Last Updated: January 3rd, 2012

Creating an aesthetically pleasing home screen for your phone or tablet has become an art in itself, and an entire ecosystem packed with widgets, themes, wallpapers, launchers, and custom ROMs has built up to support it. Sometimes, it can be tough to find a winning combination of elements to create a beautiful and enduring home screen that provides both form and function.

For this reason, we have decided to open up a call for gorgeous, well-decorated home screens of all shapes and sizes. Each month we will select the very best home screen configurations and completely break them down into their component parts, providing you with all the necessary information to create your own awesome home screen.

Of course, the creator(s) behind the winning home screen(s) will also be rewarded -- with an Android Police t-shirt of their choosing.

How to Win

The rules for this contest are very simple.

Step 1: Upload a screenshot of your home screen to imgur. If you have more than one screen upload a max of 3 pages.

Step 2: Post a link in the comments, and add the name of the ROM you are using (if any), the name of the custom launcher (if any), a list of all your widgets, a list of all the apps in your notification bar, and the name of your wallpaper. You can add whatever other information you feel like, but be sure to provide links to everything. Note: Our comment spam filter is pretty aggressive, so be sure to copy your entire entry into your clipboard. If our system rejects your entry, just post it on G+ or Facebook and paste a link in the comments below.

The winner(s) will be selected by the AP team and notified prior to the publication of the monthly feature. Each month, we will do a complete overview of one winning home screen design, and a brief breakdown of four runners up.


The monthly home screen challenge is open to all users, but in order to receive a free t-shirt, you must live in one of the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea (Republic)
  • Luxemburg
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


To help you get an idea of what we're looking for, and what our monthly break down will look like, check out last month's winning entries.

V3nTJ rtKqb CZIev

Of course you're free to get as creative as possible with your entry, as long as the product is a polished, beautiful home screen layout.

Your Turn

Now that you know the rules, start designing! You've got until November 30th to show us your best effort at creating a visually appealing, functional home screen for your device.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • http://deadlypenguin.com pcon

    Saw this and thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. This is the homescreen I put up on lifehacker [1]

    Screen shot: http://imgur.com/1BzWr

    The whole thing is actually very simple to put together. All you need are a few things:

    The ChalkIcons[2] set of icons
    The ChalkClock widget theme for FancyWidgets
    The ChalkWeather theme for FancyWidgets
    Desktop VisualizeR for the application links

    The FancyWidgets themes have been added to the FancyWidget "store"

    Everything in the screenshot (except for the background) was custom made for the homescreen.

    This is running on a rooted stock HTC Incredible

    [1] http://lifehacker.com/5839899/the-chalkboard-home-screen
    [2] http://deadlypenguin.com/code/chalk/ChalkIcons.zip

  • Hotmann


    Phone: Motorola Atrix
    Rom: Alien #4, Simplicity theme

    Launcher Pro (4x6 Grid)
    Minimalistic Text (Clock and Date)
    Desktop Visualizer (For red clickable 'elements')
    Widgetsoid (Power control widget)

    Status Bar:
    Lightning bold is from Tasker

    Guide on how I made it:

    • JD

      Wow this is awesome. I read the blog too, if it was easier I'd do this to mine! I have zero experience with photoshop though.

      Good job man.

  • Ridiculous Hat

    let the hate flow through you.


    xoom tablet.
    rom: tiamat xoom rom 2.2.2 "moray".

    stock launcher.
    minimalistic text for all text widgets.
    buttons on left are folder organizer links to app groups.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Could you post the wallpaper please?

  • Peter

    My current setup:

    My phone is a Nexus One running CM 6.1.1 (Froyo).

    The lockscreen:
    -Widgetlocker (of course) with the BouncierICS Theme
    -MIUI Analog Clock

    -ADW Launcher EX
    -Minimalistic Text
    -SMS Unread Count
    -Battery Solo Widget

    Notification bar is hidden and opens when swiping down, the app drawer opens when I swipe up. There are 2 more screens, which are more or less the same, so nothing new there ;)

    The whole setup is inspired by a screen i found on http://theultralinx.com/

    • Tim

      Hi Peter!

      I love your setup. What icons are you using?


  • Memnoch73

    Jesus man this has all kinds of win!! And with bonus how-to blog... Great work!!

    Edit: Oops.. this was a response to Hotmann's submission..

