A page from a catalog of the popular UK mobile retailer Carphone Warehouse was recently leaked, and it clearly states the Motorola XOOM 2 will be available in the UK in time for Christmas.


The catalog was intended for the Irish market, and thus the price has been listed in Euros as €399. Generally, prices in Euros and GBP for consumer electronics aren't reflective of exchange rates when attempting to determine a comparable price in the US - we're fairly certain the XOOM 2 will retail for $400 here in the US of A. And as Motorola is an American company (and we've apparently seen the XOOM 2 in Verizon's internal product system), we can probably expect it will launch here a little earlier than in foreign markets.

The XOOM 2 will apparently be coming in two sizes, and this ad is only reflective of the 8.2" model. That said, it confirms the base model will ship with 16GB of onboard storage, and that it will be running Android 3.2 - Honeycomb. This, sadly, makes sense, as Motorola may not have had time to get Ice Cream Sandwich on the device and still meet its scheduled launch date.

Of course, the device will almost certainly get a later upgrade to Android 4.0, it's just a matter of when.


David Ruddock
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  • James L

    So asus transformer will have ics before a flagship tablet. Lolz

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      I know that this debate has been waged a few thousand times, but the Xoom was never intended to be a flagship device, it was merely a developer device for tablets like the G1 was for phones. While there's justifiably doubt regarding the future use of the 'Nexus' brand on a tablet, I think it's still reasonable to assume that the Xoom isn't going to be the 'Device-to-get' of tablets. Since there hasn't even been an official announcement (that I know of) for when the ICS update will come to the original Xoom, I suspect that Google intends to treat tablets as an ugly stepchild for the first few months...and then probably somewhere around Feb we'll see a real flagship hit the stage (probably coming equipped with the Tegra 3 or possibly an Intel processor).

  • kevin

    €400 will equal $500 i reckon.