A sudden change of heart on the part of Com2uS has left many customers of its popular game Homerun Battle 3D infuriated, triggering a downpour of one-star ratings and requests for refunds.

The impetus behind this turmoil is the fact that Com2uS' latest update for Homerun Battle 3D has made it impossible for users running rooted devices to play the game. This decision came after between 100k and 500k purchases had already been made. Users are (rightfully) downgrading their review scores in light of the development, and many are asking for refunds as compensation for the developers' decision.


Com2uS updated the game's Market listing when the latest version became available, adding a note which reads "this version does not support gameplay in rooting condition. 'Unrooting', or 'Disabling rooting' will guarantee a regular fun and safe gameplay."

In all fairness, Homerun Battle 3D seems like an entertaining game, but I think it would be accurate to say that Com2uS' customers are less than entertained by the developers' actions. You can read more of the one-star outpouring at the game's Android Market listing.

UPDATE: It seems Com2uS has started responding to customer concerns over the "inconvenience," promising to look at the issue, and potentially roll back the update in a series of tweets just moments ago:


For those feeling cheated because of the update, there may just be hope after all.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Josh

    Thanks for bringing attention to this! They're starting to backtrack on Twitter:

    We're very sorry for the inconvenience with the latest Homerun Battle 3D Android update.
    7 minutes ago via web

    We're definitely looking over this problem now and planning to switch back to v.1.6.0. I'll update the news asap! Thank you.
    7 minutes ago via web

  • jake

    Do this when you launch the app, and we'll look at your weird but may still get it if it's good. Do this after you already have hundreds of thousands of customers, and there's no way that's going to fly.


  • Josh

    What's the rationale here? Why block out rooted users? Is it a piracy issue?

    • http://www.innews.dk Erroneus

      Not sure, warez versions normally doesn't require root. Perhaps someone has been cheating with scores via rooted devices.

      Which off course sucks, but then the security in the game is bad and placed at the wrong level.

    • OniKyanAE86

      One word GameCIH2...... You can modify game values to get everything unlocked, unlimited money, Gold Balls, etc. Just like "Game Genie," "GameShark" or "Action Replay" for video game consoles. GameCIH2 requires root to work so they are blocking the root users because of this.......

  • Brian

    Glad I only use the free version which never got this update or any update for that matter lol.

  • Montgoss

    I actually stopped playing and uninstalled when the game started requiring GPS permissions. I emailed them when that change came through and they had no idea what I was talking about. They just kept claiming that their app didn't require GPS and it must be some other app. Apparently someone in the company finally figured out how to correct the permissions in the manifest... But now they're blocking rooted players? WTF?

  • Claudio

    com2us always does stuff like this

    i cant get over the fact that you cant transfer your data in 9 innings pro to another device

  • Chris

    weird thing is, it still worked on all my rooted devices. hmmm. maybe they were just saying it wouldnt work!

  • Aeires

    AppMonster, best app I've ever downloaded. If something like this happens, or if an update no longer functions properly, just reload the previous version from the auto backups.

  • Josh

    New update came out allowing rooted users again, thanks for helping bring attention to this!

  • Josh

    com2us is a 'take the money and run' enterprise. Their 9 Innings baseball is easily the best baseball game in the market, once you remove the ads for 7.99 (the cheapest option to do so) - however this is an in-app purchase, so if you wipe your game data, you've wiped your money. Also... the only way in the game to change teams for your season is to wipe your data. Better pick your favorite...
    It's a shame that a company with such talented developers acts this way.

    Note: Not the same Josh who posted above.

  • Walter JB

    C2U is gaining reputation as a money-comes-first company. Their "free" games hook you in then the frustration of the tedius, long road to advancement tempts the player to spend real money in hopes of getting ahead. I say hopes because the extremely low random generator makes it difficult to upgrade. I spent 165,000 game gold to achieve ONE stat to A level. One person spent $1500.00 REAL MONEY to completely upgrade ONE character. There are about 20.

    The in game complaints are numerous and fall on deaf ears. However, the play store reviews are high until you notice many of the same 5 star reviews have been duplicated many times. Nice padding!

    In future, I personally will avoid anything coming from COM2US.