  • SpeedyK


    HTC Sensation - CM7 SelfKang
    Minimal Magic theme + wallpaper
    Knockout icons (wind)
    Launcher Pro
    Minimalistic Text Widget

    Icons link:

    Theme links:

  • B-Unit

    Current - http://imgur.com/F16MV

    Moto Bionic
    -Launcher Pro +
    -5 Row icons
    -HoneyComb Icons
    -The best wallpaper ever
    -WP clock
    -Circle Bat
    -Modified Juice Defender (~2-3% per hour)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Joecascio2000 Joe

    Well here it is: http://i.imgur.com/EAA0t.jpg

    The setup:
    Samsung Galaxy S Captivate 2.3.3
    Serendipity VII w/ Bluedipity 7 Theme
    Go Launcher EX w/ Future World Theme
    Wallpaper downloaded from Zedge
    Detox Blue Icons from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=14784467&postcount=3

    From Left to right:

    1. Android Pro Widgets w/ Holo Theme (Timeline - Twitter & Facebook)

    2. Beautiful Widgets w/ Ubuntu Honeycomb super clock skin and Serenity.Blue weather skin.

    APPS - PowerAMP Pro, My Files, Google Maps, Dropbox, Flow (Friendcaster Pro), Google+, Gmail, XDA Premium.

    3. Clickable Picture Frame w/ edited picture of my dog and cat (Edited with PicSay Pro)
    4. 3G Watchdog Pro 1x1 widget
    5. Widgetsoid Switch

    APPS - YouTube, Engadget, Earth, TV Guide

    All widgets available on android market

  • Biblotebagins


    Using ADW Launcher EX
    ROM: Virus Infected Airborne
    Found the wallpaper online and used Retro Camera app icon with a really old version of Camera FX (maybe)? Been so long I can't remember, took the pic almost a year ago and forgot I had it.
    Icons by Dreamlyfe Design with "Original" Dock theme

  • http://Android-zei.com zeiroe


    CM7 nightly
    ADW Ex
    Simi clock
    Extended Controls
    TM World Clock
    Data Counter Widget
    Net Traffic Widget

    • http://Android-zei.com zeiroe

      I forgot to include the LWP. Nexuskang

  • JD


    I'm using Cyanogen 7.1
    ADW Launcher
    AndroidPhone7 icon pack
    Minimal Text icon pack
    Minimalistic Text Widget
    WidgetLocker with the ICS theme

    • JD

      staff please delete

  • JD


    I'm using Cyanogen 7.1
    ADW Launcher
    AndroidPhone7 icon pack
    Minimal Text icon pack
    Minimalistic Text Widget
    WidgetLocker with the ICS theme

  • BrownHornet72

    Liberty 3.0 DROID BIONIC
    Gears of War 3 Cole Train wallpaper
    GO Launcher with Dreamlyfe sharp dock wallpaper Juice Defender Ultimate, Beautiful Weather Widget and Watchdog notification apps, Clockr Evolution and Batt Stat Pro widgets

  • Kris Smith


    -HTC Evo 4g (Rooted)
    - Miui Rom (Crystal & Redarkend Theme)
    - Go Launcher EX (Blue Musique Theme)
    - WP Clock/Live Wallpaper
    - Untitled Wallpaper downloaded from
    Pic Speed HD Wallpapers
    - Dock
    - Go Launcher EX Folders

  • Marilyn

    Counted mine as spam.
    Boo AND a hiss.

    All my info is here.


  • BrownHornet72


    Liberty 3.0 DROID BIONIC
    Gears of War 3 Cole Train wallpaper
    GO Launcher with Dreamlyfe sharp dock wallpaper Juice Defender Ultimate, Beautiful Weather Widget and Watchdog notification apps, Clockr Evolution and Batt Stat Pro widgets

  • D


    HP Touchpad running CM 7 [Alpha 2 build]

    Wallpaper- Millennium Park in Chicago

    -Launcher: ADW EX

    -Tablet CM Soft Buttons
    Ice Cream Sandwich Tweaked [alpha 2.2]

    -Beautiful Widgets- Home Weather clock (Black Cashmere Skin for the clock; A3 for the Weather Icons)
    Wi-Fi and Rotate Toggle widgets- (Androtoggle)

    -Switchpro Widget

  • Xal

    Try again ^^


    SGSII HoneyComb style usable in portrait and landscape mode.

