If you've been waiting on a new Gangstar game to hit the scene from Gameloft, the time is drawing near. The first trailer for Gangstar Rio: City of Saints hit YouTube today, full of all sorts of non-saintly stuff. It looks like a nasty, violence filled shoot-em-up, in true GTA fashion. Check it.

There's no word on City of Saints will be released, but it looks like it should be landing any day now.

Cameron Summerson
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  • whitefangex

    lol gameloft is a shitty company who hard core rips off every game series. and in this particular Gta copy it fails so hard, deserted streets , shitty quality , shitty story , shitty game.

    • Jon Garrett


      I don't knock them for making "rip offs" because I wish more Devs WOULD make "rip offs" if there is such a thing as a rip off.

      my only complaint against Gameloft is that many of their games don't support the newest devices (Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Galaxy S II)

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    As someone on YouTube said: "Yesterday: GTA V trailer: I wanna live a simple life, with my wife and kids

    Today: Gangster Trailer: I want a live! A family!

    One day´╗┐ to copy a game Gameloft! Thats a record"

  • jack off

    do i need a playstation 1 to play this?

  • http://www.waptrick.com Shuaib dowlut

    That what we called a good Game GANGSTAR RIO:CITY OF THE SAINTE but its quite boring and Gameloft do not released many game but Gameloft game does not have bug

  • Jack

    Gameloft lol
    1. Starfront:collision -copied starcraft
    2. Modern combat 2 and 3: copied modern warfare 3 and 2
    3. Gangstar series: copied GTA
    4. And others too

  • kareem

    Love the game can't wait 4it to kum out forthe game system that would be some comp for grand theft auto think about it make a servay on that

  • sam70000

    Gameloft always copy pc games and try to make the same games with different names and gameloft logo on it. Like they creat N.O.V.A for Android and they copy the game from CRYSIS 2. Now they release Gangstar RIO which is the mixture of GTA SA and GTA IV.

    • PINJ

      NOVA Is From HALO -_-