Looking for a name brand tablet that won't break the bank? Want to relive the late '80s? If you answered yes to both of those questions, brace yourself, because we've got some good news for you.

Update: It's worth noting that this is not the same Amiga from the good ol' days. It's actually another company named Amiga, Inc. which owns all of the old-school Amiga patents. It's confusing, but here's the Wikipedia excerpt that breaks it down:

The rights to the Amiga platform were successively sold to Escom and later Gateway 2000, but Escom almost immediately went bankrupt itself (due to non-Amiga related problems) and Gateway vacillated over what to do with its new acquisition. In 1999, an entirely new company called Amiga, Inc. (no relation to the original Amiga Corporation) was incorporated in the US state of Washington, and received a license from Gateway to use Amiga-related patents and trademarks.

xpedio7mtb1Amiga, the company behind "the best operating system ever developed," just announced a new 7-inch Android-powered tablet for less than a Benjamin. This state-of-the-art handheld comes fully equipped to handle even the most daunting of tasks, powered by a 720MHz processor, multi-touch resistive touchscreen, 4 GeeBees of storage, Wi-Fi and Android 2.2.

For the productivity buffs among you, Amiga is also offering a keyboard case for an extra $20. Imagine all the work you'll be able to get done with the addition of a keyboard! Your boss will be so impressed, you may even get a promotion and a raise. Or, better yet, if you "outfit your student children with a Tablet PC," they'll get ahead in school and go on to be valedictorian of their class. All thanks to Amiga, the company that "provides the tools and technology that makes Digital Living™ easy."

Think about it -- "can you really afford to pass up an opportunity to ensure that your children aren't left behind in the new computing world?" Better head right here and buy one right now. While you're at it, we highly suggest that you take a look at the rest of Amiga's website -- you may just be blown away.


Amiga Tablet under $ 100.00!

Amiga Launches new 7” Android Tablet for USD $ 98.00!

Add USB Keyboard and case for a price of USD $ 118.00!

Amiga adds to their family of Android Tablets with the release of their new Amiga Xpedio 7MTB for $ 98.00.

October 28, 2011 – Seattle, WA. – Amiga extends their family of Android Tablets with the immediate release and availability of their new Xpedio 7MTB for only $ 98.00.  This new offering includes a 720Mhz processor, Mulit-Touch Screen, WiFi, 4GB memory, Flash, and Android 2.2.   Customers can add keyboard and case for an additional $ 20.00 bringing the entire price to $ 118.00. 

This new offering is in addition to their already announced special pricing and availability of their Android based tablets.  These fully equipped devices include 8GB Memory, Samsung A8 Processors, 512MB Ram, MicroSD for up to 32GB Extra expansion, HDTV, USB, and Camera.

Amiga now offers the Xpedio 7 MTB for $ 98.00, the 7 MT for $ 189.00, and the 10 MT for $ 289.00.

These special prices are only good on orders from today through November 7th, 2011, and all orders placed during that time will be delivered before December 25th, 2011.

For more information or to place an order visit www.amiga.com/shop

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Bas

    Not sure if trolling, or just cheap.
    Take a look at their website: cheap, isn't it?
    Even the photographs are not really professional...

    • Mikee

      I can help clear that up.

      You're not cheap, you're trolling.

  • http://gplus.to/colbey atomriot

    is it just me or is their website atrocious? looks like they made the site when their OS was in its prime, and have not updated since.

    • Nocturnhabeo

      when was the OS in its prime?

  • Ruben

    The website is a little substandard, but marketing costs money. They probably were trying to stay under a hundred bucks. It is very poor though. Though for a hundred bucks it probably is better than a Leap Pad for little kids. I would get this for my three year old.

  • VonLaserface

    This is the kinda stuff that makes me wish Google had a little more control over what their software was being crammed into.

    It's the same response I have to the Android based $99 iPad KiRFs you find in places like K-Mart and Walgreens.

  • Michael

    Not too sure this is the actual Amiga. It's history text has been copied from MobyGames, website looks worse than the Commodore site. The Commodore site says it has partnered with Amiga to bring back the Amiga line on updated hardware. (Just like the updated C64 & VIC computers)

    I would do some more research before purchasing from them.

  • Jake

    Is it just me?
    Im from Sweden and may have my phrases mixed up but..

    "Or, better yet, if you "outfit your student children with a Tablet PC," they'll get head in school and go on to be valedictorian of their class."

    "...they'll get head in school..."

    I might need to get one :P

    • Cameron Summerson

      bahahaha. Fixed.

    • Simon Belmont

      Hahaha. I know I'm late to the party because this error was already fixed, but it's still pretty hilarious. :D

      It's pretty sad, but seeing that made an ordinary day a bit better. Yay. ;)

  • Kanati

    It's a shame what the Amiga name has been reduced to. Cheap chinese knock-off tablets. :(

  • joe

    I am confused. I thought Amiga from the 80s was actually a Commodore subsidiary? I dont see any mention of that on the Amiga site. Did they it off into its own company?

  • Edd

    THey left out the tag "Websitelast updated in 1997"

    My 14-year-old nephew could design a better website than that, even if he insists on using Comic Sans with everything...

    • Edd

      The woman stock pic on the "About us" page is my favourite bit...

  • scarbelly

    the thing that gets me is that the screen shots that they have are of honeycomb but it always states that it has 2.2

  • Eric

    The whole bit about it having enough power to run ICS.. Cracks me up.

  • http://Camsvirtualrealityreality.blogspot.com Vectrex

    *crys* this is like reanimating the corpse of davinci "weekend at bernies" style. They don't deserve to use the name. They didn't even include the free android amiga emulator with the roms they own!?

  • Calum

    "Relive the early 80s?" The first Amiga wasn't even released until 1985, and it wasn't until the 500 was released in 1987 that it started to get mainstream success. The early 90s was its peak, with the release of the 1200, so you're about a decade out...

  • Franco

    98.00 USD = 61.1715 GBP
    That is unreal.the specs don't make it an instant book end that's for sure.Its good enough for what it is but at that price it just seems too good to be true.
    Is this a hp touch moment ? .Something cheap that maybe some clever lad will mod and make it just awesome for just over 60 quid.
    Bargain for the kids and maybe some adults that's for sure.so who"s going to crack open the copper jar and buy one.
    Cheap looking site,cheap looking tablet,cheap price......risky .
    All they need is a decent looking template for the site and it would look so much more professional they might even get some sales.

    Check the size of the keyboard,lol

    • Paul

      My son loves using my or my wife's phone to do the Talking Tom/Roby/Santa/Gina stuff. He also has some Kindergarten and preschool games on our phones he loves. It's annoying if I'm trying to use my phone and he's trying to get it away from me. I was thinking of a cheap tablet or something he could use and this may just be it.

  • fryguy

    I would avoid buying anything from scAmiga Inc.

    Check out OS4, MOS and AROS instead.
    AROS is available for Android IIRC.

  • joecassara

    "It's worth noting that this is not the same Amiga from the good ol' days."

    No shit! Everything that was Amiga and Commodore "from the good old days" died in 1994, never to return, ever.

  • bugsy

    These are crap. I bought an xpedio 7". Android 2.2 os that is upgradable to 3.0. I have had this thing for a week and still have not figured out how to upgrade to 3.0 there is no info on how to upgrade. So most of the apps aren't supported. Makes a great paper weight, and a toy for my 3yr old. I suggest buying something other then this hunk of junk.

  • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

    if you want a 7 inch tab get a nexus 7 or a galaxy tab 2 7.0 either one will fit you much better then this pos. those specs are crap even my tab 2 has better specs.