The intrepid folks over at XDA are always tinkering away to try and make using your Android device a better experience. And a few weeks ago, one of them (namely, temasek) found that the Android Market has some issues trying to resolve DNS servers when your device is connected over Wi-Fi. This can cause the Market to load slowly, and it's definitely something I've experienced on my own phone.

The solution? A popular app called Set DNS (note: root is required), which forces your phone or tablet to use a particular name server when connecting to the web, may speed up load times over Wi-Fi. Upon using it myself, after a reboot, I noticed the Market did seem to load substantially faster than I've grown accustomed to. Here's the link to the free version:

This version does expire, so if you want to keep using it, you'll have to cough up a quid (1GBP or about ~$1.70US).

You can use any of the DNS services the app offers, though OpenDNS has always been my preferred DNS service. Has this sped up your Market load times on Wi-Fi? Let us know in the comments.

XDA [1] [2]

David Ruddock
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  • Nich

    thanks for adding another reason to root my phone .

    release CM 9 and i am rooted for sure.


  • http://www.jonathanharford.com/ Jonathan Harford

    Installed the app, switched DNS to OpenDNS, tapped "Market", and...

    Connection timed out [Retry]

    • David Ruddock

      Are you rooted? You should reboot your phone as well.

      • Chilling_Silence

        No, there shouldn't be a need to reboot, it writes the file immediately.
        I found this app kept running in the background, MIUI was alerting me every couple of minutes it was continuing to ask for root access to write the file again. Kind of annoying when you're trying to game ... It only needs to write it once, and that should be it until either it's overwritten with a reboot (IF that overwrites it) or until I reflash and that overwrites it.

        • http://reddit.com ddrt

          Are you surprised an item that, to quote above "forces your phone or tablet to use a particular name server when connecting to the web" is constantly working? If it turns off each time you aren't using the internet it's just going to have to turn back on again and that's going to drain battery life.

  • Jim

    glad that there's a fix, but i won't pay to fix this issue. i'll get over the annoying few seconds i have to wait

    • Tee

      The 3.2.0 version of the Market runs smoothly on my SGS (Darky's).

  • John, Alabama

    Definitely made a difference, i had wondered how to change DNS on android, but I didn't think of an app. OpenDNS is the bomb, so fast.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    If root is required, can we just add the IP of Market to /etc/hosts?

  • Norbert

    or just simply fire up any terminal emulator, su to root and setprop net.eth0.dns1 x.x.x.x

    • Jim

      ya i was just looking up how to do it manually. simple fix to do it by hand

    • vansens

      Will this survive a reboot?

  • Kython

    Why do you need an app to change DNS settings. Shouldn't going into advanced settings under the wireless configuration and setting the DNS servers do the same thing for free? No root required?

    • Norbert

      yes. but it can only be used to change wifi dns settings. setprop will do the trick for 3g/4g dns settings. you also can use gscript+setprop to set dns per app.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    >> No root required?

    The answer to your question is,

    No, root REQUIRED.

    Which is why this app should be free. If root is not required, I can see the value of paying for it. But if someone can root his phone in the first place, making some small changes to the DNS settings should not be a problem to him at all.

    • Kython

      Forgive my ignorance but what is the app actually doing? The name "Set DNS" leads me to believe that it is just setting the DNS servers.

  • ErOR

    Not compatible with Desire HD?!? WTF.

    Something is very wrong with the Market lately, this is not the first time I've had this on such a simple app.

    Oh well, just another app to get from "other" sources.

    EDIT: But the Pro version is compatible....hahahahaha honestly.....what?

  • Finaldeath

    I have been having the slow issue using google's own public dns and other non store dns issues as well on my sony tablet s. Might change it to open dns and see how it goes.

  • Jim

    .......Level3 DNS ftw

  • Zac

    Wow with this and the new 3.3.11 Market, it flies over 3G.

  • versatu

    wow now we r talking about fast.great app

  • BigBaby

    I don't see the point, there is a simple way to choose DNS servers with Android : go to (menu) "Wifi settings"> hit the menu buttons and choose "advanced settings". Then you can set almost whatever you want. I've already had to change my DNS servers due to a trouble with the DNS servers of my ADSL provider.
    Or maybe this application does more ?

  • Dean

    This one is free and does the same job: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.eddypcz.dnschanger