I won't lie: I'm not in the habit of applying cases to my phone. After all, my EVO 3D is hardly fragile, and cases often add bulk to a handset and distort its aesthetics.

So when I received an offer to review Trident's latest addition to its premium mobile protection portfolio, the Kraken AMS, I was skeptical. Nevertheless, I'm never one to turn down a review unit, so I accepted it, tested it out, and found myself somewhat surprised.

In a nutshell, this case is intense.

wm_CIMG1127 wm_CIMG1139 wm_CIMG1136


  • What is it? The Kraken AMS (Adaptive Modular System) is full-on body armor for your EVO 3D, complete with three layers, a kickstand, and a screen protector.
  • What comes in the box? 3 things:
  • All three parts of the case
  • The belt clip/holster
  • A set of plastic screen/camera protectors
  • How much does it cost? $44.95 - an undeniably steep price for a phone case.
  • Do I want it? If you want/need the ultimate protection for your EVO 3D (and don't care how thick your phone becomes as a result of said protection), then the Kraken AMS is perfect for you. Otherwise, there are likely better and more affordable options on the market.

wm_CIMG1129 wm_CIMG1132 wm_CIMG1130

The Good

  • Practically invincible.
  • Looks like a tank - the Kraken AMS' aesthetics make it clear that it is by no means "just a toy."
  • 3 layers:
  • The "Kraken" layer, which is made of hardened polycarbonate
  • The middle layer, "Perseus," which is crafted from impact-resistant silicone
  • The top layer, which is also constructed from polycarbonate and which basically keeps all the other parts in place
  • The problem of excessive bulk can be avoided by applying only the "Perseus" layer(though there is one rather large caveat - see below).
  • Lots of different colors.
  • Comes with free screen and protectors (sure, I refused to apply them since such products invariably decrease the quality of the display, but hey, it's there!).

The Bad

  • Junk in the trunk? You betcha.
  • Three layers provide protection galore, but also make the case nigh impossible to apply correctly
  • The "Perseus" layer attracts so much dust that if you don't apply the other layers, by the time you pull the case out of your pocket, it will no longer be black; it'll be a dirty shade of gray. Ick.
  • The "Kraken" layer feels very slippery, though it's never actually caused my EVO 3D to slip out of my hands.
  • The cover for the USB port sometimes gets stuck and is very difficult to pry open.
  • It's $45 - I'm guessing that's well out of the average consumer's budget for a phone case.


Has the Kraken broken me of my reckless, case-less lifestyle? Not quite - I've developed a propensity to cover my phone with only the "Perseus" layer, as the full package is far too thick to lug around on a daily basis.

wm_CIMG1123 wm_CIMG1125

Seen above: My EVO 3D with only the "Perseus" layer of the Kraken AMS applied.

Ultimately, the Kraken AMS isn't really a consumer case; it's more of a product aimed at construction workers and the like: the people who need a veritable tank of a phone. And at $45, it's priced to match - this clearly isn't a case for ballerinas.

That said, the Kraken does do a wonderful job of "scaling down" - as mentioned above, the "Perseus" layer alone is pretty slim yet still sufficiently protective. We find it hard to recommend spending nearly half a Benjamin on what amounts to a thin layer of silicone, though, so our advice is to steer clear of the Kraken unless you truly need the utmost protection.

The Kraken AMS is also available for the DROID Bionic, the Galaxy S2, and yes, the iPhone 4S, though we were not given the opportunity to test those models out, and thus we are unable to comment on them. It's relatively safe to assume they're very similar to the AMS for the EVO 3D, though.

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • blackroseMD1

    It looks nice, and can't be much thicker than the Otterbox Defender. The price is a bit high and, as seems to be the case with most case manufacturers these days, if you have an extended battery, you're likely out of luck.

    • MpO

      I have an Evo 3D, good quality extended batteries (4000 mAh) and rugged case from Seidio. I have large hands and don't like how thin phones are by default. Plus, I use it a lot and the regular battery life is too short. So I have 2 extended batteries, plus wall charger. When 1 battery is drained, I switch to the other in 1 minute and then charge the other in the wall charger. Seidio makes good products, though pricey also.

    • whisnantrider

      How is the fit and finish if this case? It looks as though the corners are rather sharpor jagged. This does nit appear to be as high of a grade if case as the kraken was for my EVO 4G.

  • Claudio

    thats a crazy ass case looks kinda cool, wonder if theres anything similar for the sensation

  • Martinez OS

    I like this case, I want it .. But .... I have an extended battery ..!! Uuughh

  • http://Www.metaksan.com Metal Hose

    I did not like it too much. Also, I do not think that it will be usefull.

    Anyway, of course, there will me lots of people who will love them :)

  • davidtb

    They don't make nothin good for my phone
    They're still dissin' my Triumph.. how much can a consumer take!!


  • Jim Sheets

    This is the most over engineered product I have ever seen. I found it impossible to open and it took three calls to Trident and a very embarrassed support person to crack.
    It is so thick an extension to the ear phone port is included. You will lose that within a week. I'm afraid to put my phone in it for fear that it will be held hostage. An absurd
    piece of equipment unless you are a crew member or driver of a tank and are concerned you may run over your phone.

  • CraigKThompson

    I just installed this case on my Motorola Droid Bionic.  As stated in various reviews, the belt clip portion is EXTREMELY fragile, and mine broke within 30 seconds of opening the packaging.  Fortunately, I had an old Body Glove belt clip, which mated up well with the Kraken plastic phone clip.  Overall, the case met my expectations in that it provides better protection against dust than the Otterbox Defender, and similar shock protection. 

  • Mike

    Unfortunately, the Perseus Black Silicone case used as the core of this product blocks wifi. Has anyone had luck with less wifi interference with other colors of silicone?