Looking to keep pace with Amazon, it seems Barnes & Noble has something up their sleeve this month - the Nook Tablet. Coming to market in just under two weeks, the Nook Tablet is a dead ringer for the Nook Color, but it brings to the table substantially pumped up specs that, in some ways, surpass its nearest competition - the Kindle Fire.

nook-tablet-scoop nook-tabletscoop3

A nice set of photocopied documents leaked out today, giving us all the details we need about the Nook Tablet - it's set to launch November 16th at a cool $249. Yes, that is about $50 higher than the Kindle Fire, but wait till you see the specs:

  • OMAP 4 Dual-Core Processor at 1.2GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB On Board Storage
  • 7" VividView IPS Display at 1024x600 (169ppi)
  • About 8 Hours of Battery Life
  • A Trim(mer) 8.1 x 5 x .48" Form Factor

As you can see, the Nook Tablet actually bests Amazon's Fire in terms of both storage and RAM. Its entry into the market should make things a little more interesting in the e-reader/tablet hybrid domain. Evidently, the Nook Tablet will go up for pre-order on the 7th, and reach users' hands on the 16th. Not bad for a 7" tablet that hasn't even been officially announced yet.

via Engadget

Liam Spradlin
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  • Tim

    Nook Tablet + Cyanogenmod 9 + Winner????

    • sgtguthrie

      Did you mean "... =winner?????"

      • Bobzilla

        No, more like: "WINNNNNNNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!"

        • Nocturnhabeo



          Caution this folder may contain 100% Tigers Blood and excessive amounts of winning.


  • Simon Belmont

    I like B&N's dual pronged strategy here. Sell the original Nook Color at $199 to battle the Kindle Fire and then offer a beefed up one with double everything (CPU, RAM, Capacity) for only $50 more.

    I have the original Nook Color and I plan on sticking with it as it's never let me down and I love it. Hopefully they keep boot off of SD ability in the new one.

    • Bobzilla

      Also, don't forget the fact the you're not tied to B&N for everything unlike Amazon.

      • Tarukai788

        Yes but most of the people who get the Kindle Fire are already ingrained into Amazon's stuff due to Prime (I'll be there myself possibly). Prime just makes it all easier, especially with the integration with the fire.

        However, the Nook tablet does sound damn tempting. I'm going to wait and see and figure out which to get soon.

  • Hans-Erik

    My wife have been wanting a reader for the longest of time. This may just be it. :)

  • jose martinez

    So it will be a good thing if I canceled my kindle fire order and instead order the nook tablet.

  • MarcosV

    I do love the expandable memory. But, based on what little we know about the Nook so far, I'm still not convinced to cancel my Kindle Fire order.

    In the Kindle Fire, I'm buying into Amazon's cloud experience first. I'm already invested in Amazon's Kindle 3 and have an Amazon Prime account.

    As for the privacy concerns with the Kindle Fire's browser, we've already been told that you can disable it.

    In any event, I hope this new Nook sells very well. We need competition.

    • Orion Listug

      The cloud is offered to anyone who has a prime account. With the nook, you could just use the Kindle Reader app in the market place, and read all the books from your cloud storage through that. That's what I do with my phone. :P

      • JayMonster

        The Reader is only part of Amazon Cloud. Video, Music and Books... It is a single source solution and that is what makes the Kindle Fire so intriguing.

      • MarcosV

        Does B&N allow you to install Amazon apps like the Kindle reader or Amazon App store directly from the Nook's marketplace? Or do you have to do this via the Android marketplace or side loading?

        FWIW, I already own a Viewsonic G-Tab that's been rooted. Nice enough to use with Android Market and Amazon App store, but, I'm looking for a more integrated experience. Amazon has the content and sway to make for an interesting experience. To me, the Nook is another tablet and a slightly better price point.

        • John O’Connor

          The Amazon Market App is not directly available in the Google Play Store either. You must download from Amazon and sideload.

  • jbonics

    People are canceling their fire order 0h brother winning ....

  • JasonBrody

    Hope they release those in Europe.

  • Freak4Dell

    I hope they just recycled that picture, because that has to be the ugliest tablet I've ever seen. I typically focus on function over form when it comes to electronics (hence my love for portrait QWERTY phones and rubber-coated devices), but they make this thing look like it belongs on a keychain or something.

    If they lose that stupid handle thing, I might be interested. It will come down to whether it has bluetooth and GPS, though.

    As for people who are cancelling their Fire orders, this thing is supposed to be announced on Monday, isn't it, and the Kindle Fire isn't supposed to come out until the 15th, right? Why not just wait until next week to decide if it's worth cancelling your order or not?

  • Darkseider

    Hell this has nothing to do with Amazon vs. B&N as much as it does Apple panicking and wondering how much longer they can stay relevant in the tablet market. They got whooped in the smartphone market and now it looks as if the same is about to repeat itself in the tablet space. Oh and Google TV w/ the new Honeycomb update is absolutely FANTASTIC compared to Apple TV.

  • montgoss

    I'm not really interesting in any 7" tablets, but I'd go with the Nook just because it has Market access. I've purchased enough apps that I wouldn't use a device that didn't have Android Market access (although I'm sure people will get the Market working ok on the Fire eventually).

  • Jason Hanford-Smith

    Let's hope it still boots from the SD card slot or is easily rooted.

    If so... early Xmas pressie! :)

  • AmIaFutureNookOrKindleOwner

    So I'm an Amazon Prime Member and have upgraded my Amazon Cloud storage to 20GB/$20 year + unlimited .mp3/.aac files. Any reason I can't use these Amazon features on the seemingly better (than Kindle Fire) Nook tablet? I don't care if these features are an integral part of the OS as long as I can i.e. just bookmark amazon.com/primemovies (and also not worry that Amazon might be planning on blocking Netflix)...