Update: It just went live in the Market. Hit the widget to download!

PowerAMP, one of the most sophisticated music players available for Android, is about to be updated to version 2.0. The developers have made the latest release candidate available ahead of time, however, noting that it will likely be released as the official 2.0 update this November 1st.

snap20111030_234145 snap20111030_233427

The differences (so far) between 1.4 and 2.0 are fairly substantial, mainly coming in the form of stability fixes and changes to the UI and audio engine. The two main changes noted in version 2.0 are the added ability to delete items, and an update to the musiXmatch plugin, which allows users to search for lyrics to almost any song, and see the lyrics of songs that are currently popular.

If you're the early adopter type, you can see the full change log and grab the download at the PowerAMP forum here, or simply wait till November 1st, when the official update is expected to go live.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://joshbroton.com KillaPenguin

    Any chance there's a surprise feature: intigration with Google Music? No? Dangit!

    • Jake

      There is no Music API yet. Bitch at google about that.

  • midikarma

    the 2.0 version UI seem nice, but sometimes it's bugging me :P for me, 1.4 version still awesome!! :D

  • Vhero

    playerpro still blows it away though in terms of features and at half the price.

    • Tiger

      Huh? PlayerPro is £2.50 and PowerAMP costs about £3.00 (In the UK).

      In terms of features I personally think they're quite equal having used both. Most reviewers seem to think so as well, both have an average review of 4.6 on the Market. Overall, I they're both solid Music players.

  • Kiamat

    What's musicXmatch? I had this before and loved it but dropped it for Winamp to get the Shoutcast integration.

  • juan

    I think there should be the option of sharing music through Bluetooth etc.

    • GiO

      ummm..look for Bluetooth File Transfer.

      You can transfer anything from Mp3, APK, Etc...

      Ive been using it for a year and so.

      Kinda doesnt make sense if you are only planning on sharing mp3 files cuz later on someone will b*tch at how you are only limited to music transfer.

  • pax

    I am not upgrading. Installed/uninstalled....It looks pretty bad.

    • ZRod

      Back up the APK and give it a try. It is better and looks much better too.

  • akoli

    Hopefully it fixes my issue ... Poweramp wiget would just be unresponsive quite frequently... have to open the app thereby defeating the purpose of a widget ...

    Old widget doesnt work... so created a new one and offers three different styles but all look the same in the previews !!

  • http://none j jack

    Hello. Does anyone know if there is an app that works with monster beats headsets that enables the volume buttons?

  • http://www.youtube.com/djtizedgames Katy B

    November 1st? Dont ya mean December? *giggles*

    I mean for the official non RC launch? or has that happened? XD

  • juan

    Add sharing trough Bluetooth etc, i have to go to my music fodders to send by Bluetooth or other, what do u think people?

  • juan

    I just downloaded it and it does have sharing options, great job! !

  • http://www.letstalktablets.com Darryl

    I just downloaded the trial version on my ASUS Transformer, I "checked" my music folder in the settings, but how do I actually play audio files? This has to be the most simple thing, but what am I missing here? Can anyone help?

  • Kristi

    I just updated and I lost about 100 songs? I have them in my stock player... What happened? Am I missing something?

    • elyxr

      The same happened to me.Lost about 250 songs.