A few months ago, an app called LBE Privacy Guard landed in the Android Market, which allows for fine-tuned control off app permissions, data usage, and more. It looks like the developer of said app has been hard at work since then, as a new, completely redesigned version is now available. While the name may still be same, the updated version is an entirely different listing altogether, and the previous listing has become home to a Chinese-specific version of the app. Thus, users of version 1.x will have to uninstall it and install the newest version from the new listing.

ss-480-1-0 ss-480-3-0 ss-480-5-0

The app still offers the same control of the original version, along with a some new features and an overhauled interface. Want to use an app, but not sure why it needs a specific permission? That's LBE's specialty -- permissions control. You control what information applications have access to. This app also gives you the ability to control network traffic, either on 2G/3G or Wi-Fi, as well as monitor the amount of data used per app. Afraid you may have installed a shady app and concerned about privacy? Fire up the Security Log to make sure everything is in order.

Just like the previous version, this app is free in the Market. You know where to get it.

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    I've been using this product for a while and have been very happy with it though CM7.1 has the ability to revoke specific application permissions (though not as easy to use as LBE).

    I will take a look at this one for the new features.

    • Master Teflon

      How does this revoking work?

  • Zachary

    It's already been removed from the market...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      What are you talking about? It's there.

  • caliber

    I prefer Permissions Denied.


    Open source, which is really important for root apps like this.


    LBE is better than permission denied or CM revoking as LBE fakes data.
    Revoking or denying permissions quite often causes app to crash as hardly any developer puts checks for that, LBE allows access to all those info to apps but fakes it, for example feeds not your IMEI, tells up SMS was sent, etc

  • MikeyH

    yay \o/ been missing this since i flashed CM7.1 since it stopped working. The built in version on CM7.1 just causes forces closes. so far LBE has been fine.

  • Caroline

    Yes, it is definitely there in the market. I used the QR code from this article to open it in the market approximately 5 minutes ago, around 5:30 pm, Eastern time.

  • Rich

    Couple of items I miss from the old version is the number of allowed/denied in the notifications area (have unlimited data on Sprint so I don't care how much data has been used) and the notifications saying when something was denied.

  • RockingmyEvo3D

    Looks like a very nice application..I will look further into this application in the coming days.

  • The Radius Kid

    So why does my stock Sensation seem to run much better after installing this app'?
    There's something positive going on here and I like it.