Back in October, Swype announced that with Swype BETA 3.26, the popular keyboard solution would have automatic update capabilities, replacing the tired routine of uninstalling Swype and using the proprietary installer with a significantly easier OTA process, which keeps all your settings intact.


In the keyboard's first OTA, which began rolling out today, Swype brings a context-based prediction engine, which learns from text you've already entered to better predict what you want (or meant) to say, while continually learning from your typing. For now, the prediction engine is only available in a few languages, but other languages are coming soon. Here's why Swype had to say about the new prediction engine:

This version of Swype contains a new component that we call the Context Prediction Engine (or "CPE" for short). CPE provides Swype with more sophisticated linguistic processing that improves both swyping and tapping accuracy. It does this by looking at previous words that you have entered (i.e., context) and which words tend to follow. For example, if you enter the phrase "I jumped into the mosh" and then swyped from 'p' to 't', you would expect Swype to generate "pit" as the default choice. Without CPE, Swype would have generated "put" because it is a more common word, but with CPE it favors "pit". The overall effect that you should see is improvements in Swype’s choices when you swype or tap. CPE also learns as you use Swype; there will be additional improvements as you continue to use it.

Besides the prediction engine, Swype's debut OTA has added support for Japanese language (kana-kanji conversion), available in the pan-Asia package. Otherwise, the OTA brings a variety of bug fixes.

The addition of a prediction engine to Swype is something many users have been asking for, and, frankly, a feature Swype has needed for a while now, and it will be interesting to see how it holds up with prediction powerhouses such as SwiftKey. Swype BETA users can expect an update notification within 72 hours.

Source: Swype Forums

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  • scuttlefield

    FYI, it appears that you can force the update if you don't get a notification.
    1) Pull up you keyboard (long-press menu button.
    2) Long press Swype button (bottom left).
    3) There should be a selection to download update.
    I had the selection to download there, anyway. I'm assuming that it will be the same for all.

    • eleazar

      Thanks! I was hoping there would be a way to force the update. Just worked without any issues.

    • Greg

      Sweet! Thanks for this, I was looking for a way to force the update. You know how patient we all are, lol.

  • l

    apk please? auto-update not working here (yes, i clicked refresh in swype connect)

    • http://denh.am DrMacinyasha

      Sharing the APK is technically piracy, and the Swype folks have asked that nobody do so.

  • http://blog.jam.net.ve JAM

    mmm this first OTA update seems not working in my Samsung Galaxy Spica.... I update, reboot, and now Swype not run :S

  • juan

    Same here my swype keyboard doesnt work. good thing I had a back up on titanium bu.

  • AEF

    Am I crazy or is 3.26 still not available if you have a Sprint Nexus 4G.

    It's ironic that because Sprint partnered with Swype to bring new features we can't get updated to the latest version.

    Am i correct or am I doing something wrong?

    • http://stu-pidaso.net Stu Pidaso

      You are correct :(

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    Kana-Kanji conversion. Hmm, may be I should re-install Swype again, then. I like Swype a lot, but the lack of auto-update in the previous version makes it difficult to keep Swype up-to-date.

  • http://decodeumangkedia.blogspot.com Umang

    As i read on phandroid, a swype spokesperson said that context prediction does not predicts the next word like Swiftkey. Instead it increases the accuracy of the word we are swyping. Please explain the context prediction clearly.

  • swype lol

    They should just sell it on the Market....I stopped using Swype casuse of poor support

  • ArunaSena

    honestly...I prefer touchpal...i am a user of sywpe initially but what drew me to touchpal was context prediction.

    will try swype again to see how it goes but not leaving touchpal

  • Alice

    Japanese! I've been waiting for this!!

  • Mike

    As always, I still use and think Shapewriter is still the best keyboard I have used and I have tried them all.
    To note..I am terrible with and cannot stand touch type keyboards, so though Swift Key is a very good product, it isn't for me.

  • Paul

    So should I be using Swype beta or the Swype from the market? Which is the latest and greatest? I just reflashed a clean ROM and don't have swype. My usual process is to go to beta.swype.com and download the installer apk and then run it which installs swype beta. But now you're saying the market version is updated?

    • Karthik

      Well go ahead with way you usually do it =)

      • Paul

        But will that be the latest and greatest? Or in a day or two I get a notice saying I should uninstall it and use the market version.

  • Mohit

    I followed "I jumped into the mosh "and then swyped from p to t ...but instead of getting pit I got put as default....

    • Keith Trnka

      Are you using UK English? That example only works in US English. Though in UK English I can enter "mosh pit", correct put to pit, then hit enter and when I Swype the second time it comes out right.

  • Xris

    Only wish they wouldn't play around with the smiley button every time. Seems it's gone again :-(

    Oh well, adding custom "words" to the dictionary also does the job it seems.

  • Hiroby

    I would very much like to get this "Pan-Asia" version of Swype, however I see no place to download it. The Swype version that I keep seeing allows "Southeast Asia," but that does not include Japanese.

    If someone knows how to download this, I would greatly appreciate the info! Thanks.