    ROM : CheckROM RevolutionHD
    Theme : Honeycomb

    Lockscreen :
    Wallpaper : honeycomb style
    Clock : analog clock collection
    slide : "Honeycomb-clean" from xda

    Homescreen :
    Font : Olney
    Wallpaper : Another honeycomb style wallpaper
    Launcher : GoLauncher 10x10 grid
    Clock : Beautiful Widget (honeycomb theme + blue weather theme)
    Battery : Beautiful widget with honeycomb theme
    Calendar : Smooth calendar
    Music : PowerAmp
    Dockbar : Simple black bar with honeycomb icons

  • Brad

    Current Setup:


    Droid 2

    ROM: MIUI 1.9.23
    Theme: NeonRT

    Clock: BobClockD3
    Weather: Minimalistic Text
    Wallpaper: Nexus Revamped (Live)
    Icons, status bar, notifications: NeonRT

  • Nick


    -HTC Droid Incredible
    ROM: CM7 Nightly
    Theme: MinimalBread CM7
    Font: Roboto

    -LockScreen: Widget Locker with ICS slider
    Music Widget: Pins Music Mod Theme

    -Homescreen: ADW Launcher EX
    Wallpaper: Found here https://photos-2.dropbox.com/i/l/lcri8caeU8YPxgoUcg0GE3mTD9Wc5eN1oirkYuYIMh4/854141/1320559200/cde351d/Calm_2560_1600.png#20
    Icons: Athena HD
    App Drawer Icon: Found here http://www.darkyrom.com/community/index.php?threads/my-app-drawer-icon-collection.2195/

    • Nick

      Forgot that some of the Icons were Aelous Hd as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/homi3 homi3kh

    My Fancy Screen

    I'm currently using HTC Legend
    - CM7.1.0 ROM with some of my own tweak and name it HomI3Legend

    -QQ Launcher Pro (come with that lockscreen) with water theme. (In Market
    -Meizu CM7 Theme
    -Go Weather LG style widget (In Market)
    -Wallpaper come with "Space Go Launcher Ex Theme" (In Market)
    -Message App themed with "Space Go SMS Pro Theme" (In Market)

  • Omar Salmin

    I've actually been helping the creator of this theme to create unique and beautiful screenshots :)

    Full post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/110568055587357109787/posts/E44hXTEaSt8

  • waelblack

    Motorola Defy
    Rom:Stock Froyo
    launchr:Go launcher Ex
    Locker :Widget Locker
    Wallpaper:our beeautiful world
    V7 dock Icons
    Press It Icons
    calurs Widgets

  • Rick

    All Screens - http://i.imgur.com/BkLGd.jpg

    Screens Individually
    -Lock Screen - http://i.imgur.com/LFlbq.png
    -Home Screen - http://i.imgur.com/C7ylg.png
    -Other Screen - http://i.imgur.com/Y84cS.png

    Link to album - http://imgur.com/a/nojhb

    Incredible 2
    CM7 Nightly with ICS Theme
    WidgetLocker with ICS slider and Minimalistic Text
    ADW EX Launcher
    Minimalistic Text on the main screen
    Android Pro Widgets with ICS Theme on the other screen
    BeWeather is in the notification bar

    Wallpaper - http://i.imgur.com/KpMJD.jpg
    Dock - http://i.imgur.com/Dkufl.png

    ICS inspired, simple, and clean :)

  • jaimepar


    CM7 w/ ICS theme
    Minimalistic Text

    • Biblotebagins

      Did you create this wallpaper yourself? Removing color form the pic? It's beautiful.

      • Aaron Ferguson

        It can be found on Zedge

  • http://cineblur.com Brent Pierce


    2 screenshots. Lockscreen and homescreen.

    HTC EVO 4G, CM 7

    Widget Locker

    Custom Icons/Dock
    Minimalistic Text

  • http://ph0enyx.de Phoenyx


    2 diffrent Homescreen.

    LG Optimus Black
    CM 7


    Minimal Text
    Analog Clock Collection HD ( Free )
    Simple Text Icon Generator (Dock Icon)

    2nd Screen
    Energie Controller
    Simple Text Icon for some Apps
    Simple Calender Widget

    Background from ICS Theme ADW Launcher

  • http://mitchs.co Mitch Samuels

    I got denied. :(
    So I posted it on MyColorScreen.


    You should just have everyone post it there next. It's so much easier and everything can be tagged.

  • Nina Bakker



    Minimalistic text


    Minimalistic text
    Smooth calendar widget
    Custom made icons

    Wallpaper found on the web

  • Bulletproofheeb


    Phone: Droid Incredible
    ROM: CM7
    Theme: Chroma (donate)
    Widgets (top to bottom):
    Analogue clock
    Beautiful Widgets with BrushedInkBlack theme
    Notification bar: Shush
    Wallpaper: Autumn Swirl

    • http://excessmind.com excessmind

      Very nice autumn theme!

