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Remote controls have been around in one form or another since the middle of the 20th century, and little about them has changed in that time. They still comprise mainly of lots of buttons, most of which you have no idea how to use, and they're not exactly aesthetically pleasing to look at.

If Motorola has its way with this latest project, however, that may soon change. The Corvair, recently leaked on The Verge, is a 6-inch tablet device running Android 2.3, and according to the outer packaging of the product, it's a dedicated TV controller.

Leaked images also show the tablet's contents being displayed on a TV, so it's plausible that the device will be able to stream content wirelessly to compatible units, and control content that's already being displayed in addition to this.


There isn't a lot of information with regards to the specs of the Corvair, but the packaging shows that the display on the tablet is capacitive, and the tablet is compatible with Wi-Fi, as well as IR and RF4CE.

Despite a battery capacity of 4000mAH, it's hard to see a device such as this having a long battery life, so it may well ship with an optional charging dock too, so you don't have to trail wires over your living room to keep it charged.

At this point, the Corvair is still in its infancy, so we may not see it on the market in the immediate future, but it's interesting to see a company like Motorola working on such products, especially considering that Logitech already has a strong presence in the high-end remote control market with their line of Harmony controls.

Source: The Verge

John Thompson
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  • Jeffrey Gilbert

    Make it or break it moment is can i write my own apps for the IR / RF4CE? If they've exposed that hardware to developers, it's a win. If they haven't, it's a fail just like the ill concieved and timed sony tablet s.

  • gary ogden

    Needs bluetooth too so it can control those devices as well (PS3 is one).

  • http://twitter/atomriot atomriot

    i just hope to program stuff, you dont have to use some god awful html web site built into a windows application. looking at you logitech!

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    If this thing supports scripting (for the simple use cases), applications (for custom device interactions and interfaces), is customizable on the UI and doesn't do too badly with battery life...I'm predicting a high-end win.

    It's unrealistic to assume this (or even potential sibling devices) will get as low cost as many of the Harmony remotes, so they will probably continue to rule the cheaper end of the spectrum. This device, if it works well, could be an instant hit with the high-end home theater market (small but lucrative target group).

    Couple thoughts...I agree with gary, this NEEDS bluetooth or it's missing a huge market of devices, and including the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) support would be a huge plus. I also say this MUST use some form of LED screen, as an LCD screen would flood a dark room with way too much light. I also hope/expect that this thing either comes with or has a market for custom apps to control Boxee, GoogleTV, AppleTV, etc...

    Oh yeah, and one final thing...I would never use this thing if I was required to change from one screen to another to control multiple devices (at least 2-3 must be controlled on a single screen). I would hate to have to start up a movie and then change apps just to adjust volume on the receiver and again to change a mode on the TV. Just sayin'...

  • Khaled

    Logitech is a universal accessories maker, and they work with all players, Google, Microsoft, Apple,etc

    While Motorola is a competitor to many and with Google acquisition, it became more less universal

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody


      First, it's not clear that there's any point...are you saying it'll fail, and for what reason?

      Second, it's extremely common for companies to have one line of products that competes with another company while having other product lines that are considered complimentary. Don't forget, Logitech is also responsible for manufacturing the first GoogleTV device which does compete with a few other companies, but those other companies don't take issue with Logitech's Harmony Remotes as a result. Assuming there's not something important we haven't heard yet, this device is only really going to compete with Logitech's very highest end remotes. Motorola isn't likely to anger anybody else with this product (except possibly consumers, as they've done countless times in the past ;)

      • Khaled

        1-Logitech New "Harmony Link" apps based remote for Android & iOS, check it out on their site
        from Logitech CC @ seekingalpha
        2-Harmony team is back from Google TV dev. and expect more Harmonies before fiscal year end
        3-Logitech did the Google TV box Revue to help dev, the Google TV eco system for future accessories like they did for PC in last 30 years and now tablets and future smart TV part of Logitech wider vision of Digital Home
        No more new logitech dev. Google TV boxes but accessories, app (check last CC few days ago and CEO comments)
        we could see boxes and sets from Samsung, Motorola, Visio?

      • Freak4Dell

        Personally, I don't see anything wrong with angering Logitech, or any other manufacturers. It will just increase competition, and we'll see better products come out.

        I've never used one of those fancy schmancy remotes, since I don't have a fancy home theater system or plan on having one for several years, but if they can make this stuff more mainstream, then that can only be good for consumers.