and elsewhere):

    * This Edge is promising to have goodies that aren't even readily available yet, but we know are coming. In a week there might be someone else with SIMILAR specs, but NOT better.
    * I agree, there's probably not much that fully utilizes dual-core let alone quad...Which means that much longer lifespan for the phone!
    * I'm not a chip engineer, but it would seem that an usused core would NOT be sucking power. Like a toaster isn't using power until you're toasting something.

    Release this monster on TMo and I'll sing the praises of HTC forever!

  • Chris

    hope sprint picks up a beat just like or better!

  • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

    Awesome but i'm so NOT waiting anymore... i'm getting my Nexus and will wait a couple of weeks to get Transformer Prime with Quad-Core or just get a Galaxy Tab 10.1 ... i'm sick of waiting!!

    • PostalJim

      Smartest post I've seen in a while! I'm in line right behind you!

  • bluevoodo

    Am I in the minority here? I just want a 4.0 to 4.3in at most screen with 720p no physical buttons, 4g lte dual core with good gpu, stock android, good 8mp camera and front facing camera, hdmi out or hml and solid body aluminum design? Its starting to seem that android manufacturers are catering to the outer fringes of the smartphone market, why? Does apple serve the majority so well, not in my opinion.

    • jeremy

      i agree. a phone display shouldn't be bigger than 4.3".... 4.3 is already pushing it IMO... sigh.

  • Scott

    No replaceable battery, no thanks. I don't care how beastly the specs are, I want to be able to replace/use a spare battery or extended battery.

  • L boogie

    Ok besides Samsung's eventual attempt to one up the Edge with a 2GHz, quad-core nuke-juiced exynos among other specs on the galaxy s 3, I'm looking forward to the final product and though the phone is supposedly running on hspa+, hopefully we'll also see a Lte/ CDMA version. Definitely interested in seeing what Sense 4.0 is bringing to
    the table not that i want any skin overlay in ICS but if I'm gonna take it, why not use the best of the pack. Btw Cameron, there'sgonna a be

  • Roy Blumenthal

    That battery just ain't big enough. These things need 3400mAh batteries built in.

  • http://healthcare.blogger.de Emmanuel

    Look guys you can wait and wait forever. There will always be a phone that is faster.

    By the time this monster gets released, Samsung might announce the Galaxy S3 with Quad Core Exynos and Super HD AMOLED Plus screen and 2GB RAM or something. It's an endless arms race. You gotta settle with one and just be happy with it.

    I don't see why you need a quad core in a phone. But Transformer Prime makes all the sense in the world.

    • PostalJim

      S3 is not being billed as a quad but a dual. Granted, things change, but Samsung has enough battery issues without supercharging the processor up to a quad. I just wonder how this HTC will do with a smallish battery and a hugish screen!!!

  • Mr. Mark

    has anyone ever seen a "SuperLCD 2", let alone even heard of it? google shows nothing for it, except for regular SuperLCD screens. how can we know that this touted SuperLCD 2 screen will be the best screen we've ever seen when no one's even seen it and no one has any information on it!

  • Meg

    Now taking bets on how fast this iteration of Tegra will be obsolete. Willing to bet less than 7 months.

  • behelit

    I don't believe it.
    If this isn't plagued with htc battery issues it could be a winner.

  • fajar

    if HTC got NFC.., i just "GET REALLY CONFUSE".., Xperia Arc HD, Dual Core, NFC, Exmor... or HTC Edge Tegra3, NFC, and lots of ROM... really confuse...

  • jeremy

    DREAMS? wow... that word has lost its meaning i guess... and 4.7"? jeez... i dunno wth is going on but a phone shouldn't be THAT big... 4"-4.3" is perfect. and that phone has 4 buttons.... that picture should have never been leaked. WTH is HTC doing...

    • http://funkytownismyhood.wordpress.com josh

      Is it just me or are we getting dicked by android phone companies? My evo 4g was too big when I first got it but I now think it's perfect. But it seems like every time a new phone comes out with amazing specs they also feel the need to up the screen size.

  • ArunaSena

    well i am still hoping it will be released without the hardware navigational buttons and this is just a proto render.

    if it's relased without those buttons...m going for this baby instead of GNex.

    Also screw the sense, root and CM baby

  • ex-iPhone user

    I don't get it, why are they going crazy with the screen sizes? iPhone 4 still beats out every Android even announced with their resolution. I want a smaller screen and better resolution. Is that too much to ask?

    • http://richard.borcsik.com randomchars

      My dream phone would have a 4" screen with this resolution. That would make it 367dpi, while still having a manageable screen size. A man can dream.

  • PostalJim

    HTC scares me. Still wanna see what the new Sense is like. Could be the deal breaker, if the absent SD slot wasn't already. EVERY phone should have SD slot!