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    Halloween-styled homescreen. I should've posted this last month, but whatever.
    I got flagged as a spam comment, so I removed the links. See them on my G+ post: https://plus.google.com/111118087698214152977/posts/LANTeJ4gJc9
    LG G2x
    - CM 7.1
    - GO Launcher EX
    -- Halloween theme
    -- Some elements of Transparency theme (I like the "ghostly" look better)
    -- Haunted House HD Live Wallpaper (inside view)
    -- Orange Octane CM7 theme
    -- Application Folder for sorting apps, shortcuts in GO's sliding shortcut rows
    -- Not shown in screenshots, but the SwiftKey Pumpkin theme works great with this setup too!

  • Javier Hernandez

    http://i.imgur.com/ZUa1v.png (no status bar)

    http://i.imgur.com/YF1Rs.jpg (status bar)

    ROM: CM7
    Theme: ICS for Go Launcher
    Widgets (top to bottom):
    beautiful widgets, small weather (right moon), clock29 (not free either)

    Notification bar; auto hide, swipe up or down to make appear
    Wallpaper; from HD Backgrounds

  • http://imgur.com/a/00uRG Adrian Hernandez


    (rom) 2.3.4 rooted "stock"

    Gingerbread 2.3.4 colorized update

    ADWLauncher EX

    ADW Ice Cream Sandwich (theme)

    custom backround and adw icon downloads


    widget locker

    Minimalistic Text

    Make Your Clock Pro (Beta)


  • Haxor


    Smartphone: Motorola Defy (rooted & OC'ed 1GHz)

    Rom: Stock

    - TypoClock
    - Widgetsoid
    - Telstra Net Meter
    - UberMusic

    Notification Bar:
    - Alarm Klock
    - Lookout Security & Antivirus
    - SetCPU for Root Users
    - Screenshot It

    - GO Launcer EX

  • Justin


    G2X, running a CM7 Nightly, with ADW Ex, an ICS theme, and ICS Chroma wallpaper.



    File Manager (included with CM7)

    Handcent SMS (personal favorite for text messaging)

    Android Market


    Cache Cleaner (rooted users only).

    HD Widgets 4X2 weather & clock widget

    Taskiller widget

  • http://justreveal.blogspot.com kgill7


    Phone: LG G2x
    Rom: Miui 1.11.4
    Launcher: Stock Miui
    Theme: Custom by Me

    1st Screen:
    *Lockscreen with BannerLs Theme

    2nd Screen:
    *mClock Widget: xClock mod-by me
    *Matte Icons-by me

    3rd Screen:
    *Sexy Ribbon PhotoFrame Widget-by me
    *Matte Icons

    4th Screen:
    *The Meleka MusicMod Widget-by GodBody

    I like to keep my phone minimal as possible!

    If you need anything, just ask!

  • Bilboteabagns

    This is part two.

    aSmoothStar icons Boobastic Blue by Lekky.
    ADW EX Launcher.
    Wallpaper from PrettyPix.
    CM 7 nightlies.
    Weatherbug Elite.


  • lilly0x

    (links to apps will be in description)



    ROM: xboarder mod cm7/aosp hybrid v1.3.3 running on Sensation 4G

    CM7 theme- MyModv2


    Launcher: ADW EX

    One more clock widget- free, market

    Simi clock widget ( weather 1x1)- free, market

    Minimalistic text ( 3x1, text weather) - free, market

    Minimalistic text ( 4x1 custom battery widget, barcode font(dafont.com)) - free, market

    wallpaper: iPhone VB Wallpaper Gallery

    LOCKSCREEN Notification bar - missed call, email, my profiles notification (home), beautiful widgets weather notification)

    Lockscreen Widgets:
    Widget locker for overall theme(market)

    mclock widget(free, market)

    txmissed notification widget(free, XDA)

    Wallpaper- "Yellow Flower" from Zedge

  • lilly0x

    Messed up my links.
    Here are the links with description:
    Homescreen- http://imgur.com/Ylvir
    Lockscreen- http://imgur.com/Y7yNr

    ALSO, launcher icon and background is from Meizu theme pack from XDA

  • Visual Perfection

    Here is my beauty -

    -HTC Incredible
    -Launcher Pro (wallpaper scrolling)
    -Beautiful Widgets
    -Circle Battery Widget
    -Extended Controls
    -Minimalistic Text

    Would appreciate feedback!

    • http://twitter.com/uksceptic Martin

      This looks amazing. I am trying to replicate this second!

  • Gannon

    Here's mine...

