Here's a tidbit of good news for those looking to pick up a new 4G LTE device on Verizon this month -- be it the Droid RAZR, HTC Rezound, Galaxy Nexus (granted that it actually comes out this month), or even an existing LTE handset. Starting tomorrow, November 8th, Big Red will be doubling the data for all new or existing customers who re-sign their two year agreement with an LTE phone.

So, instead of being stuck with 2GB of data, you'll have 4GB to play with before overage charges kick in. Sure, it's still not unlimited, but for anyone forced onto a tiered data plan, 4GB is far better than 2GB.  If you're already on a tiered plan and have a 4G device, don't fret -- simply login to your My Verizon account and you'll be able to update your plan to the new 4GB allowance. Win.

Cameron Summerson
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  • ocdtrekkie

    Honestly, this takes a lot of whine out of the lack of unlimited bit. I was trying as hard as I could to tax my unlimited plan after I got my 4G phone... and at the end of the month, I was still at only 3.4 GB.

    • Xilpaxim

      I regularly hit 15 gigs.

  • GMoGoody

    ocd I think it depends on what you do. On my Thunderbolt I primarily use Google Music all day at work and in the Car. I am averaging 5 GB a month. My worst month was around 9 GB. I am a heavy music streamer though. Right now I am 11 days into my month and I am at 2.8 GB.

    • EddieKrueger

      are you set to use cache?

  • yanks27xwc

    "Resign a two year agreement" does this mean everyones eligble for an early upgrade with the purchase of an LTE phone?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Not at all. It means anyone who is eligible for upgrade now and re-signs their contract with an applicable device will get 4GB instead of 2GB of bandwidth, granted they aren't grandfathered in on an unlimited plan.

  • Swordstool

    What happens if you have a non-4G phone with Verizon right now (Droid X) with 'unlimited' data (i.e. 5GB/month...), and are upgrading to a 4G phone after November 8th, as I will be doing? What happens with the data plan??

    • Cameron Summerson

      You will keep your unlimited plan.

      • Swordstool

        'unlimited' still means 5GB limit then, right? Not reduced to 4GB?

        • TheTJFish

          Unlimited means unlimited.

        • Sean Prunka

          No, unlimited still means unlimited. They may throttle your speeds if you are in the top x% of "data hogs." (I think it was 5%, but I'm not sure.)

  • j

    4gb is nothing. im having a really hard time staying under 10 gb.
    my girlfriend uses 25-30 gb a month. she has a special subscription with free data.. sadly i cant have that... and ive never heard of anyone else in my country with free data :/

  • h8t

    The big red is still far behind. Kind of like getting a beat down in prison by 8 guys and next day they give you a break by only 4 guys kicking the crap out of you. Still sucks.

  • J

    So, if we're on a grandfathered unlimited plan... unlimited x 2 == ???

    Could I use the 2nd unlimited to get my mom (family share plan) to finally ditch her feature phone & get an Android phone? I hardly use any of my unlimited data (90% of the time I'm in wifi)... I know she'd use even less data...

  • Freak4Dell

    Great deal for those on tiered plans!

  • JesusDisciple

    As long as I get to keep my unlimited data, I'm good to go.

  • Noah

    Need a release date on the Nexus and an end date on this promotion.

    What's Verizon's return policy? Would it be worth getting the cheapest phone now to lock this in and let them sit in a box to return for the Galaxy Nexus when it gets released?

  • SiliconAddict
  • Jim

    If they can to double the data at the same price, why can't they offer 2 gig plans at half the price? Just sayin....

  • http://www.CigarCreations.com Sam

    So even if I just signed up 2 weeks ago with the standard 2GB data plan, I can upgrade to 4GB at no additional cost?

  • eleazar

    Wow, that's great. Now I can switch my wife from AT&T w/o having to worry about the ridiculous 2gb cap. 4gb is much more reasonable for the average user.

  • djembeman

    So glad I have Unlimited 4G data!!! I had the LG Revolution before 4G came to my area and once it was available my data usage skyrocketed. My first month had me going up to 28 GB of data. I think maybe Verizon figured something out because I haven't consciously changed my usage/behavior. I think last month I used about 12 GB.

  • Ryan S

    Sorry its still not going to bring me over until you get the Nexus. Get the Nexus and we shall talk.