If you're tired of Angry Birds (who isn't?) but still enjoy the flick-and-break game mechanics, the allow me to turn your attention to a new game called Princess Punt. The name itself is very fitting for the game -- it's weird, quirky, and eye catching. It's more than just a kill-things-and-get-stars philosophy, too -- it also brings RPG action to the genre. The developer is calling it an action puzzle RPG, which I think is quite fitting.

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The entire idea behind the game is a simple one: kill monsters. How you kill said monsters is the interesting part, however. You control the princess, who kicks soldiers into the monsters. After that, she kicks bombs into the monsters, weakening them. The soldier(s), who are then in place, attack the weakened monster, killing it. Like I said, it's interesting. To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, check this out:

Even after watching that, I can safely say that you still need to play the game to see what it's about. There's a THD version for Tegra devices, as well as a "standard" version for all other devices. Both versions are free, so I highly suggesting giving this quirky game a go.