    • Gannon

      All information needed:
      LG Optimus V
      MiRaGe Rom CM7
      LauncherPro Plus
      Text Widgets
      Meizu CM7 Theme by ZDuneX25
      Thank you :D

  • Magui


    -Motorola Photon
    -I'm using Launcher Pro Plus
    -the main home screen (with the big clock) is using beautiful widgets for the weather clock and CM7 power toggle widget.
    -I have 3 more screens. One has a twitter widget, one has a calendar, and one has a facebook widget. All of these are the LPP widgets with a theme called signals23-XTG.
    -The dock bar has 3 pages of 5 shortcuts per page, and it scrolls independantly from the homescreens.
    -The wallpaper is a picture called "Another Blue". I played with it a bit to make the blue darker than the original.

    • Magui

      BTW, the blues look a bit deeper on my phone.

  • http://muvingandroid.xoo.it/index.php EgFox

    My screen Samsung Galaxy SII + Go Launcher ex

    ROM Aloisio V2 KJ2

  • http://i.imgur.com/klMSU.png ekrus

    evo4g stock
    SwitchPro widget
    Fancy Widgets
    Mini Info

  • MindFawk

    HTC Thunderbolt
    Liquid Smooth 3.2 ROM
    ICS Launcher
    Minimalistic Text
    Christmas Snow Pro Live Wallpaper (includes the countdown until Christmas boxes at bottom)

  • Mgn
  • Adam R. Lewis

    *I originally had links to everything but then it said my post was spammy. Screen two is my main/middle home screen :)


    Device: HTC Vision
    Launcher: Launcher Pro Plus

    Theme: Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme by Sonny Sekhon

    1. LPP Calendar w/Out In Space theme
    2. Desktop Visualizer
    3. 3G Watchdog Widget
    4. mClock w/RedX's Lost Exhibit Theme
    5. Circle Launcher
    6. Power Widget
    7. Whiteboard Pro

  • Alex1x


    Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch

    Launcher: Go Launcher Ex
    Theme: Honeycomb

    1. Simple Text Creator
    2. Beautiful Widgets
    3. Minimalistic Text

    This is all that's needed for this look.

  • THL


    Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (Japan/NTT)
    ROM: DlevROM2 2.1.1 KI3

    Launcher: ADW Launcher EX

    + Aix Weather Widget
    + My SofftBank Checker
    + Traffic Counter Pro
    + Temp+CPU Pro
    + Flashlight

  • http://SPOOLEDUPRACING.COM Aaron Ferguson


    Device: Tmobile Vibrant
    Rom: CM
    Kernel: Stock CM
    Theme: ICS V1.6
    Launcher: Launcher Pro ICS
    Wallpaper: Found in Zedge, called Turbo Speed.

    Widgets: Minimilistic Text
    Unseen Widgets: Facebook, G+, Calendar, Power Contol, ICS google search, Advanced Task Killer, Flash Light, Jarvis, Pandora, Music
    Also running Wave Launcher for qiuck most used apps.

  • nice2know_u

    Why is Hungary excluded from this? :(

  • http://twitter.com/jdpa1 David

    Device: LG G2X
    ROM: CM7 With ICS theme
    Launcher: ADW EX
    Theme: ADWThmes Faenza
    Wallpaper: ICS Phase Beam Live Wallpaper
    2-Fancy Widget Pro

  • Jaime P


    Device: HTC Sensation
    Rom: Miui (latest ver)
    Launcher: Launcher Pro

    Widgets: beautiful widgets

    unseen1: simi folder shortcuts on dock swipe to access dozens of my main apps

    unseen2: launchkey to access apps on long press of search key

  • Jesse PC

    Not sure I can hold my own with some of these, but why not try?
    Weather - BeWeather
    Clock - MakeYourClock (beta) hand designed by me.
    Music - Phantom Music Control
    Launcher - ADW
    Apps - Go SMS Pro, Twitter, QuickPic, and MIUI Camera.
    Theme - Fabric-y Pro
    Wallpaper - hand made by me
    ROM - OMFGB 2.3.7
    Phone - Thunderbolt
    Weather - BeWeather
    Clock - came with WidgetLocker
    Top slider - ICS themes iPhone slide I made
    ICS unlock.

  • Maximusdog


    simple..............CM7 2.3.7 launcher pro retro clock retro date wifiwidget music widget NO WALLPAPER
    status bar: reception in dBm battery in Numbers wifi logo no other notifiers
    Dock bar gmail apps gvoice thats it

  • Cory


    Stock Sprint Galaxy Epic S2
    GoLauncher Ex
    Beautiful Widgets weather
    Smooth Calendar
    SwitchPro Widgets
    Hero Clock 6
    added extra row to layout

  • http://r jos


    here we go:

    launcherpro plus
    Switchpro Widget
    Dutch weather Widget
    Mui 1.11.25 rom