With each new Droid device comes an accompanying game for a chance to win one, and the DroidDoes website was updated this morning to accommodate just that for the upcoming Droid RAZR. This one is a bit more simple in nature than those of the past -- it's a claw machine emulator. Grab the phone for the a chance to win. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, until you see all the lasers surrounding the device, making it nearly impossible to actually pick it up without frying the robotic arm. 

2011-11-04 12h05_39

Of course, there is a way to deactivate some of the lasers, and it's really little more than a popularity contest. Verizon/Motorola are really fishing for Facebook likes with this one, as each "like" you can coax out of your friend removes one of the lasers. Still, if you have a boatload of friends and want to have a change at a free RAZR, I say give it a go.

2011-11-04 12h12_07

Also like past Droid devices, the RAZR will have its own scavenger hunt, led by the DroidLanding Twitter account. The first clue dropped last night, so check it out and start hunting.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
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  • SirMike

    Totally not interested in this Facebook "Like" spam scheme.

  • matt

    this is so stupid. i hate contests that rely too heavily on social crap like facebook. verizon seems to be on a facebook kick lately. the world doesn't revolve around facebook.

  • Ben

    Even without the Facebook likes I was able to grab the phone the first try.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com bhuvnesh kumar

    ohooo! really...........

  • engineerGA

    Yeah, I was able to grab it too, even with all the lasers going. You just have to wait until they all spread out. LOL

  • Zack

    Got it twice and didn't get any likes :) Im done though hate hearing that noise....