Last week, Cisco released their Cisco Connect Express app on the market to very little fanfare, though the app is quite impressive. It allows you to control your Cisco/Linksys router from your Android device via WiFi, with the key features listed as:

Guest access – An easy way for visitors to get online. Give password-protected Internet access to visiting friends and family while keeping your own information private. No need to remember the guest password, it’s in the app. Simply email the password to your guest and they’ll be online in no time.

Add devices to your network – Quickly connect your computers, gaming consoles, tablets, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to your network. You can add them manually, or with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ if your device supports it.

Access Wi-Fi settings – Access your network name and password at anytime from anywhere in your home. If you need your password to add a device manually, quickly access it via your app.

Access router features – Keep your router up-to-date. Check for firmware updates and view details about your router, including model name and number, serial number, firmware version, and more. Plus, easily get a new WAN IP address or reboot your router.

connectexpress1 connectexpress2 connectexpress3

The app only works on Android 2.2.1+, and is only compatible with Linksys E-Series, X-Series, and Valet home routers, specifically these models. At the moment, it's only in the 100-500 installs range, and has an average rating of 4 stars.

Aaron Gingrich
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  • NikiSk

    It's not available in Bulgaria or probably even Europe. Can't download it and my router is supported. :(

    If anyone find the APK it will be great to share it.

    • Wendigo

      Same here in Czech rep. - "Available in US only."
      Not cool, Cisco, not cool.

      .apk anyone?

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        See below.

  • Kenshin

    Not available in India too :|

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Pulled the apk, here it is, guys: http://minus.com/mM8PDaOES

    Not sure if it'll work right, but I hope it does.

    Btw, the app is wonderful - it detected my router in a split second, and all I needed was a password (not really surprising, but a good user experience). Then everything it said it could do it did. Love it.

    • wendigo

      Thanks Art, it works!

  • NikiSk

    Thanks. It indeed is working.

  • Tyler C

    Entirely useless to me as it only supports, E, X, and valet routers. Therefore, won't work with my WRT400N or WRT160N.

  • JuggalotusHeat

    When this can support RV models I will take a look at it...Until then, MEH.

  • Andrei

    It works. I don't understand why is not available in other countries.

    Thank you

  • Rob

    Great idea. Now I wonder if there's a comparable app for NETGEAR Routers. That would be nice. :)

  • Laythor

    The ability to activate WPS from your phone makes the app worth it. Everything else can be done from other apps but the WPS feature made it an app I'll keep.

  • J

    Couldn't you just go to & control your router from there like you would on any computer on the network?

    Also, don't most people have their routers set to only allow admin changes to occur from a wired connection? So, unless the app somehow bypasses the wifi lock out...

    • wendigo

      Apparently the app is targetted at people who control their routers over wifi and don't like pecking all the tiny links on their tiny phone displays.

  • Wesley

    This app is not available in iTunes Canada. iT is only available to the residence of USA!

  • Jaap

    I've bought myself an Android nexus and already had an E2000.There is an problem with my connexion.My nexus knows I've an Telfort connexion but cisco still wants quest access password???How to fix this.I don't know.

  • Kristina

    WOW!!!! Finally I have some hope. I'll just keep my fingers crossed till my task is complete & "HOPEFULLY WORKING"! I have the new LG Marquee that came out Jan. 23 & I think they made sure to block any & everything having to do w/tethering ... etc. So some good luck sent my way is appreciated! thanks to the brilliant minds that help us less fortunate techs ... HAHA...HERE I GO, OFF TO MY BIG QUEST --- DAMN I WANT MY INTERNET BACK, GRRR

  • Dp_nostradomus

    It's an OK app. Should have option, to kick users, by MAC or ip or name. This app is very limited, it's potential is endless, i think i will modify it to my liking.

    Tip of the day: ROOT YOUR PHONE!